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Phil Collins - Lee w/PC on Various Artists Audio/Video Compilations

The old post about Lee Sklar’s contributions to the Phil Collins catalog is now split into six separate posts. This is one of them, and you may click on the following links to be redirected to the other five:

Phil Collins ❏ - Studio and live albums
Phil Collins - Compilations With Non-Album Tracks/Alternate Versions/Previously Unreleased Tracks
Phil Collins - Single-only versions/remixes
Phil Collins - Unavailable on LP tracks
Phil Collins - DVDs

Please check back for the companion “Live At Knebworth” LP/CD update and more..

Various Artists - Live At Knebworth - Parts One, Two & Three
Eagle Vision EREDV273 (2002) - EU 2-DVD set

disc 1 - volume 1

1 - Change - Tears For Fears
2 - Bad Man’s Song - Tears For Fears
3 - Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears
4 - On The Beach - Cliff Richard & The Shadows
5 - Good Golly Miss Molly - Cliff Richard & The Shadows
6 - We Don’t Talk Anymore - Cliff Richard & The Shadows
7 - In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins & The Serious Band*
8 - Sussudio - Phil Collins & The Serious Band*

9 - Coming Up - Paul McCartney
10 - Birthday - Paul McCartney
11 - Hey Jude - Paul McCartney
12 - Can’t Buy Me Love - Paul McCartney

disc 1 - volume 2

13 - Whatever You Want - Status Quo
14 - Rockin’ All Over The World - Status Quo
15 - Dirty Water - Status Quo
16 - In The Army Now - Status Quo
17 - Before You Accuse Me - Supergroup: Eric Clapton
18 - Tearin’ Us Apart - Supergroup: Eric Clapton
19 - Solid Rock - Supergroup: Eric Clapton/Dire Straits
20 - Think I Love You Too Much - Supergroup: Eric Clapton/Dire Straits
21 - Money For Nothing - Supergroup: Eric Clapton/Dire Straits
22 - Sacrifice - Supergroup: Eric Clapton/Dire Straits/Elton John
23 - Sad Songs - Supergroup: Eric Clapton/Dire Straits/Elton John

disc 2 - volume 3

24 - Hurting Kind - Robert Plant
25 - Tall Cool One - Robert Plant
26 - Wearing & Tearing - Robert Plant featuring Jimmy Page
27 - Rock And Roll - Robert Plant featuring Jimmy Page
28 - Mama - Genesis
29 - Throwing It All Away - Genesis
30 - Turn It On Again Medley (Turn It On Again/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Reach Out, I’ll Be There/Pinball Wizard/In The Midnight Hour/Turn It On Again (reprise)) - Genesis*
31 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd
32 - Run Like Hell - Pink Floyd

Notes: 1) Lee and the Serious Band play also on the Genesis “Turn It On Again” medley (track 30). 2) This 2-DVD set is a re-release of same performance already issued in various VHS and Laserdisc configurations and originally titled “Knebworth - The Event”. Original 1990 UK release was on Castle Music Pictures. 3) According to web sources, track list and total running time of DVD appear to have changed from VHS and Laserdisc versions: two tracks by Cliff Richard & The Shadows, “Do You Wanna Dance” and “Livin’ Doll”, are missing from the DVD version and the original running time appears to be 194 mins. as opposed to the current 180 mins. approx. Apart from the Richard/Shadows instance no other performance is missing. 4) DVD comes with liner notes about performances. For these please refer to inlay card. 5) Screen format is 4:3. 6) A new Blu Ray Deluxe DVD/CD edition of the Knebworth Event with the title “Live At Knebworth” is currently available. Please check out actual release for updated relevant details.

Audio/Tour Credits

Phil Collins And The Serious Band:
Phil Collins - Vocals, Drums (7)
Lee Sklar - Bass Guitar (7, 8)*
Chester Thompson - Drums (7, 8)
Daryl Stuermer - Guitar
Brad Cole - Keyboards
Don Myrick - Brass
Lui Lui - Brass
Rhamlee Michael Davis - Brass
Harry Kim - Brass
Bridgette Bryant - Backing Vocals
Arnold McCuller - Backing Vocals
Fred White - Backing Vocals

