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Various Artists - Listen To Me: Buddy Holly

For individual posts about Lee’s contribution to the works of Jackson Browne, Lyle Lovett and Linda Ronstadt please click on the following links:

Lyle Lovett
Jackson Browne
Linda Ronstadt

Various Artists - Listen To Me: Buddy Holly
Verve Forecast B0016050-02 (2011) - US CD

1 - Not Fade Away* - Stevie Nicks
2 - Maybe Baby - Pat Monahan of Train
3 - Listen To Me - Brian Wilson
4 - I’m Lookin’ For Someone To Love - Imelda May
5 - True Love Ways* - Jackson Browne
6 - Peggy Sue - Cobra Starship
7 - Take Your Time - The Fray
8 - Think It Over - Ringo Starr
9 - Crying Waiting Hoping - Chris Isaak
10 - That’ll Be The Day - Linda Ronstadt (1976)
11 - Words Of Love - Jeff Lynne
12 - Well All Right* - Lyle Lovett
13 - Learning The Game - Natalie Merchant
14 - Everyday - Patrick Stump
15 - It’s So Easy - Zooey Deschanel
16 - Raining In My Heart - Eric Idle

Notes: 1) This is a tribute album dedicated to Buddy Holly. You can find further info about this project on a previous post by clicking here. 2) All the cover versions on this CD album were specifically recorded for this project with the exception of track 10, which is the same cut already released in 1976 as a Linda Ronstadt single, from her same-year album “Hasten Down The Wind”. Track was remastered for the occasion but, according to Peter Asher’s notes, song comes in its original Val Garay mix. 3) CD album comes with two liner notes essays, “The Legacy Of Buddy Holly” by James Henke and “Listen To Buddy” by executive producer Peter Asher. Please refer to original CD album’s booklet for these. 4) CD album comes with song-by-song liner notes by Peter Asher. While I took the liberty to quote two paragraphs in relation to two of the tracks Lee is a player on (see bottom of post), please check out original CD album’s booklet for the complete notes.

The Performers:
Stevie Nicks - Lead Vocal
Pat Monahan - Lead Vocal
Brian Wilson - Lead Vocal
Imelda May - Lead Vocal
Jackson Browne - Lead Vocal, Piano
Cobra Starship: Nate Novarro, Alex Suarez, Ryland Blackinton,Victoria Asher, Gabe Saporta (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
The Fray: Ben Wysocki, Dave Welsh, Joe King, Isaac Slade (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
Ringo Starr - Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Tambourine, Hand Claps
Chris Isaak - Lead Vocal
Linda Ronstadt - Lead Vocal, Handclaps
Jeff Lynne - Lead Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocal Harmonies
Lyle Lovett - Lead Vocal
Natalie Merchant - Lead Vocal
Patrick Stump - Lead Vocal
Zooey Deschanel - Lead Vocal, Background Vocal
Eric Idle - Lead Vocal

The Players and Singers:
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 5, 12)*
Bill Cinque - Bass, Background Vocal
Brett Simons - Electric Bass, Baritone Guitar
Al Gare - Bass
Alex Suarez - Bass
Charlie Hayden - Bass
Rowland Salley - Bass
Kenny Edwards - Bass, Background Vocal
Russell Kunkel - Drums (1, 5, 12)
Aaron Sterling - Drums, Percussion
Mike D’Amico - Drums
Steve Rushton - Drums
Nate Novarro - Drums
Ben Wysocki - Drums, Percussion
Rafael Padilla - Drums, Percussion
Michael Botts - Drums
Steve Aho - Drums
Waddy Wachtel - Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Jeff Alan Ross - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar, Tres, Keyboards, Background Vocal
Peter Asher - Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, Background Vocals, Wood Block, Percussion (2, 5, 12, 14, 15)
Nick Walusko - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Probyn Gregory - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Jeffrey Foskett - 12-String Guitar, Vocals
Darrel Hingham - Guitar
Ryland Blackinton - Guitar, Background Vocal
Dave Welsh - Lead Guitar
Joe King - Guitar, Background Vocals
Steve Dudas - Guitar
Andrew Gold - Electric Guitar, Background Vocal
Cary Park - Guitars
Greg Leisz - Pedal Steel, Mandolin
Roger Manning - Piano, Wurlitzer
Gary Griffin - Piano, Organ
Victoria Asher - Keytar, Solo Vocal, Background Vocals
Bruce Sugar - Keyboards
Scott Plunkett - Keyboards
Uri Sharlin - Piano
Dave Priseman - Trumpet
Darrel Leonard - Trumpet
Sarah Thornblade - Violin (string ensemble)
Mario De Leon - Violin (string ensemble)
Michele Richards - Violin (string ensemble)
Jay Unger - Violin
Jessy Greene - Violin, Background Vocal
Karen Elaine - Viola (string ensemble)
Timothy Landauer - Cello (string ensemble)
Rudolph Stein - Cello (string ensemble)
David Stone - Double Bass (string ensemble)
Scott Bennett - Vibraphone, Vocals
Ji Hye Jung - Marimba (5, 14)
Nelson Bragg - Percussion
Robert Zimmitti - Percussion (5, 7, 14)
Dan Greco - Percussion (5, 7, 14)
Gabe Saporta - Lead Vocal
Isaac Slade - Lead Vocal, Vocals, Piano
Lori Nicks - Background Vocal
Sharon Celani - Background Vocal
Nadine Loren - Background Vocal
Richard Page - Background Vocals

Produced by Peter Asher & Waddy Wachtel (1)
Produced by Peter Asher (2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
Produced by Brian Wilson (3)
Produced by Ringo Starr (8)
Produced by Jeff Lynne (11)
Executive Producer: Peter Asher
Executive Producers for Songmasters: Jennifer Cohen & Regan McCarthy

Paul Von Mertens - Arrangement (3)
David Campbell - String Arrangement (5), Orchestra Arrangement (14), String Conduction (5, 7), Orchestra Conduction (14)
Peter Asher - String Arrangement (7)
Jeff Alan Ross - String Arrangement (7)
Brian Wilson - Vocal Arrangement (3)
Damien Leroy - Programming (6)

Nathaniel Kunkel - Project Engineer, Recording Engineer (1, 4, 5, 6, 12, 14, 16), Mixing Engineer (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
Jay Ruston - Recording Engineer (2, 15)
Mark Linett - Recording Engineer (3), Mixing Engineer (3)
Warren Huart - Recording Engineer (7)
Bruce Sugar - Recording Engineer (8), Mixing Engineer (8)
Mark Needham - Recording Engineer (9), Mixing Engineer (9)
Val Garay - Recording Engineer (10), Mixing Engineer (10)
Steve Jay - Recording Engineer (11), Digital Editing (11)
Elijah C. Walker II - Recording Engineer (13)
Tim Meaney - Lead Vocal Recording Engineer (2)
Vanessa Parr - 2nd Engineer (1, 15)
Scott Moore - 2nd Engineer (2)
Wesley Seidman - 2nd Engineer (3, 5, 14)
Eric Weaver - 2nd Engineer (4)
Bill Lane - 2nd Engineer (5, 12)
Rich Tosi - 2nd Engineer (5, 12)
Glenn Suravech - 2nd Engineer (5, 12)
Eric Eylands - 2nd Engineer (6)
Clint Gibbs - 2nd Engineer (6)
Will Brierre - 2nd Engineer (9)
Greg Ladanyi - 2nd Engineer (10)
Jeremy Miller - 2nd Engineer (16)
Ringo Starr - Mixing Engineer (8)
Jeff Linsenmaier - Tech Support (7)

Recording Studios:
The Village, West Los Angeles, CA (1)
Ocean Way Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA (2, 3, 14, 15; strings on track 5)
Conway Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA (4, 6)
Groove Masters Studio, Santa Monica, CA (5, 12)
Candyland Studio, Northglenn, CO (7)
Roccabella West Studios, UK (8)
The Ballroom Studios, Los Angeles, CA (9)
The Sound Factory, Hollywood CA (10: recorded March, 1976)
The Clubhouse Recording Studio, Rhinebeck, NY (13)
East West Studios, Hollywood, CA (16)
Wiseman Studios, Bellevue, WA (lead vocal on track 2)

Mixing Studios:
Studio Without Walls, Los Angeles, CA (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
Ocean Way Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA (3)
Roccabella West Studios, UK (8)
The Ballroom Studios, Los Angeles, CA (9)

Doug Sax - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
The Mastering Lab, Ojai, CA

Melika Atic - Project Coordinator for Songmasters
Ivy Skoff - Production Coordinator
James Henke - Liner Notes (“Legacy of Buddy Holly”)
Peter Asher - Liner Notes (“Listen to Buddy”)

Legal: Rochelle Kerner

Sean Keepers - Art Direction, Design

“Thanks Be. // This album is a labor of love, starting with Holly’s own. Buddy’s legacy is a testament to the great love Maria Elena Holly has shown for more than 50 years to her young husband’s music his talent, and his vision. We are delighted that she loves the music on this album. Peter Asher, Executive Producer, makes no bones about Buddy’s songs, either: he “loved them all.” Every artist, musician, and technician performing on this album was open about her love for Holly’s music. Each brought a love for his craft and this music to every note played, verse sung, and track laid down. Thank you // Many others gave with open hearts to make this album, celebration, and project the most outstanding tribute to Buddy Holly’s music possible. Our amazing staff are the foremost, especially Melika Atic and Reni Calister. Our friends at Verve and Universal have given outstanding support at every level. Despite the admonitions of Shakespeare, we thank our wise counsel - especially Rochelle Kerner. Plan A Media forged their full-steam-ahead publicity and Doreen D’Agostino gave committed assistance early on. We have had unwavering help from the “Fearless” Brian J. Murphy, the fabulous Tisha Fein, the lovely Ivy Skoff, and the incomparable Phil Hack and David Leaf. We are inspired by the devotion of Peter Bradley, John Thomas, Kevin McGowan, Molly Mayeux, and Dick Cole to Buddy Holly’s music legacy - and his guitars! Our colleagues at Peer Music, MPL and Universal have done much, hallelujah, to put Holly’s “Star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Sean Keepers and Brent Carpenter made us all look good, literally. Thank you. // Peter Asher’s music here is extraordinary. The thoroughly modern yet utterly authentic renditions of Holly’s works here sing for themselves. But the music is not all of the story to this album, and this album is not the entire story of the “Listen to Me” project - a series of celebrations of the True.Great.Original. Artists who forever changed contemporary music, re-interpreted by today’s leading artists to raise support for the next generation of music’s greats. This was one of Buddy’s personal goals. In his footsteps, “Listen To Me” will benefit three music industries charities that support new, great talent. Thanks be to all, from Songmasters.”.

