Group Therapy

Group Therapy, circa 1967 - L to R: Greg Wood, Jeff Finer, Leland Sklar, Ira Ingber, Mike Shure.

Group Therapy is the name of Lee's first recording group. The line-up at the time of their “Magic In The Air” single (1967) was as follows:

Leland Sklar - Bass, Vocals
David Finer - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jeff Finer - Vocals
Ira Ingber - Lead Guitar
Greg Wood - Vocals

According to some web sources, the original lead guitarist for the group was Mike Shure, who would also perform as a vocalist. He was later replaced by Ira Ingber, brother of founding member of The Mothers Of Invention and Fraternity Of Man, Elliot Ingber.

Group Therapy was originally signed by Canterbury Records and produced by that label’s president, Ken Handler. Our contributor BeardBassman explains that Ken Handler’s father was the founder of Mattel Toys and that Ken’s sister is called Barbara. So now you know the true story of Barbie and Ken… BB also came up with the two very rare promotional pictures of Group Therapy you see on this page: the man’s definitely got something up his sleeve!

According to the data posted by Lee and David Finer on the now no-longer operative totonetwork website, it seems that Group Therapy recorded also a bunch of other songs, two of which were called “Little Bird” and “Million Dollar Movie”. Test pressings of these were made, but they never led to a record release. At the time, on the strength of their “Magic In The Air” single which broke into the Billboard top 100s, the band opened for The Byrds and Canned Heat at the Anaheim Convention Center and for The Seeds at Cal State Northridge.

It is important not to mistake Group Therapy for the homonymous rock ensemble that included Ray Kennedy on vocals, which was signed to RCA and Philips in the Sixties.

You may check out some current releases by ex-Group Therapy members by clicking on the following links:
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Ira Ingber -

Group Therapy, circa 1967 - L to R: Mike Shure, Greg Wood, Ira Ingber, Jeff Finer and Lee, all on vocals.

“Magic In The Air” - US 7” vinyl single - a-side

“Magic In The Air” - US 7” vinyl single - b-side

Group Therapy
Magic In The Air/Bad News
Canterbury C-517 (1967) - US 7” Single


1 - Magic In The Air


2 - Bad News

Notes: 1) This is the only vinyl output by Group Therapy. 2) According to some posts that both Lee and David Finer published on the now no-longer operating, it appears that, on account of reasons related to the Musicians Union, the actual players during the making of this single were not the guys from the group itself but members of the Wrecking Crew. I have not been able to track down those posts, so if any of the people involved at the time wishes to contribute some additional info you’re welcome to do so in the form of a comment.

Produced by Ken Handler (1)
Produced by Mike Post for Amos Productions (2)

David Finer
Jeff Finer

source/pics: my records/BeardBassman
additional info source: (no longer operative) (no longer operative)

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