Phil Collins - Vocals, Drums (30)
Lee Sklar - Bass Guitar (only on track 30)*
Chester Thompson - Drums (28, 29, 30)
Mike Rutherford - Guitar, Bass Guitar
Daryl Stuermer - Guitar, Bass Guitar
Tony Banks - Keyboards
Brad Cole - Keyboards (only on track 30)
Don Myrick - Brass (only on track 30)
Lui Lui - Brass (only on track 30)
Rhamlee Michael Davis - Brass (only on track 30)
Harry Kim - Brass (only on track 30)
Bridgette Bryant - Backing Vocals (only on track 30)
Arnold McCuller - Backing Vocals (only on track 30)
Fred White - Backing Vocals (only on track 30)


David Gilmour - Vocals, Guitars
Robert Plant - Vocals
Paul McCartney - Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano
Linda McCartney - Vocals, Keyboards
Roland Orzabal - Vocals, Guitars
Curt Smith - Vocals, Bass Guitar
Cliff Richard - Vocals
Hank Marvin - Vocals, Guitar
Bruce Welch - Vocals, Guitar
Francis Rossi - Vocals, Guitar
Rick Parfitt - Vocals, Guitar
Eric Clapton - Vocals, Guitar
Mark Knopfler - Vocals, Guitars
Elton John - Vocals, Piano
Guy Pratt - Bass Guitar
Phil Johnstone - Bass Guitar
Charlie Jones - Bass Guitar
Hamish Stuart - Bass Guitar, Guitar, Vocals
Mark Griffiths - Bass Guitar
John Rhino Edwards - Bass Guitar
Nathan East - Bass Guitar
John Illsley - Bass Guitar
Nick Mason - Drums
Chris Blackwell - Drums
Chris Whitten - Drums
Jim Copley - Drums
Brian Bennett - Drums
Jeff Rich - Drums
Steve Ferrone - Drums
Tim Renwick - Guitar
Jimmy Page - Guitar
Doug Boyle - Guitars
Robbie McIntosh - Guitar, Vocals
Neil Taylor - Guitars
Phil Palmer - Guitar
Rick Wright - Keyboards
John Carin - Keyboards
Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens - Keyboards, Vocals
Oleta Adams - Piano, Vocals
Andy Davies - Keyboards
Cliff Hall - Keyboards
Paul Moessl - Synths
Andrew Brown - Keyboards
Alan Clark - Keyboards
Greg Phillinganes - Keyboards
Guy Fletcher - Keyboards
Candy Dulfer - Saxophone
William Gregory - Saxophone
Ray Beavis - Brass
Dick Hanson - Brass
Chris Gower - Brass
John Earle - Brass
Gary Wallis - Percussion
Carole Steele - Percussion
Ray Cooper - Percussion
Durga McBroom - Backing Vocals
Sam Brown - Backing Vocals
Vicki Brown - Backing Vocals
Claire Torry - Backing Vocals
Adele Bertei - Backing Vocals
Biti Strauchn - Backing Vocals
Pete Howarth - Backing Vocals
Mick Mullins - Backing Vocals
Keith Murrell - Backing Vocals
Katie Kissoon - Backing Vocals
Tessa Niles - Backing Vocals

A Silver Clef Productions and Medialab Ltd Production

Concert Presented by Andrew Miller & Paul King (for Silver Clef Productions)
Pete Edmunds - Production Manager (for Silver Clef Productions)
Dave Dee - Master Of Ceremonies (for Silver Clef Productions)

Live Recording Location and Date:
Knebworth, Hertfordshire, Saturday, June 30th, 1990

Video Credits

Larry Jordan - Director
Bruce Gowers - Director
Richard Leyland - Producer (for Medialab)
John Gaydon - Executive Producer (for Medialab)
Lol Creme - Video Version (for Medialab)

Chris Kimsey - Soundtrack Producer, 5.1 Mixing Engineer
Steve Smith - Soundtrack Producer

Sound Production Studio:
Olympic Studios, London

5.1 Mixing Studio:
Sphere Studios, London

Melissa Roy - Production Associate (for Eagle Vision)
Stefanie Lee - Production Associate (for Eagle Vision)

Rex Features - Photos
Nikkie Amouyal - Packaging Design

“Knebworth, Hertfordshire, Saturday, June 30th, 1990. In aid of the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre for providing music therapy for handicapped children and the BRIT school for performing arts and technology, 120,000 fans gather for an historic event featuring a legendary combination of British rock artists… // Previously released in three volumes as Knebworth ‘The Event’ On VHS and Laserdisc this is a new combined master with specially re-mixed 5.1 Surround Sound and DTS released for the first time on DVD.”