“Cover artwork based on photo © 1958 Dick Cole (used with permission)”.

““Listen To Me: Buddy Holly” will benefit designated programs of: // The Grammy Foundation // Songwriters Hall Of Fame // Artists House Music”.

“Benefitting the next generation of music’s greats - a program of Songmasters”.

Track 10:
“Original 1976 version Re-Mastered 2011”.

Excerpts from the Song-by-Song Liner Notes by producer Peter Asher

“Not Fade Away - Stevie Nicks // Stevie Nicks’ voice and style are national treasures! She is a valued friend and as one of the very first people we invited to be part of this project, Stevie had first pick. I initially suggested another song but Stevie chose “Not fade Away”, and how right she was. I co-produced this track with my dear friend and colleague (and one of the very finest guitarists in the whole of rock and roll), Waddy Wachtel and we brought in the legendary rhythm section of Russ Kunkel and Leland Sklar. Waddy and Stevie had worked together as a team for quite a while so it was the perfect setup. And I was very privileged to join Lori Nicks and Sharon Celani as one of the “Bopettes” in singing our version of the original background parts! Stevie’s vocal was cut live - she sang with an intensity and determination that is a treat to hear. (…) // Well All Right - Lyle Lovett // One of the most amiable, charming and intelligent gentlemen in the music business with a wonderful voice to match, Lyle is another favourite singer who said “yes” right away. I was visiting him at his recording session in Los Angeles and asked him on the spot. We picked up a couple of guitars and tried out “Well All Right”, which seemed to suit Lyle perfectly. I sang some harmony parts, we both played and it sounded right - so we called up our shared favourite rhythm section of Russ Kunkel and Leland Sklar (along with guitar maestro, Waddy Wachtel) and cut it just that way.”.

Buddy Holly
Jerry Allison
Boudleaux Bryant
Felice Bryant
Joe Mauldin
Norman Petty

source/pic: my records

Willis Alan Ramsey

Willis Alan Ramsey - Willis Alan Ramsey
Shelter SW-8914 (1972) - US LP

Side One

1 - The Ballad Of Spider John
2 - Muskrat Candlelight
3 - Geraldine And The Honeybee
4 - Wishbone
5 - Satin Sheets
6 - Goodbye Old Missoula

Side Two

7 - Painted Lady
8 - Watermelon Man
9 - Boy From Oklahoma*
10 - Angel Eyes
11 - Northeast Texas Women

Willis Alan Ramsey - Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Harmonica
Leland Sklar - Bass (9)*
Carl Radle - Bass
Tim Drummond - Bass
Russ Kunkel - Drums (9)
Waller Collie - Drums, Vocal (see also The Birklettes)
Jim Keltner - Drums
Kenneth Buttrey - Drums
Robert Aberg - Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar (see also The Birklettes)
Eddie Hinton - Guitar
Charles Perrino - Guitar, Vocal
Red Rhodes - Pedal Steel
Leon Russell - Vibes, Electric Piano, Piano
Larry Steelman - Piano
John Harris - Piano
Nick DeCaro - Accordion (as Nick De Caro)
Dusty Rhodes - Fiddle
Tim Self - Fiddle
Ernie Watts - Saxophone (as Ernest Watts)
Cathy Pruitt - Cello
Mike Sexton - Vocal (see also The Birklettes)

The Birklettes:
Robert Aberg - Bottle
Waller Collie - South Wall
Grant Conch & Terry Dodson - Coke Crate
Mike Sexton - Knees
David Ward - Cowbell
Oblio - Carpets & Hallways

Produced by Denny Cordell and Willis Alan Ramsey

Nick DeCaro (as Nick De Caro) - String Arrangement (1)

Bob Potter - Engineer (11)
Peter Nichols - Engineer (2, 6)
Wayne Dailey - Engineer (1, 5, 9, 10)
Robin Hood - Engineer (3, 4, 8)
Elliot Mazer - Engineer (7)
Al Schmitt - Remixing Engineer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

Recording Studios:
Beautiful Sound Studios, Memphis, Tennessee, May 1971 (11)
Skyhill Studios, Hollywood, California, July, 1971 (2, 6)
Sunset Sound Studios, Hollywood, California, November, 1971 (1, 5, 9, 10)
Brians Studios, Tyler, Texas, December, 1971 (3, 4, 8)
Quadraphonic Studios, Nashville, Tennessee, March, 1972 (7)

Remixing Studio:
Sunset Sound Studios, Hollywood, California

Good Time Graphix - Album Design
Bill Matthews - Photography & Artwork

“Extra help from Ron Burnham, Austin, Texas.”.

“Special thanks to Leon Russell, J.J. Cale and Elliot Mazer. Also to Gregory Allman for his encouragement”.

Willis Alan Ramsey

source/pic: my records

Lyle Lovett ❏

Latest Post Update: December, 2014.

Please check back in a few weeks for the “Looking Into You - A Tribute to Jackson Browne” addition.

This post includes Lee Sklar’s contributions to the Lyle Lovett catalog divided into five separate sections: film clips, studio albums, Various Artists audio compilations, singles and Scrapbook.

For Lee's work with Lyle Lovett's fellow Texan singer-songwriter and frequent inspiration Willis Alan Ramsey, you can check out the relative post by clicking → here.

You may also watch some of Lyle Lovett's original videos on his own YouTube channel by clicking → here.

Film Clips

The above film clip is from the second installment in the “KHOU Stands for Houston” campaign. It features Lyle Lovett recording the theme song and it was filmed during the final sessions for Lyle’s 2012 album “Release Me” (see entry below) at Conway Recording Studios in West Hollywood, CA. Musicians on the session are Lyle Lovett, Leland Sklar, Russ Kunkel, Jim Cox, Dean Parks, Luke Bulla, Keith Sewell, Sweet Pea Atkinson, Sir Harry Bowens. Executive Producer: Dale Lockett. Director and DP: W. Ross Wells. DP: Dan Mohr. Arrangements: Lyle Lovett and Jim Cox. Producer: Nathaniel Kunkel.

Studio Albums

Lyle Lovett - Lyle Lovett And His Large Band
Curb/MCA MCA-42263 (1989) - US LP

side one

1 - The Blues Walk*
2 - Here I Am*
3 - Cryin’ Shame*
4 - Good Intentions*
5 - I Know You Know*
6 - What Do You Do / The Glory Of Love*

side two

7 - I Married Her Just Because She Looks Like You*
8 - Stand By Your Man
9 - Which Way Does That Old Pony Run*
10 - Nobody Knows Me*
11 - If You Were To Wake Up*

12 - Once Is Enough

Lyle Lovett - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11)*
Richard Bennett - Danelectro Six String Bass
Paul Leim - Drums (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11)
Ray Herndon - Electric Guitar
Billy Williams - Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Lead Guitar
Champ Hood (as DesChamps Hood) - Acoustic Lead Guitar, Background Vocal (as part of Uncle Walt’s Band)
Paul Franklin - Steel
Matt Rollings - Piano, Hammond B-3
Mark O’Connor - Fiddle, Mandola
Steve Marsh - Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Andy Laster - Baritone Saxophone
John Hagen - Cello
Francine Reed - Duet Vocal, Background Vocals
Harry Stinson - Background Vocals
Rodney Crowell - Background Vocal
Mac McAnally - Background Vocal
Uncle Walt’s Band (Walter Hyatt, David Ball, Champ Hood) - Background Vocals

Produced by Tony Brown, Billy Williams, and Lyle Lovett

Billy Williams - Saxophones Arrangements
Steve Marsh - Additional Saxophones Arrangement

Chuck Ainlay - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Marty Williams - Assistant Recording Engineer, Assistant Mixing Engineer
Milan Bogdan - Digital Editing

Recording Studio:
Soundstage Studio (Backstage)

Glenn Meadows - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:

Jessie Noble - Project Coordinator

Simon Levy - Art Direction, Design
Peter Nash / Nashville - Photography
Virginia Team Design - Design

“Digitally recorded at // Soundstage Studio (Backstage) using the Mitsubishi x-850 32 track digital.”.

“Mastered by // Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics using the JVC Digital Audio Mastering System.”.

Track 11:
“ “If You Were To Wake Up” melody adapted from “Farther Along”-traditional”.

Lyle Lovett
Clifford Brown
Billy Hill
Billy Sherrill
Tammy Wynette

“Lyle Lovett And His Large Band” - US LP - sticker

source/pics: my records

Lyle Lovett - Joshua Judges Ruth
Curb/MCA MCAD-10475 (1992) - US CD

1 - I’ve Been To Memphis*
2 - Church*
3 - She’s Already Made Up Her Mind*
4 - North Dakota*
5 - You’ve Been So Good Up To Now*
6 - All My Love Is Gone*
7 - Since The Last Time*

8 - Baltimore
9 - Family Reserve
10 - She’s Leaving Me Because She Really Wants To*
11 - Flyswatter/Ice Water Blues (Monty Trenckmann’s Blues)*
12 - She Makes Me Feel Good*

Notes: 1) Track 11 has both Lee on electric bass and Edgar Meyer on Arco Acoustic Bass. 2) Tracks 3 and 5 are included in the Lyle Lovett soundtrack for the Robert Altman film “Dr. T & The Women” released in 2000 on Curb/MCA 088 112 381-2. Lee is not a player on the rest of the soundtrack album. You can check out an image of the soundtrack album’s front inlay at the bottom of this entry.

Lyle Lovett - Vocals, Acoustic Finger Style Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12)*
Edgar Meyer - Arco Acoustic Bass, Pizzicato Acoustic Bass
Russ Kunkel - Drums (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12)
Dean Parks - Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar,
Acoustic Slide Guitar
Ray Herndon - Electric Lead Guitar, Electric Rhythm Guitar, Electric Guitar
Billy Williams - Electric “Trombone” Guitar
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric Lead Guitar
Leo Kottke - Acoustic Guitar (Harmonics), Acoustic Lead Guitar
J.D. Maness - Pedal Steel (as Jay Dee Maness)
Matt Rollings - Piano, Hammond B-3 Organ
Plas Johnson - Tenor Saxophone
Daniel Higgins - Alto Saxophone
Gregory Smith - Baritone Saxophone
John Hagen - Cello
Francine Reed - Featured Alto Harmony Vocal, Alto Harmony Vocal, Harmony Vocal, Hand
Arnold McCuller - Featured Tenor Harmony Vocal, Tenor Harmony Vocal, Harmony Vocals,
Solo Vocal, Hand Claps
Kathy Hazzard - Soprano Harmony Vocal, Harmony Vocal, Hand Claps
Sir Harry Bowens - Tenor Harmony Vocal, Harmony Vocal, Hand Claps
Sweet Pea Atkinson - Baritone Harmony Vocal, Harmony Vocal, Hand Claps
Kevin Dorsey - Bass Harmony Vocals, Harmony Vocal, Hand Claps
Rickie Lee Jones - Harmony Vocal
Emmylou Harris - Harmony Vocal
Willis Alan Ramsey - Harmony Vocal

Produced by George Massenburg, Billy Williams and Lyle Lovett

Billy Williams - Saxophones Arrangement (7)

George Massenburg - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Nathaniel Kunkel - Recording Engineer
Steve Holroyd - Second Engineer (Ocean Way Recorders)
Noel Hazel - Second Engineer (Ocean Way Recorders)
Gil Morales - Second Engineer (Conway Studios)
Marnie Riley - Second Engineer (Conway Studios)

Recording Studio (September 1991 to January 1992):
Ocean Way Recorders, Hollywood, California

Mixing Studio (September 1991 to January 1992):
Conway Studios, Hollywood, California

Doug Sax - Mastering Engineer
Alan Yoshida - Mastering Engineer
Ron Lewter - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
Mastering Lab, Hollywood, California

Paul Kremen - Project A&R
Ivy Skoff - Production Coordinator

Management - Ken Levitan for Vector Management and Will Botwin for Side One Management

Tim Stedman - Art Direction, Design
Jonas Livingston - Art Direction
Peter Nash - Photography
Michael Wilson - Interior Booklet Photography

“Use of traditional lyrics in “Since The Last Time” suggested by Eric Taylor”.

“Technical Assistance - GML, Inc., Ultra-Analog, Fred Walecki and Westwood Musical Instruments, Jim Demeter, Jim Kaufman and Bill Collings // Special Assistance - James Gilmer, Wayne Miller, Bo Goldsen, Mark Hakemack, Mary Ann Pittman, Julie Clayton, Paula Batson, Liz Heller, Patricia Casado, Lynne Giler, John Rausch, Allison Inman, and Mom and Dad”.

“Ping Pong Results - Wayne Miller - Champion // Lyle Lovett - First Runner-Up // Billy Williams - Second Runner-Up // George Massenburg - Third Runner-Up // Nathaniel Kunkel - Scored too low to qualify”.

“Worst Joke - George Massenburg (WHEEE!)”.

Lyle Lovett
Willis Alan Ramsey

“Dr. T & The Women” - US CD (2000) - front inlay

source/pics: my records

Lyle Lovett - The Road To Ensenada
Curb/MCA MCAD-11409 (1996) - US CD

1 - Don’t Touch My Hat*
2 - Her First Mistake*
3 - Fiona*
4 - That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas)*
5 - Who Loves You Better*
6 - Private Conversation*

7 - Promises
8 - It Ought To Be Easier*
9 - I Can’t Love You Anymore*
10 - Long Tall Texan*
11 - Christmas Morning*
12 - The Road To Ensenada*

hidden track

13 - The Girl In The Corner*

Notes: 1) Title of track 13 is not listed on back cover track breakdown, yet lyrics and credits are included within CD album’s booklet.

Lyle Lovett - Vocals, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Finger-Style Guitar
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)*
Russ Kunkel - Drums (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13), Shaker (12)
Dean Parks - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Don Potter - Acoustic Lead Guitar, Acoustic Spanish-Style Guitar
Paul Franklin - Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel
Matt Rollings - Piano
Stuart Duncan - Fiddle
Greg Adams - Trumpet
Chuck Findley - Trumpet, Trombone
Gary Herbig (as Garey Herbig) - Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Luis Conte - Percussion (2, 12), Tambourine (3, 6, 8), Shaker (6)
Randy Newman - Duet Vocal
Arnold McCuller - Tenor Vocal, Harmony Vocal, Background Vocal
Sweet Pea Atkinson - Baritone Vocal
Sir Harry Bowens - Baritone Vocal
Willie Greene, Jr. - Bass Vocal
Jackson Browne - Harmony Vocal
Shawn Colvin - Harmony Vocal
Herb Pedersen - Harmony Vocals
Chris Hillman - Harmony Vocals
Valerie Carter - Harmony Vocal, Background Vocal
Kate Markowitz - Harmony Vocal, Background Vocal

Produced by Lyle Lovett and Billy Williams

Billy Williams - Horn Arrangement (4)
Greg Adams - Horn Orchestration (4)

Nathaniel Kunkel - Engineer
Bill Kinsley - Second Engineer

Recording Studio:
Conway Studios, Los Angeles, California

Mixing Studio:
Conway Studios, Los Angeles, California

Doug Sax - Mastering Engineer
Gavin Lurssen - Assistant Mastering Engineer
Ron Lewter - Assistant Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles, California

Patrick Dorn - Production Coordination for the Marsha Burns Company
Lexy Brewer - Production Coordination for the Marsha Burns Company
Vance Knowles - Production Assistance

Jonas Livingston - Art Direction
Tim Stedman - Art Direction, Design
Todd Gallopo - Design
Michael Wilson - Photography

“Thanks to all the singers and musicians who helped with the making of this record // Thanks to Doug Morris, Al Teller, Zach Horowitz, Jay Boberg, Richard Palmese, Abbey Konowitch, Randy Miller, Ron Oberman, David Fleischman, Jayne Simon, Paul Orescan, Jonathan Coffino, Lisa Millman, Paula Batson, Kymm Britton, Stacey Studebaker, Toi Moritomo, Candace Tobaben, Amy Phillips, and everyone at MCA Records // Thanks to Mike Curb, Dick Whitehouse, Sarita Martin, and everyone at Curb Records // Thanks to Joel Katz // Thanks to David Simone and everyone at Polygram Music Publishing, and Bo Goldsen, Michael H. Goldsen, and everyone at Criterion Music Corporation // Thanks to Fred Bohlander and everyone at Monterey Peninsula Artists // Thanks to James Gilmer, John Hagen, Ray Herndon, J. David Sloan, Viktor Krauss, Harvey Thompson, Charles Rose, Steve Marsh, Vinny Ciesielski, Francine Reed, Tim Ray, Buck Reid, Andrea Zonn, and Dan Tomlinson // Thanks to Ken Levitan, Will Botwin, Gary Haber, Patty Wicker, Gary Speakman, Ron Stern, John Richards, Rick Martini, Mark Hammontree, Phil Harris, Andrew Burns, John Malamazian, Stuart Liniger, Mike Klein, Pam Hester, Linda Goettee, and Lisa Christopher // Thanks to Giorgio Armani, Commes des Garcons, Collings Guitars, D’Addario Strings, Gibson Guitars, Westwood Music, Strait Music, and Lucy’s El Adobe // Thanks to Tom Quinn, David Bouley, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Toni Howard and David Yarnell, Chris Andrews, Donald Miller, Kathy Kerr, Wayne Miller, Liz Heller, and Valerie Remy // Thanks to Chris Haines, Mike’s Sky Rancho, the San Nicolas resort Hotel, and Papas & Beer // Thanks to Julia, Lisa, Tony, Kelly, and Emma // “That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas)” is dedicated to the memory of Walter Hyatt // Special thanks to Mom // For Dad”.

Lyle Lovett
Willis Alan Ramsey
Alison Rogers
Henry Strzelecki

source/pic: my records

Lyle Lovett - Step Inside This House
Curb/MCA MCAD2-11831 (1998) - US 2-CD set

disc one

1 - Bears
2 - Lungs
3 - Step Inside This House (Step Inside My House)
4 - Memphis Midnight/Memphis Morning
5 - I’ve Had Enough
6 - Teach Me About Love*
7 - Sleepwalking
8 - Ballad Of The Snow Leopard And The Tanqueray Cowboy*
9 - More Pretty Girls Than One
10 - West Texas Highway
11 - Rollin’ By

disc two

12 - Texas Trilogy: Daybreak
13 - Texas Trilogy: Train Ride
14 - Texas Trilogy: Bosque County Romance
15 - Flyin’ Shoes
16 - Babes In The Woods
17 - Highway Kind
18 - Lonely In Love
19 - If I Needed You*
20 - I’ll Come Knockin’
21 - Texas River Song

Notes: 1) Above image and following credits were taken from the EU release on Curb/Int 4 84585 2 (1998). 2) CD album comes with a lyrics/credits/photo booklet. Please refer to that for the numerous picture captions.

Lyle Lovett - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Leland Sklar - Bass (6, 8, 19)*
Viktor Krauss - Bass
Russ Kunkel - Drums (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21)
Dean Parks - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Don Potter - Second Acoustic Guitar
Paul Franklin - Pedal Steel
Matt Rollings - Piano
Jerry Douglas - Dobro, Weissenborn
Sam Bush - Mandolin
Stuart Duncan - Fiddle
John Hagen - Cello
Luis Conte - Percussion (8)
Alison Krauss - Harmony Vocals
David Ball - Harmony Vocals
Champ Hood - Harmony Vocals (as DesChamps Hood)

Produced by Billy Williams and Lyle Lovett

Lyle Lovett - Arrangements of Traditionals (9, 21)

Nathaniel Kunkel - Engineer
John Nelson (as John “Lubbick” Lubbock Nelson) - Second Engineer

Recording Studio:
Conway Studios, Los Angeles, California

Mixing Studio:
Conway Studios, Los Angeles, California

Doug Sax - Mastering Engineer
Robert Hadley - Mastering Engineer (with)
Ron Lewter - Mastering Engineer (with)

Mastering Studio:
The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles, California

Kathi Whitley - Production Coordinator
James Gilmer - Production Assistance
Vance Knowles - Production Assistance
Douglas Manger - Production Assistance

Jonas Livingston - Art Direction
Tim Stedman - Design
Keith Tamashiro - Design (with)
Michael Wilson - Photography

“Guy Clark says “Step Inside This House” is the first song he ever wrote; it had never been recorded. I learned it from Eric Taylor. // Printed lyrics are the songwriter’s original lyrics. Photographs were taken in May and June, 1998. - Lyle”.