“A concert on aid of the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre and The BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology. // The planning for this concert started in September 1988 our target being £3 million necessary to build a much needed new centre for Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. So what I hear you ask is music therapy? In short it is a way of communicating with, developing and enhancing the lives of mentally, phisically and handicapped children, through music. Having settled on the idea of a fund-raising concert the next step was to approach artists who could attract the size of audience needed to raise this enormous sum of money. The perfect answer was on our doorstep. For the last 15 years Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy has presented the Silver Clef Award to artists for their outstanding services to the British music industry. So we asked them all! // The date of the concert had been set for June 30th 1990 and all the Silver Clef Award winners that were available on that date agreed to perform, willingly giving their services to support music therapy. The concert sold out instantly and it became evident that our target would be exceeded. To gratefully acknowledge the support that Nordoff-Robbins has received from the music industry it was agreed that the proceeds would be shared with a new venture - The BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology - currently being established by the British Phonographic Industry. // And so to the day itself - as host for the concert, I represented Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Onstage, I was overwhelmed by the size, the appreciation and the sheer good humour of the huge audience. Offstage I was equally impressed by the professionalism and good will of the artists and their crews. // A magnificent show, a terrific day - one of the best shows of my life. // Dave Dee // On behalf of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Fund Raising Committees.”.

“Royalties from the sale of this video throughout the world are donated to Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Charity and the BPI BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology.”.

“Silver Clef Productions: // Concert presented by Andrew Miller & Paul King // With special thanks to Bill Curbishley & Derek Green”.

“Eagle Vision: // Special thanks to Geoff Kempin & Terry Shand”.

source/pic: my records

Various Artists - Two Rooms - Celebrating The Songs Of Elton John & Bernie Taupin
Mercury 845 749-2 (1991) - UK CD

1 - Border Song - Eric Clapton
2 - Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going To Be A Long, Long Time) - Kate Bush
3 - Come Down In Time - Sting
4 - Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) - The Who
5 - Crocodile Rock - The Beach Boys
6 - Daniel - Wilson Phillips
7 - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - Joe Cocker
8 - Levon - Jon Bon Jovi
9 - The Bitch Is Back - Tina Turner
10 - Philadelphia Freedom - Daryl Hall & John Oates
11 - Your Song - Rod Stewart
12 - Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me - Oleta Adams
13 - Madman Across The Water - Bruce Hornsby
14 - Sacrifice - Sinead O’Connor
15 - Burn Down The Mission - Phil Collins*
16 - Tonight - George Michael

Notes: 1) Above picture and following credits were taken from US CD release on Polydor 845 750-2/D135407. 2) According to web sources, album was released also as a double vinyl LP on Mercury 845 749-1 (UK/EU release). Side one/two breakdowns are for now unknown. 3) Album comes with individual notes from the artists involved. Please refer to original booklet/sleeves for these. 4) A video special with performances and interviews was released at the time and sold in various packaging combinations. According to web sources a VHS plus CD box-set was released on Mercury 845 907-0. 5) US catalog #s for video releases are as follows: Polydor 083 589-3 (vhs video) and Polydor 083 589-1 (laserdisc).

Lee Sklar - Bass (15)*
Phil Collins - Vocals, Drums (15), Piano
Daryl Stuermer - Guitar
Steve Winwood - Organ
Phenix Horns - Brass Section