“Thanks to the songwriters and musicians and to everyone who worked on this recording // Thanks to Ken Levitan and Vector Management // Thanks to Gary Speakman // Thanks to Gary Gilbert // Thanks to Fred Bohlander and Monterey Peninsula Artists // Thanks to Gary Haber, Patty Wicker, and Trish Field // Thanks to Paula Batson and Caroline Prutzman // Thanks to George Massenberg // Thanks to Steven Jarvis // Thanks to Collings Guitars, D’Addario Strings, Westwood Music, Strait Music, Demeter Tube Direct, and Sunrise Pickups // Thanks to Giorgio Armani, Commes des Garcons, and Prada // Thanks to Bruce Lyon // Thanks to Dan Tomlinson and Pat Bergeson // Thanks to John Richards, Brian Berg, Steve Jones, Bill Caulfield, Steve Voudouris, John Harper, Maple Byrne, Mark Hammontree, Stuart Liniger, and Rick Martini // Thanks to Don Was // Thanks to Susanna Clark, John Van Zandt, Heidy Hyatt, Alison Rogers, Kathleen Keen, Tim Leatherwood and Anderson Fair Retail Restaurant, Lyse Moore, Ray Benson, Rosanne Cash, Lisa Loeb, and Shawn and Mario // Thanks to Robert and Kathryn Altman // Thanks to Don Roos and Danny Bucatinsky, and Michael Besman // Thanks to Chris Andrews, Daniel Thomas and Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, and Toni Howard and David Yarnell // Thanks to Beverly St. Claire, Federico Minoli, Dan Van Epps, Bruce Fairey, Ray Blank, Gary Christopher, Dirk Vandenberg, Freddie Spencer, Selvaraj Narayana, and Scott Harden // Thanks to Bill and Brooks Kasson, Will Kasson, Richard Sanders, Nancy and Jay Baker, Frank Reaves, Earl Campbell, Rick Nelson, Eraldo Ferracci, Larry and Robert Ferracci, Scot Youngren, Tom Roach, Tom Buzas, Barry Beal, Spencer Beal, and Chris Haines // Thanks to Wayne Miller, Dan and Coy Cogdell, Tom Quinn, Bucky Burruss, Jim McKinney, Brian and Martha Stafford, David and Nan Kleb, Monte Trenckmann, Mike Bellot, Glenn Pruitt, Doug Crosson, Tim Carrithers, Laurence Gonzales, Mike Salisbury, Dan Walsh, Jerry Bernardo, Kiki Cutter, Leah Little, Walter Fry, Krzysztof Czuj, Ule Kallenbach, and Kevin Hines and Laraine Diaz // Thanks to Lee and Carrlyn Miller, Fred Wyse, and Troy Lee // Thanks to Pattie O’Neal, Kenny Kerzner, and John Aiken // Thanks to Don Counts and Leland Winston // Thanks to Kelly and Emma // Thanks to Malcolm and Joyce Smith, Ashley, and Alexander // Thanks to Dr. Hunter S. Thompson // Thanks to Lucy’s El Adobe // Thanks to Mom and Dad // Thanks to April”.

“Dedicated to the memory of Walter Hyatt and Townes Van Zandt”.

Vince Bell
Craig Calvert
Boomer Castleman
Guy Clark
Steven Fromholz
Walter Hyatt
Robert Earl Keen
Michael Martin Murphey
Willis Alan Ramsey
David Rodriguez
Eric Taylor

Townes Van Zandt

source/pic: my records

Lyle Lovett And His Large Band - It’s Not Big It’s Large
Curb/Lost Highway B0009734-00 (2007) - US CD & DVD

audio CD

1 - Tickle Toe
2 - I Will Rise Up/Ain’t No More Cane*
3 - All Downhill
4 - Don’t Cry A Tear
5 - South Texas Girl
6 - This Traveling Around
7 - Up In Indiana
8 - The Alley Song
9 - No Big Deal
10 - Make It Happy
11 - Ain’t No More Cane
12 - Up In Indiana - Acoustic

DVD video

V1 - Ain’t No More Cane
V2 - All Downhill
V3 - Don’t Cry A Tear
V4 - Up In Indiana
V5 - The Alley Song
V6 - South Texas Girl

Notes: 1) CD album comes with a region ‘0’ video DVD directed by Vasco Lucas Nunes and Lyle Lovett. 2) Content of DVD is a combination of behind-the-scenes rehearsals, recording sessions, concert and interview footage shot both during recording of album and live performances, and archive material from Mr. Lovett’s own home movies. 3) Recording studio parts were shot at Conway Studios, Los Angeles, California on October 17/18/19/20, 2006. Concert parts were shot at Bass Hall, Fort Worth, Texas on October 19, 2006 and at Fox Theater, Redwood City, California (no date indicated). 4) Lee is credited as pre-production bass player on track 2. Viktor Krauss is credited as bass player on same track. 5) Lee is not featured on the DVD content. 6) Please see actual DVD video for additional video credits and thank-yous.

Audio CD Credits

Lyle Lovett - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Leland Sklar - Pre-Production Bass (2)*
Viktor Krauss - Bass
Russ Kunkel - Drums (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Ray Herndon - Electric Guitar
Dean Parks - Electric Guitar, Guitar Solo, Electric Baritone Guitar
Jon Randall - Acoustic Lead Guitar, Vocal, Harmony Vocals
Mitch Watkins - Electric Guitar, Guitar Solo
Paul Franklin - Steel Guitar
Matt Rollings - Piano
Jim Cox - Pre-Production Piano
Jerry Douglas - Dobro
Sam Bush - Mandolin
Jeff White - Pre-Production Mandolin, Harmony Vocals, Outro Group Vocal
Bela Fleck - Banjo
Stuart Duncan - Fiddle, Fiddle Solo
Gene Elders - Fiddle
John Hagen - Cello
James Gilmer - Percussion (1, 2, 6), Outro Group Vocal
Guy Clark - Vocal, Intro Acoustic Guitar, Outro Acoustic Guitar
Steve Jones - Outro Group Vocal
Billy Williams - Outro Group Vocal
Sweet Pea Atkinson - Harmony Vocals, Step-Out Vocal
Harry Bowens - Harmony Vocals, Step-Out Vocal
Jason Eskridge - Harmony Vocals, Step-Out Vocal
Arnold McCuller - Harmony Vocals, Step-Out Vocal
Francine Reed - Harmony Vocals, Step-Out Vocal
Lamont Van Hook - Harmony Vocals Step-Out Vocal
Josef Powell - Harmony Vocals, Step-Out Vocal

Dan Higgins - Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Gary Grant - Trumpet
Warren Luening - Trumpet, Trumpet Solo
Jerry Hey - Trumpet
William Reichenbach - Trombone, Bass Trumpet Solo
Andy Martin - Trombone

Additional Horns:
Steve Herrman - Trumpet
Charles Rose - Trombone
Harvey Thompson - Tenor Saxophone
Steve Marsh - Tenor Saxophone

Produced by: Billy Williams and Lyle Lovett

Lyle Lovett - Arrangements of Traditional Song (2, 11)
Steve Marsh - Horn Arrangement (1)
Charles Rose - Horn Arrangement (2)
Viktor Krauss - Additional Horns Arrangement (2)
Dan Higgins - Horn Orchestrations (1, 2)

Nathaniel Kunkel - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Seth Waldman - Assistant Engineer
Bernard Levin - Assistant Engineer
Steve Jones - Additional Assistant Engineer

Recording Studios:
Conway Recording Studios // Los Angeles, California
The Sound Kitchen // Franklin, Tennessee (additional recording)

Mixing Studios:
Studio Without Walls // Los Angeles, California
Ocean Way // Los Angeles, California (additional editing)

Doug Sax - Mastering Engineer
Sangwook Nam (as Sangwook “Sunny” Nam) - Mastering Engineer (with)

Mastering Studios:
The Mastering Lab // Ojai, California

DVD Credits

Lyle Lovett - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Viktor Krauss - Bass
Russ Kunkel - Drums
Ray Herndon - Electric Guitar
Dean Parks - Electric Guitar
Jon Randall - Acoustic Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Mitch Watkins - Electric Guitar
Paul Franklin - Steel Guitar
Matt Rollings - Piano
Sam Bush - Mandolin
Stuart Duncan - Fiddle
Gene Elders - Fiddle
Steve Herrman - Trumpet
John Hagen - Cello
James Gilmer - Percussion
Sweet Pea Atkinson - Vocals
Harry Bowens - Vocals
Jason Eskridge - Vocals
Arnold McCullers - Vocals
Francine Reed - Vocals

Produced by: Vasco Lucas Nunes, April Kimble, and Lyle Lovett

DVD Audio Credits

Billy Williams - Recording Producer
Nathaniel Kunkel - Recording Engineer
Seth Waldman - Recording Second Engineer
Steve Jones - Recording Assistance
April Kimble - Recording Assistance

DVD Video Credits

Vasco Lucas Nunes, AIP - Director, Cinematography
Lyle Lovett - Director
Jennifer Tiexiera - Editor (as Jen Tiexiera)
Avital Levy - Assistant Editor
Jeff Sobel - Production Audio Mixer

Production Company: Lusitan

Shared Credits

James Gilmer - Production Coordinator
Ivy Skoff - Additional Production Coordinator
April Kimble - Production Assistance
Kim Buie - A&R Coordination for Lost Highway Records
Brent Bowers - A&R Coordination for Lost Highway Records