Eric Clapton - Vocals, Guitar
Kate Bush - Vocals, Keyboards
Sting - Vocals, Bass
Roger Daltrey - Vocals
Alan Jardine - Lead Vocal
Jeff Peters - Vocals
Wilson Phillips - Vocals
Joe Cocker - Vocals
Jon Bon Jovi - Vocals
Tina Turner - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Daryl Hall - Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Keyboards
Rod Stewart - Vocals
Oleta Adams - Vocals, Piano
Bruce Hornsby - Lead Vocals, Piano
Daryl Jones - Bass
Del Palmer - Bass
John Entwistle - Bass
Neil Stubenhaus - Bass
T.M. Stevens - Bass
Tim Harrington - Bass
Bob Feit - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kasim Sulton - Bass Guitar
Carmine Rojas - Bass
Pino Palladino - Bass
Joe Puerta - Bass
Steve Ferrone - Drums
Charlie Morgan - Drums
Steve Holley - Drums
Tico Torres - Drums
Jack Bruno - Drums
Michael Braun - Drums
Dave Palmer - Drums
John Cushon - Drums
John Molo - Drums
Alan Murphy - Guitars
Pete Townshend - Guitar
Jerry Stevenson - Guitars
Michael Landau - Guitar
Phil Grande - Guitar
Aldo Nova - Guitar
Phil X - Guitar
James Ralston - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gene Black - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
John Oates - Electric Guitar, Background Vocals
Elliot Easton - Electric Guitar
Jeff Golub - Guitar
Chrissy Shefts - Guitar
Roland Orzabal - Guitar, Backing Vocals
George Marinelli, Jr. - Guitar
Don Teschner - Mandolin
Greg Phillinganes - Piano
Robbie Kondor - Additional Synthesizers
Alan Clark - Additional Synthesizers
Nancy Treadlight - Piano
John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick - Piano
Ian Lynne - Keyboards
Glen Ballard - Electric Piano, Synthesizer
Randy Kerber - Acoustic Piano
John Miles - Synthesizer
Chris Stainton - Keyboards
Dave Bryan - Keyboards
Howie Bertolo - Keyboards
Kenny Moore - Piano, Backing Vocals
Ollie Marland - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Bob Mayo - Keyboards
T-Bone Wolk - Additional Keyboards
Terry Burros - Additional Keyboards
Kevin Savigar - Keyboards
Simon Clark - Hammond Organ
John “J.T.” Thomas - Keyboards (as Additional Musician)
Lyndon Connah - Keyboards
Chris Cameron - Piano, Strings
Jeff Bova - Synth Horns
Timmy Cappello - Horn Section, Sax Solo, Organ, Tambourine, Backing Vocals
Michael Brecker - Tenor Sax
George Young - Alto Sax
Ronnie Cuber - Baritone Sax
Daniel Higgins - Sax
Deric Dyer - Sax
Alan Rubin - Trumpet
Dave Bargeron - Trombone
Andy Hamilton - Woodwinds, French Horns
Danny Jacobs - Oboe
Richard Green - Violin
Dave Clayton - Strings
Davey Spillane - Uillean Pipes
Alistair Anderson - Concertina
Carol Steele - Tambourine
John Robinson - Cymbals
Sammy Figueroa - Percussion
Reverend Timothy Wright Washington Temple Concert Choir - Choir
Ian Wilson - Backing Vocal
Billy Nicholls - Backing Vocal
Carl Wilson - Backing Vocal
Mike Love - Backing Vocal
Bruce Johnston - Backing Vocal (as Bruce Johnson)
Adrian Baker - Backing Vocal
Tessa Niles - Backing Vocals
Carol Kenyon - Backing Vocals

Produced by: Eric Clapton & Truman Stiles (1)
Produced by: Kate Bush (2)
Produced by: Jon Astley & Billy Nicholls (4)
Produced by: Gus Dudgeon (5)
Produced by: Glen Ballard (6)
Produced by: David Tickle (7)
Produced by: Jon Bon Jovi, Aldo Nova and Obie O’Brien (8)
Produced by: Chris Lord-Alge, Tina Turner & Roger Davies (9)
Produced by: Daryl Hall, John Oates & Tom “T-Bone” Wolk (10)
Produced by: Trevor Horn (11)
Produced by: Roland Orzabal (as Roland Orzabel) (12)
Produced by: Gus Dudgeon & Bruce Hornsby (13)
Produced by: Sinead O’Connor (14)
Produced by: Phil Collins & Hugh Padgham (15)
Produced by: George Michael (16)

Rob Mounsey - Horn Arrangement (1)
Timmy Cappello - Horn Arrangement (9)
Wilson Phillips - Vocal Arrangement (6)
Glen Ballard - Vocal Arrangement (6)
Jerry Hey - String Arrangement (6)
Jon Astley - Programming (4)
Ian Lynne - Programming (5)
Michael Boddicker - Synthesizer Programming (6)