Vasco Lucas Nunes - Film Footage, Video Footage // Lusitan Films, Los Angeles, California
Jennifer Tiexiera (as Jen Tiexiera) - Film Editing, Video Editing

John Richards Concert Productions, Murfreesboro, Tennessee - Live Sound and Lights // with Steve Jones, Bryan Gilbert, Ryan Coleman, Al Gramling, Jack Albeck, Rick Nielson

Management: Ken Levitan
Vector Management: Nashville, Tennessee // with Joal Hoffner, Brandy Hamilton-Necessary, Jon Romero, Emily Messer, Nicole Porter
Booking: Fred Bohlander // Monterey Peninsula Artists/Paradigm // Monterey, California // with Dan Weiner, Jessica Frey
Business Management: Gary Haber // Haber Corperation, Encino, California // with Patty Wicker, Ron Remis, Spencer Meehl

Tim Stedman - Art Direction, Design
Michael Wilson - Photography

“Thanks to Gary Gilbert // Thanks to Luke Lewis and the Universal Music Group // Thanks to Retta Harvey, Andy Nelson, Karen Naff, Fount Lynch and Jim Flammia and everyone at Lost Highway Records // Thanks to Mike Curb and Curb Records // Thanks to Bo Goldstein, Stacey Neisig, and everyone at Criterion Music. // Thanks to Mastering Lab: Doug and Phyllis Sax, Millie Bly, Sunny Nam, Teresa Bustillo, and Charles Benson // Thanks to Bill Collings, Steve McCreary and everyone at Collings Guitar // Thanks to Lucy and Patricia Casado and everyone at Lucy’s El Adobe // Thanks to Bill Flanagan // Thanks to Lisa Shaw, Vance Knowles, Paul Halperin, Kevin Dockey, and Buck Reid // Thanks to Wayne Miller, Joe and Julia Mashburn, Pat Johnson, Bill and Brooks Kasson, Kevin Hines and Laraine Diaz, Dr. and Mrs. Don Counts, Dan Cogdell, David Bouley, Ultan Guilfoyle, Lee and Carrlyn Miller, Tom and Juanita Balding, Jody Denberg, Lisa Gallant, Fred Walecki, Ramon Alonso, Capt. Mark Herman, Randy Paul, Dr. Kevin Coupe, Dr. Neel Ware, Mark Bliesener, Andy Langer, Chris Haines, David and Nan Kleb // Thanks to John and Iris Buchanan, Jimmy Eller, Tim and Colleen McQuay, Todd and Pam Crawford, Carol Rose and Chris Dawson, Robbie and Angie Boyce, Shawn and Michelle Flarida, Dustin and Quincy Allen, Nathan and Jean Piper // Thanks to Dr. Leslie Easterwood, Dr. Dickson Varner, Dr. Kurt Heite, Dr. Bill Collier, Dr. David Hartman, Dr. John McCarroll, Dr. Joe Carter, Kenny Hall, and Bill and Carole Smith // Thanks to Jorge, Alejandro, and Leo Mandujano, Danny and Randy Mittelstaedt, Yvette Halley, and Burke Cougot // Thanks to Aspen Travel // Thanks to Bill and Sue Brewer, and everyone with the American Quarter Horse Association // Thanks to Guy Clark, Joe Ely, and John Hiatt // Thanks to Martin Schoeller and Markian Lozowchuk // Thanks to Calvin and Sheila Klein // Thanks to Jerry, Nelda, Adam and James Kimble // “Ain’t No More Cane” dedicated to the Front Porch Boys: Robert Earl Keen, Bryan Duckworth, Ronnie West, Rollin Soles, and Sunny Fitzsimmons // Thanks to Mom // In memory of Dad // For April”.

Lyle Lovett
Lester Young

source/pic: my records

Lyle Lovett - Release Me
Curb/Lost Highway B0016386-02 (2012) - US CD

1 - Garfield’s Blackberry Blossom*
2 - Release Me
3 - White Boy Lost In The Blues
4 - Baby, It’s Cold Outside
5 - Isn’t That So
6 - Understand You
7 - Brown Eyed Handsome Man
8 - Keep It Clean
9 - One Way Gal
10 - Dress Of Laces
11 - The Girl With The Holiday Smile
12 - Night’s Lullaby*
13 - White Freightliner Blues
14 - Keep Us Steadfast

Lyle Lovett - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 12)*
Viktor Krauss - Bass
Russ Kunkel - Drums (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)
Dean Parks - Electric Guitar, Electric Slide Guitar, Electric Lead Guitar
Keith Sewell - Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Vocal, Harmony Vocal
Mitch Watkins - Electric Guitar, Electric Rhythm Guitar, Electric Guitar Solo
Ray Herndon - Electric Guitar, Electric Guitar Solo, Vocal, Harmony Vocal
Paul Franklin - Steel Guitar
Buck Reid - Steel Guitar
Jim Cox - Piano
Matt Rollings - Piano
Luke Bulla - Fiddle, Vocal, Harmony Vocals
Stuart Duncan - Fiddle
Sara Watkins - Fiddle, Harmony Vocals
Sam Bush - Mandolin
Sean Watkins - Mandolin, Harmony Vocal
Vincent Ciesielski - Trumpet
Charles Rose - Trombone
Steve Marsh - Alto Sax
Harvey Thompson - Tenor Sax
John Hagen - Cello
K.D. Lang - Vocal
Kat Edmonson - Vocal
Arnold McCuller - Harmony Vocals
Sweet Pea Atkinson - Harmony Vocal
Harry Bowens - Harmony Vocal
Willie Greene, Jr. - Harmony Vocal

Produced by Nathaniel Kunkel and Lyle Lovett

Jim Cox - Arrangement (1)
Luke Bulla - Arrangement (1)
Keith Sewell - Arrangement (1)
Lyle Lovett - Arrangements (1, 8, 9)
Charles Rose - Horn Arrangement (5)

Nathaniel Kunkel - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Philip McWhorter - Recording Assistant (Blue Rock Studio)
Eric Weaver - Recording Assistant (Conway Recording Studios)

Recording Studios:
Blue Rock Studio, Wimberley, Texas (May 2011)
Conway Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California (September and October 2011)

Mixing Studio:
Conway Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California (September and October 2011)

Doug Sax - Mastering Engineer
Robert Hadley - Mastering Engineer (with)

Mastering Studio:
The Mastering Lab, Ojal, California

Ivy Skoff - Project Coordinator
James Gilmer - Assistant Project Coordinator
Randall Paris Dark - Documentary Footage (Blue Rock Studio)
Lyn Moncrief - Documentary Footage (Conway Recording Studios)
Jen Tiexiera - Documentary Footage Editor

Tim Stedman - Art Direction, Design
Michael Wilson - Photography

“Thanks to all my special guests, all the musicians, singers, songwriters, and everyone who worked on this recording project. // Thanks to John Grimaudo for coming to the Blue Rock sessions and helping me with the guitar parts on “One Way Gal,” and “Dress Of Laces”. // Thanks to Tim and Colleen McQuay for letting us take pictures at their place, McQuay Stables, Tioga, Texas. Thanks to Del Hendricks for loaning us his rope. // Thanks to Tim Leatherwood for letting us take pictures at his place, Anderson Fair Retail Restaurant, Houston, Texas. // thanks to John Richards, Ricky Martini, and all the members of the Large Band and crew. // Thanks to Bill Collings, Steve McCreary, and everyone at Collings Guitars. // Thanks to DiAddario Strings. // Thanks to Jim Kaufman and everyone at Sunrise Pickups. // Thanks to Jim Demeter and everyone at Demeter Tube Direct. // Thanks to Yamaha for providing our piano on the road. // Lee and Carlyn Miller and everyone at Texas Traditions custom, handmade boots. // Thanks to Susan Alcala and everyone at Ariat Denim. // Thanks to Ken Levitan and Gloria Dumas, and everyone at Vector Management. // Thanks to Gary Haber, Patty Wicker, Ron Remis, Michelle Flowers, and everyone at Haber Corporation. // Thanks to Rob Light, Rick Roskin, Erin Culley, Christian Carino, and everyone at CAA. // Thanks to Bo Goldsen, Stacey Neisig, and everyone at Criterion Music. // Thanks to Gary Gilbert. // Thanks to Ken Weinstein and everyone at Big Hassle Media. // Thanks to Randle Feagin and everyone at Aspen Travel. // Thanks to Luke Lewis, Andy Nelson and everyone at Lost Highway Records and Universal Music Group. // Thanks to Mike Curb and everyone at Curb Records. // Thanks to Ian and Jo Ashbridge and everyone with Wrasse Records for their support in the UK. // Thanks to Don and Kathryn Counts, Scott and Holly Josey, Dan and Robin Cogdell, and Ultan Guilfoyle and Dianne Hurley. // Thanks to Lisa Shaw. // Thanks to Tony Brown. // Thanks to Billy Williams. // Thanks to Jerry and Nelda Kimble. // Thanks to April. // Thanks to Mom. // In memory of Dad.”

Lyle Lovett
Chuck Berry
Michael Franks
John Grimaudo
Frank Loesser
Martin Luther
Eddie Miller
James Pebworth
Eric Taylor
Townes Van Zandt
Saylor White
Jesse Winchester
Robert Yount

source/pic: my records

Various Artists: Lee w/ LL on Audio Compilations

Various Artists - Deadicated
Arista ARCD-8669 (1991) - US CD

1 - Bertha - Los Lobos
2 - Jack Straw - Bruce Hornsby & The Range
3 - U.S. Blues - The Harshed Mellows
4 - Ship Of Fools - Elvis Costello
5 - China Doll - Suzanne Vega
6 - Cassidy - Suzanne Vega
7 - Truckin’ - Dwight Yoakam
8 - Casey Jones - Warren Zevon with David Lindley
9 - Uncle John’s Band - Indigo Girls
10 - Friend Of The Devil* - Lyle Lovett
11 - To Lay Me Down - Cowboy Junkies
12 - Wharf Rat - Midnight Oil
13 - Estimated Prophet - Burning Spear
14 - Deal - Dr. John
15 - Ripple - Jane’s Addiction

Notes: 1) CD album is a Various Artists tribute to the Grateful Dead. Track content is comprising of cover versions specifically recorded for the occasion. 2) Above picture and following credits were taken from the EU single-CD album release on Arista 354 179. 3) According to web sources, CD album was released as a double vinyl LP only in the EU (alongside its single-CD album correlative). Track content is the same. 4) According to pictorial web sources, cover art of double-LP album differs slightly from its CD album counterpart. Illustration is same but it is cropped slightly tighter, with a few added details originally missing on the top. Title of album is moved from lower part of cover frame to upper. 5) According to web sources, track breakdown for the UK double vinyl LP is as follows: A1, A2, A3, A4, B5, B6, B7, B8, C9, C10, C11, C12, D13, D14, D15. 6) In this particular case I have highlighted all the musicians playing with Lee with the track number (10). 7) CD album includes editorial liner notes by A&R Roy Lott and executive producer Ralph Sall. Please refer to original CD booklet for these. 8) CD album comes with track-by-track liner notes by the artists involved in the project. Please refer to original CD booklet for these. 9) Proceeds from this CD originally went to the Rainforest Action Network. See bottom of post for a reproduction of the CD booklet’s RAN manifesto and ‘how can you help’ tips. However, please remember that in the meantime the organization’s address has changed, and so have the people in charge of the various governmental organizations mentioned in the excerpt. Current data for RAN contact are as follows. Address: 221 Pine Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104 USA - phone: 415 398 4404 - fax: 415 398 2732. E-mail: Read more: About RAN - Rainforest Action Network 10) You may get in touch with RAN at the above address and ask for contacts updates about the above-mentioned organizations.

The Artists:
Los Lobos: David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas, Conrad Lozano, Steve Berlin, Louis Perez, Victor Bisetti (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
Bruce Hornsby & The Range: Bruce Hornsby, John Molo, George Marinelli, Jr., Joe Puerta (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
The Harshed Mellows: Dan Baird, Michelle Malone, Stan Lynch, Mauro Magellan, Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, Brendan (Lucky Bud) O’Brien (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
Elvis Costello & The Rude 5: Jim Keltner, Jerry Scheff, Larry Knechtel, James Burton, Marc Ribot, Elvis Costello (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
Suzanne Vega - All Vocals
Dwight Yoakam - Lead Vocals
Warren Zevon - Lead Vocals, Grand Piano, Backing Vocals
David Lindley - Slide Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Indigo Girls: Amy Ray, Emily Saliers (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
Lyle Lovett - Lead Vocals (10), Acoustic Guitar (10)
Cowboy Junkies: Margo Timmins, Michael Timmins, Peter Timmins, Alan Anton, Jeff Bird, Kim Deschamps, Jaro Czerwinec (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
Midnight Oil: Peter Garrett, Rob Hirst, Bones Hillman, Martin Rotsey, Jim Moginie (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
Burning Spear (as Winston Rodney) - Lead Vocals
Dr. John - Lead Vocals, Piano
Jane’s Addiction: Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins, Eric A (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)

The Players and Singers:
Conrad Lozano - 5-String Bass, Backing Vocals
Joe Puerta - Bass, Background Vocals
Brendan O’Brien - Bass (as Brendan (Lucky Bud) O’Brien)
Jerry Schiff - Electric Bass, Ampeg Baby Bass
Michael Visceglia - Martin Acoustic Bass Guitar, Bass Guitar
Taras Prodaniuk - Bass
Jorge Calderon - Bass, Backing Vocals
Randell Kirsch (as additional musician member of group Show Of Hands) - Acoustic Bass, Vocals, Percussion
Leland Sklar - Bass (10)*
Alan Anton - Bass
Bones Hillman - Bass, Backing Vocals
Paul Beckford - Bass
Wilbur Bascomb - Bass
Eric A - Bass
Louis Perez - Drums
John Molo - Drums
Stan Lynch - Drums, Gang Drums, Primitive Ritual Percussives (Tambourine), Percussion
Mauro Magellan - Gang Drums
Jim Keltner - Drums
Frank Villard - Drums, Bodhran, Additional Cymbals, Bongos
Jeff Donavan - Drums
Russell Kunkel - Drums (10)
Peter Timmins - Drums
Rob Hirst - Drums, Backing Vocals
Nelson Miller - Drums
Freddy Staehle - Drums
Stephen Perkins - Drums, Percussion
Cesar Rosas - Electric Guitar
George Marinelli, Jr. - Guitar, Background Vocals
Mike Campbell - Guitar Guy
James Burton - Electric Guitar
Marc Shulman - Acoustic Guitar, Tiple, Electric Guitar, Acoustic 12-String Guitar
Pete Anderson - Lead Guitar
Dean Parks - Electric Guitars (10), Acoustic Lead Guitar (10)
Michael Timmins - Guitar
Martin Rotsey - Guitar
Jim Moginie - Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Joe Caro - Guitar
Dave Navarro - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Kim Deschamps - Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro
Steve Berlin - Organ, Percussion
John Thomas (as John “J.T.” Thomas - additional musician) - Keyboards
Benmont Tench - Pianner, Hammond B-3 Organ
Larry Knechtel - Piano
Anton Sanko - Pump Organ, Akai S-1000, Hammond B-3 Organ, Piano
Skip Edwards - Keyboards
Ian McLagan - Hammond B-3 Organ
Bill Payne - Piano (10)
Linval Jarrett - Piano, Guitar
Jay Noel - Keyboards
Peter Schott - Keyboards
Dave Robinson - Sax
Andrew Snitzer - Tenor Sax
Ronnie Cuber - Baritone Sax
James K. Smith - Trumpet
Lew Soloff - Trumpet
Charles Dickey - Trombone
Marc Ribot - Banjo - E Flat Horn
Jeff Bird - Harmonica, Mandolin
Jaro Czerwinec - Accordion
Victor Bisetti - Percussion
Jeff Scantlebury - Percussion
Dan McNamara (as additional musician) - Congas, Percussion
Barbara Marino (as additional musician) - Percussion
Alvin Hawton - Percussion
Rafael Cruz - Percussion
David Hidalgo - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Accordion, 6-String Bass
Bruce Hornsby - Lead Vocals, Piano Synthesizer
Dan Baird - Throat, Guitar Guy
Michelle Malone - Throat
Elvis Costello - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Amy Ray - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Emily Saliers - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar
Margo Timmins - Lead Vocals
Peter Garrett - Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Perry Farrell - Lead Vocals
LuAnn Kirsch (as additional musician member of group Show Of Hands) - Vocals
Chris Hickey (as additional musician member of group Show Of Hands) - Vocals
Tommy Funderburk - Background Vocals
Dian Sorel - Backing Vocals

Produced by Los Lobos (1)
Produced by Bruce Hornsby & The Range and Eddie King (2)
Produced by Ralph Sall (3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 13, 14)
Produced by D.P.A. MacManus and Kevin Killen (4)
Produced by Pete Anderson (7)
Produced by George Massenburg, Lyle Lovett and Billy Williams (10)
Produced by Michael Timmins (11)
Produced by Ralph Sall and Midnight Oil (12)
Produced by Ralph Sall and Perry Farrell (15)
Executive Producer: Ralph Sall for Bulletproof Productions

Pete Anderson - Arrangement (7)
Ralph Sall - Arrangement (13), Programming (12, 13)
Dr. John - Arrangement (14)
Ronnie Cuber - Horn Arrangement (14)
Dusty Wakeman - Programming (7)

Dusty Wakeman - Engineer (1, 7)
Eddie King - Engineer (2)
Peter Doell - Engineer (3, 8), Additional Engineering (1), Additional Engineer (7)
Leslie Ann Jones (also as Leslie Jones) - Engineer (3), Additional Engineer (7)
Ray Blair - Engineer (3), Mix Engineer (1)
Kevin Killen - Engineer (4)
Steve Lyons - Recording Engineer (5, 6)
Clif Norrell - Recording Engineer (9)
George Massenburg - Recording Engineer (10), Mixing Engineer (10)
Bob Doidge - Engineer (11), Mixing (11)
Thom Cadley - Engineer (12)
Michael Sauvage - Engineer (13), Mixing (13)
Junior Edwards - Engineer (13)
S. Morris - Engineer (13)
C. Gopie - Engineer (13)
Tim Leitner - Engineer (14)
Joe Gibb - Recording Engineer (15)
Ralph Sall - Mixing (1, 3, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15)
Steve Addabbo - Mixing (5, 6)
Anton Sanko - Mixing (5, 6)
David Leonard - Mixing (7)
Brian Foxworthy - Mix Engineer (9, 15)
Cowboy Junkies - Mixing (11)
Perry Farrell - Mixing (15)
Nick Addison - Assistant (5, 6)
Noel Hazen - Assistant (9)
Bret Swain - Assistant (10)
Nathaniel Kunkel (as Nathanial Kunkel) - Assistant (10)
Lee Anthony - Assistant (12)
Michael Scalcione - Assistant Engineer (NY) (13)
Patrick Dillette - Assistant (14)

Recording Studios:
Capitol Studios, Los Angeles (1, 3, 7, 8)
Kingsound Studios, Los Angeles (2)
Blue Wave Studios, Barbados (4)
The Church Studios, North London (5, 6)
Oceanway Studios, Los Angeles (9)
Conway Studios, Los Angeles (10)
Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (11)
The Hit Factory, New York (12)
Dynamic Sounds, Kingston, Jamaica (13)
The Mixing Lab, Kingston, Jamaica (13)
Sigma Sound, New York (additional recording on track 13)
Skyline Studios, New York (14)
Konk Studios, North London (15)

Mixing Studios:
Capitol Studios, Los Angeles (1, 3, 7)
Sunset Sound Recorders, Los Angeles (2)
Eden Studios, London (4)
Shelter Island Studio, New York (5, 6)
Oceanway Studios, Los Angeles (9)
Conway Studios, Los Angeles (10)
Sigma Sound, New York (13)
Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles (15)

Ralph Sall - Concept
Roy Lott - A&R
Barbara Hein for Entertainment Mgmt. Inc. - Production Assistant (7)
Ross Garfield of Drum Doctor - Custom Drums and Tuning (7)