Dave O’ Donnell - Engineer (1)
Del Palmer - Engineer (2)
Hugh Padgham - Recording Engineer (3), Mixing Engineer (3)
Richard Arnold - Engineer (3)
Andy Macpherson - Engineer (4)
Jeff Peters - Engineer (5) (Red Barn Studios)
Ian Lynne - Engineer (5) (Tagmere Studios)
Francis Buckley - Recording Engineer (6), Mixing Engineer (6)
David Tickle - Recording Engineer (7), Mixing Engineer (7)
Obie O’Brien - Recording Engineer (8), Mixing Engineer (8)
Chris Lord-Alge - Engineer (9), Mixing Engineer (9)
Peter Moshay - Engineer (10)
Steve Chase - Engineer (12)
Larry Millas - Engineer (13)
John Reynolds - Engineer (14)
Chris Porter - Engineer (16), Live Recording (16)
Rob Eaton - Mixing Engineer (1)
Gus Dudgeon - Remix (5), Mix (13)
Tufty (also as Tuffy) - Remix (5), Mixing Engineer (13)
Curt Frasca - Mix Engineer (10)
Shep Pettibone for Mastermix Productions - Mix (10), Post Production (10)
Brian Malouf - Mixing Engineer (11)
Phil Nicolo - Additional Engineering (8)
Ben Fowler - Assistant Engineer (1)
Mark Hagen - Assistant Engineer (6)
Chris Fogel - Assistant Engineer (6)
Charlie Paakkari (as Charlie Paakkard) - Assistant Engineer (6)
Randy Long - Assistant Engineer (6)
Dan Gellent - Assistant Engineer (7) (The Power Station)
Gary Langan - Assistant Engineer (7) (The Metropolis)
Brian Scheuble - Assistant Engineer (9)
Michael Douglass - Assistant Engineer (9)
Ken Wishner - Assistant Engineer (13)
Scott Ahaus - Assistant Engineer (13)
Paul Golding - Assistant Engineer (14)
Talley Sherwood - Assistant Mixing Engineer (9)

Recording Studios/Locations:
Townhouse Studios, London (3)
Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum (3)
Red Barn Studios, Big Sur, California (5)
Tagmere Studios, Merton, England (5)
Westlake Audio, L.A., CA. (6)
Capitol Studios, L.A., CA. (6)
The Power Station, New York (as The Powerstation New York) (7)
The Metropolis, London (7)
Sanctuary Studio, New Jersey (8)
A&M Studios, Los Angeles (9)
A-Pawling Studios, N.Y. (10) (June 1991)
River North Studio, Chicago (13)
Lansdowne Studios, London (14)
Live at Wembley Arena March 1991 (16)

Mixing Studios:
Surrey Sound, Leatherhead, England (5, 13)
Capitol Studio, L.A., CA. (6)
Pacifique Studios, N. Hollywood, CA. (6)
A&M Studios (7)
Image Recording, Los Angeles (9)

Orion Crawford - Charts Preparation (6)
Alexandra Saraspe - Production Assistant (1)
Jill Dell’Abate - Production Co-ordinator (1)
Jolie Levine - Production Co-ordinator (6)
Tom Perme - Guitar Technician (10), Crew (10)

Bob Carlos Clarke - Photo
Randee St. Nicholas - Photo
Phil Dent - Photo
John Carda Bush - Photo
Robert Gligorov - Photo
Chalkie Davis - Photo
Alan Bergman - Photo
Lynn Goldsmith - Photo
Neal Preston - Photo
Timothy White - Photo
Paul Cox - Photo
Diego Uchitel - Photo
Greg Gorman - Photo
Kevin Westenberg - Photo
Josh Millais - Photo
Dave Morgan - Photo

““Two Rooms” celebrates the songwriting partnership of Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Friends and admirers have recorded their own musical tribute with songs that have moved, inspired or excited them during 25 years of this unique collaboration; a creative relationship that has been both independent and interdependent - Two rooms at the end of the world.”.

“With Special Thanks to: // Arma Andon, Siobhan Bailey, Honey Bianchi, Lee Blumer, Dr. John Bush, Pauline Carroll, Annie Challis, Bill Curbishley, Miles Copeland, Roger Davies, Robbie Dennis, Brian Doyle, Roger Forrester, Lucian Grainge, Andrew Haydon, David Hockman, Tom Hulett, Robert Kahane, Mercedes Karabec, Michael Lang, Michael Lippman, Elliott Lott, Chris Main, Doc Mc Ghee, Claire Milner, Tim Neece, Tania Payne, Randy Phillips, Di Puplett, John Reid, Sharona Sabbag, Lindsay Scott, Matt Sheppard, Tony Smith, Caroline Southey, Arnold Stiefel, James Todd, John Titta, Nicola Turnbull, Kim Turner, Hilary Walker, David Wernham, Dee Whelan, Carol Willis Impey, Deena Wood // Album co-ordinated by: Candace Strickland”.

Elton John
Bernie Taupin (as Taupin)

source/pic: my records
all UK/EU catalog #s: the web

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