Ann Petter - Booklet Design
Mikio / William Giese - Illustration
W. Cody / West light - Tree Bark Photo
David Blank - Photo
Greg Gorman - Photo
Lester Cohen - Photos
Terry Allen - Photo
Terry O’Neill - Photo
Victoria Pearson-Cameron - Photo
Michael Lavine - Photo
Jeff Katz - Photo
Chris Buck/Impact Visuals - Photo
Dennis Keeley - Photo
Deborah Feingold - Photo
William Coupon - Photo
Kevin Westenberg - Photo
Jay Blakesberg - Photo
Bart Nagel - Photo
Barry Plummer - Crowd Photo

“We would like to especially thank: // The Grateful Dead past and present for providing the music and the opportunity: Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, Ron “Pigpen” Mckernan, Keith and Donna Godchaux, Brent Mydland, Vince Welnick; Robert Hunter and John Barlow for the words // Dennis Mcnally for his help, patience, being there in the crunch (and title counseling) // Cameron Sears and the Grateful Dead family, crew and office // Annette Flowers and Ice Nine Publishing // Clive Davis, Michael Pollack, Phil Wild, Ken Levy, Mitchell Cohen, Marty Diamond, Bart Weiss, Frank McDonough, Amy Finkle, Russell Sicklick, and everyone else at Arista who has contributed to the record… // And all of the artists, musicians, producers, engineers, studios, and their record companies and managers for their contributions and spirit: // Los Lobos, Rick bates, Slash Records, Mark Trilling, London Records, William Booth, Alan Mintz // Bruce Hornsby & The Range, Tim Neece, Sharona Sabbag, RCA Records, Beth Schillinger // Dan Baird, Stan Lynch, Mike Campbell, Ben Tench, Mauro Magellan, Bud O’Brien, Michelle Malone, Mary Klauzer, Tony paris, Elektra Entertainment, Gary Casson, Donna Goldstein // Elvis Costello, Jake Riviera, Riviera Global Record Productions Limited, Marvin Katz, Paul M. Robinson // Suzanne Vega and the band, Ron Fierstein and AGF, A&M Records, Ken Powell // Dwight Yoakam, Gary Borman, Gary Stiffelman, Pete Anderson, Reprise Records // Warren Zevon, David Lindley, Jorge Calderon, Ian McLagan, Andy Slater, Giant records, Carol Fenelon // Indigo Girls, Russell Carter, Liza Markowitz, Epic Records, Joanne Feltman // Lyle Lovett, Will Botwin, Ken Levitan, George Massenburg, Paula Sartorious, Curb/MCA Records, Tracy Moore // Cowboy Junkies, Peter Leak, Rachel McBeth, BMG Music Canada, Alan Kress // Midnight Oil, Gary Morris and the Office, Mason Munoz, Mitch Rose, Willie MacInnes, Sony Music Australia // Burning Spear, Eric Greenspan, Island Records, Rick Dutka, Eric Levine, Hooman Majd // Mac Rebenneck, BB, Mike Pantaleoni // Jane’s Addiction, Tom Atencio, Ted Gardner, Sheryl Simmons, Steve Baker // Rick Streicker and Warner Bros. Records // Ralph wishes to especially thank: // Freddy Sall who brought the first Grateful Dead album into the house, played them incessantly, espoused their many virtues until I finally heard the Music. While I was toiling on another various artists project, he was talking fervently about the Dead and that the Dead’s music was something I should look to. The idea percolated and here it is… // Friends in right places (opinions, phone numbers and lodging): Cindy Gray, Peter Mensch and Melissa Meyer, Lance Tendler, Jim Sall // Thanks also to Gary Gilbert, Eric Greenspan, Jon Blaufarb, Henry Kaiser, Michael Lippman, Rob Kahane, Kim Adelman”.

Tracks 5, 6:
“Special thanks from Suzanne to Diane Ponzio and the Martin Guitar Company”.

“ “The artists participating in this project and their record companies, the writers and Ice Nine Publishing, the Grateful Dead®, Arista Records and BMG Distribution are donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this record to the Rainforest Action Network and Cultural Survival.” ”.

“The entire packaging of this product has been printed on 100% recycled and recyclable paper.”.

John Barlow
John Dawson
Jerry Garcia
Robert Hunter
Phil Lesh
Bob Weir

“Deadicated” - EU CD - Rainforest Action Network notes - part 1

“Deadicated” - EU CD - Rainforest Action Network notes - part 2

“Deadicated” - EU CD - Rainforest Action Network notes - part 3

“Deadicated” - EU CD - Rainforest Action Network notes - part 4

source/pics: my records
US CD catalog # & UK disc one/two breakdown: the web

Various Artists - Listen To Me: Buddy Holly
Verve Forecast B0016050-02 (2011) - US CD

1 - Not Fade Away* - Stevie Nicks
2 - Maybe Baby - Pat Monahan of Train
3 - Listen To Me - Brian Wilson
4 - I’m Lookin’ For Someone To Love - Imelda May
5 - True Love Ways* - Jackson Browne
6 - Peggy Sue - Cobra Starship
7 - Take Your Time - The Fray
8 - Think It Over - Ringo Starr
9 - Crying Waiting Hoping - Chris Isaak
10 - That’ll Be The Day - Linda Ronstadt (1976)
11 - Words Of Love - Jeff Lynne
12 - Well All Right* - Lyle Lovett
13 - Learning The Game - Natalie Merchant
14 - Everyday - Patrick Stump
15 - It’s So Easy - Zooey Deschanel
16 - Raining In My Heart - Eric Idle

You can read the in-depth credits to “Listen To Me: Buddy Holly” → here.

source/pic: my records


“Private Conversation” - EU 3-track CD single - disc screen print

“Private Conversation” - EU 3-track CD single - front inlay

Lyle Lovett
Private Conversation/The Road To Ensenada/It Ought To be Easier
Curb/Edel 0078295CUR (1996) - Germany 3-track CD maxi single

1 - Private Conversation* - (Radio Edit) 3:50
2 - The Road To Ensenada* - 4:11
3 - It Ought To Be Easier* - 4:11

Notes: 1) This is an EU release of the single “Private Conversation” originally included on the Lyle Lovett album “The Road To Ensenada” (see entry above). 2) Track 1 is a radio edit version of the same album track clocking in at 3:50 as opposed to the album version, which is 4:32. Radio edit cuts out: a) one “hey hey” repetition right before the last “and his hand it fell behind her” verse; b) the last “no one heard her say, it was a private conversation…” repetition before ending. Also, radio edit ends abruptly with a sudden cut/reverb after only one “hey hey” repetition on the coda, while original version starts fading out after second repetition and fades out completely after third and a half. 3) Tracks 2 and 3 are same versions as on CD album. 4) CD single comes with no musician credits. Please refer to CD album credits for complete musicians listing.

Lyle Lovett - Vocals
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 2, 3)*

Produced by Lyle Lovett and Billy Williams

“Taken from the album “The Road To Ensenada” CD: 0078232CUR”.

Lyle Lovett

“Private Conversation” - EU 3-track CD single - inner inlay fold

source/pics: my records

Lyle Lovett - Scrapbook

Billy Joe Walker, Jr.

Billy Joe Walker, Jr. - Universal Language
MCA Master Series MCA-6247 (1988) - US LP

Side One

1 - I Can Fly
2 - Quiet In The Night
3 - Roberto
4 - Robin’s Home
5 - It’s Morning

Side Two

6 - Let It Play
7 - Desert Rose
8 - Jazz Age
9 - Dreamworld
10 - Dance This Way

Notes: 1) Above image and following credits were taken from the CD album release on MCA MCAD-6247 (1988). The LP pressing was originally made on premium virgin vinyl records. 2) CD album does not come with track-by-track musician credits. 3) According to pictorial web sources the lettering on the vinyl LP cover is placed slightly differently from that of its CD album counterpart.

Billy Joe Walker, Jr. - Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Synthesizers
Leland Sklar - Bass Guitar
David Hungate - Bass Guitar
Michael Rhodes - Bass Guitar
Joe Chemay - Bass Guitar
Paul Leim - Drums (as Paul Liem)
Russ Kunkel - Drums
Barry Beckett - Keyboards
John Hobbs - Keyboards
Shane Keister - Keyboards
Clayton Ivey - Keyboards
Mike Lawler - Synthesizers
Eddie Bayers - Synthesizers

Produced and arranged by Billy Joe Walker, Jr.

David Humphreys - Drum Programming

Alan Schulman - Recording Engineer
Tom Singers - Recording Engineer
Steve Tillisch - Recording Engineer
Rocky Schnaars - Recording Engineer
Tim Coats - Recording Engineer
Ron Treat - Recording Engineer
Clark Williams - Recording Engineer
Brian Friedman - Recording Engineer
Chuck Ainlay - Mixing Engineer
Marty Williams - Second Engineer
Milan Bogdan - Digital Editing

Recording Studios:
Treehouse Studio, Carthage, TN
Foot Print Studio, Los Angeles
The Money Pit, Nashville
The Loft, Nashville
Top Tracks, Nashville
Sound Stage Studio, Nashville, TN

Mixing Studio:
Sound Stage Studios, Nashville, TN

Benny Quinn - Mastering Engineer
Chuck Ainlay - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:

Simon Levy - Art Direction, Illustration
Virginia Team Design - Design
Larry Dixon - Photography

“Mastered by Benny Quinn and Chuck Ainlay at Masterfonics using the JVC Digital Audio Mastering System.”.

“Also available on custom mastered HiQ cassette and premium virgin vinyl records.”.

“Special Thanks to Jimmy Bowen, Tony Brown, Simon Levy, Renee Bell, Jessie Noble, Sally Isaacson, Cornelia Crawford, Lee Groitzsch, Paul Davis, Robert Byrne, Thom Schuyler, Fred Knobloch, all the excellent musicians, and the wonderful family at MCA Records, and a special thanks to Akai/Lance Johnson for helping with the Treehouse recording equipment.”.

“Music, I believe, is the universal language…the one thing that people all over the world can smile to, come together with, and let the music take them wherever they might care to go. I hope you enjoy the music…Universal Language. // Billy Joe Walker, Jr.”.

Billy Joe Walker, Jr.
Eddie Bayers

source/pic: my records
vinyl LP side one/two breakdown and catalog #: the web

Billy Joe Walker, Jr. - Painting Music
MCA Master Series MCAD-6323 (1989) - US CD

1 - Virago
2 - Paradise Cove
3 - Monkeys And Bears
4 - Candlelight
5 - Two Bunch Palms
6 - Bonin’
7 - Up In My Treehouse
8 - Wonderland Park
9 - Night Tones
10 - Caribbean Magic

Note: CD album does not come with track-by-track musician credits.

Billy Joe Walker, Jr. - Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars
Leland Sklar - Bass Guitar
Michael Rhodes - Bass Guitar
David Hungate - Bass Guitar
Joe Chemay - Bass Guitar, Background Vocals
Rick Marotta - Drums, Percussions
Paul Leim - Drums, Percussions
Mike Lawler - Keyboards, Synthesizers
Shane Keister - Keyboards, Synthesizers
Randy McCormick - Keyboards, Synthesizers
Kevin Maloney - Keyboards, Synthesizers
The A Strings (Conni Ellisor, Ted Madsen, Jim Grosjean, Bob Mason, D. Bergen White) - Strings
Terry Williams - Background Vocals

All songs composed, arranged and produced by Billy Joe Walker, Jr.

D. Bergen White - String Arrangement (4)
David Humphreys - Drum Programming
Marvin Kanarek - Drum Programming

Bob Bullock - Engineer
Willie Pevear - Engineer
Dennis Mayes - Engineer
David Malloy - Engineer
Jim Malloy - Engineer
Tom Singers - Engineer
Russ Martin - Engineer
Michael Spriggs - Engineer
Chuck Ainlay - Mixing Engineer
Marty Williams - Second Engineer

Recording Studios:
Backstage Sound Studio, Nashville, TN
Lions Share Studio, Hollywood, CA
Sound Connection, Nashville, TN
Sprutz Wurks, Franklin, TN
Studio 19, Nashville, TN
Garage Sound Studio, Nashville, TN
The Treehouse Studio, Carthage, TN
The Bungalo, Santa Monica, CA
Emerald Sound Studio, Nashville, TN
Sound Stage Studio, Nashville, TN

Mixing Studio:
Sound Stage Studio

Benny Quinn - Mastering Engineer, CD Master Tape Preparation at Masterfonics
Chuck Ainlay - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:

Simon Levy - Art Direction, Design
Virginia Team Design - Design
Larry Dixon - Photography
Sharon Orr - Cover Art

“Mastered by Benny Quinn and Chuck Ainlay at Masterfonics using the JVC Digital Audio Mastering System.”.

“Also available on custom mastered HiQ cassette.”.

“Special Thanks to Tony Brown, Jimmy Bowen, Bruce Hinton, Jessie Noble, Bob Bullock, Sally Isaacson, Jim Malloy, Reneé Bell, Simon Levy, Emerald Sound Studio, all the excellent musicians, and the wonderful family at MCA Records. // “Painting Music” was conceived by traveling to different parts of the country - writing about the magic, wonders and beauty of each setting. I hope you enjoy the music. // Billy Joe Walker, Jr.”.

“Gauguin used a paintbrush to capture his impressions of the world around him; Billy Joe Walker, Jr. uses a guitar. Yet both artists portray a world in primary hues, a world where life seems more joyously unexpected than ever before. // In “Painting Music,” Billy Joe Walker’s newest offering, his canvas is the imagination and his palette is filled with chords that bathe the senses in vibrant color. The album proves with an almost playful certainty that Billy has become a master of his exacting craft. // Making vividly visual music is nothing new to him. His previous Master Series albums, “Treehouse” and “Universal Language,” venture deep into the realm of the mind’s eye; his session tracks for such talents as Kim Carnes, Waylon Jennings and Ray Charles weave a strong visual thread into those artists’ efforts. // “Painting Music,” however, goes far beyond anything else Billy has produced to date. Its pulse is the pulse of waves on a Malibu beach, of the rhythmic Caribbean lifestyle, of the mischievous thrust and parry of bonefishing in the Florida Keys. Its songs color those subjects and more in earthy umbers and lush blue-greens. Billy’s guitar work has a sure and sometimes sassy feel that tickles the senses as it touches the heart. // Fusing an uncommon vision with a dollop of elemental magic, Billy Joe Walker’s “Painting Music” is, quite simply, a paean to that finest of all the arts…the art of exuberant living.”.

Billy Joe Walker, Jr.

source/pic: my records

Rodney Crowell

Rodney Crowell - Life Is Messy
Columbia CK 47985 (1992) - US CD

1 - It’s Not For Me To Judge
2 - What Kind Of Love
3 - Lovin’ All Night
4 - Life Is Messy
5 - I Hardly Know How To Be Myself*
6 - It Don’t Get Better Than This
7 - Alone But Not Alone
8 - Let’s Make Trouble
9 - The Answer Is Yes*
10 - Maybe Next Time

Notes: 1) Following credits were taken from the original 1992 US CD release. 2) Recording and mixing studios are simply listed as “studios” with no specific differentiation. 3) CD album was reissued in the US with a different design and no musician/tech credits on Sony Music Custom Marketing Group A 702215 (2006). Please see pictures of different graphics at the bottom of post. 4) New design for 2006 reissue is credited to M. Larson.

Rodney Crowell - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
Leland Sklar - Bass (5, 9)*
Michael Rhodes - Bass
Larry Klein - Bass, Keyboards, Tremolo Guitar
Jeff Porcaro - Drums
Mickey Curry - Drums
Eddie Bayers - Drums (3, 4, 5, 9), Percussion
Larrie Londin - Drums, Percussion
Alex Acuna - Drums, Percussion
John Leventhal - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion, Vocals
Steuart Smith - Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Guitars
Jeffery Vanston (as C.J. Vanston) - Keyboards
Booker T. Jones - Organ
Barry Beckett - Electric Piano, Organ
Jim Horn - Saxophones
Vinnie Colaiuta - Percussion
Reginal Sales - Slack Drum
Jim Lauderdale - Vocal
Larry Byrom - Vocal
Sam Phillips - Vocals
Marc Cohn - Harmony Vocal
B.C. - Harmony Vocal
Linda Ronstadt - Harmony Vocals
Don Henley - Harmony Vocals
Lari White - Harmony Vocal, Background Vocals
Vince Santoro - Harmony Vocal, Background Vocals
Steve Winwood - Harmony Vocals
Shawn Colvin - Harmony Vocals
Jonell Mosser - Background Vocal
Vicki Hampton - Background Vocal, Harmony Vocal

Produced by Bobby Colomby, John Leventhal and Rodney Crowell (1)
Produced by Larry Klein (2)
Produced by John Leventhal and Rodney Crowell (3, 5, 9, 10)
Produced by John Leventhal and C.J. Vanston (4)
Produced by John Leventhal (6)
Produced by Larry Klein (7, 8)

Michael Verdick - Recording Engineer (1)
Jim Dineen - Recording Engineer (1, 6, 10), Additional Engineering
Dan Marnien - Recording Engineer (2, 7, 8), Mixing Engineer (2, 7, 8)
Roger Nichols - Recording Engineer (3, 4, 5, 9)
Michael Brauer for MHB Productions, Inc. - Mixing Engineer (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10)
Chris Theis - Assistant Mixing Engineer (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10), Additional Engineering, Engineering Assistance
Bruck Dawit - Assistant Mixing Engineer (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10)
Donivan Cowart - Additional Engineering
Keith Odle - Additional Engineering, Digital Editing
Julie Last - Additional Engineering, Engineering Assistance
Cliff Norrell - Engineering Assistance
Brett Swain - Engineering Assistance
John Wall - Engineering Assistance
Charlie Paakkari - Engineering Assistance
Rob Hart - Engineering Assistance

The Kiva/LA
Conway Recorders/Hollywood
Capitol Studio A/Hollywood
Village Recorders/Santa Monica
Groundstar Laboratories/Nashville
Masterfonics 6/Nashville
Recording Arts/Nashville
The Enactron Truck/Near My House
Quad Recording/New York
Platinum Island/New York

Greg Calbi - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
Sterling Sound

Bobby Colomby - Executive Creative Nanny
Liz Gilbert - Production Assistance
Ruth Kane - Production Assistance
Nancy Lyons - Production Assistance
Arlene Katz - Production Assistance
Gary Haber - Production Assistance

Management: William H. Carter, 1114 17th Ave. South, Suite 204, Nashville, TN 37212

Bill Johnson - Art Direction
David Roth - Photography
Jennifer Johnson - Design Assistance

“Special Thank Yous: Bobby Colomby & Deirdre O’Hara/Thanks Also To: Joni Mitchell, John Stewart, Will Jennings, Steve Winwood, Steuart Smith, Keith Odle, Michael Rhodes, Dixie Gamble, Joanne Gardner, Joanna Carter, Larry Willoughby, Judi Turner and Renee Grant-Williams/My Heart Felt Thanks To: John Leventhal and Larry Klein for their creativity, focus and friendship and to all the musicians and performers whose contributions to these recordings are not lost on me. R.C.”.

“ECO Earth Communications Office”.

Rodney Crowell
Rosanne Cash
Will Jennings
Larry Klein
John Leventhal
Roy Orbison

“Life Is Messy” - 2006 US CD reissue - front inlay

“Life Is Messy” - 1992 US CD - disc screen print

“Life Is Messy” - 2006 US CD reissue - disc screen print

source/pics: my records

Tracy Byrd

Tracy Byrd - The Truth About Men
RCA BG2 67073 (2003) - US CD

1 - Drinkin’ Bone
2 - You Feel Good
3 - How’d I Wind Up In Jamaica
4 - Tiny Town
5 - The Truth About Men - with Andy Griggs, Blake Shelton and Montgomery Gentry
6 - Making Memories Of Us*
7 - That’s What Keeps Her Getting By
8 - When You Go
9 - Baby Put Your Clothes On
10 - Somewhere I Wanna Go

bonus track

11 - Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo - live version

Notes: 1) CD album does not come with track-by-track musician credits. 2) According to an article on, Lee was the bass player on the only track recorded in Los Angeles, Rodney Crowell’s “Making Memories Of Us”. This was the first session of the project and when the rest of the recording resumed in Nashville, producer Billy Joe Walker, Jr. and Tracy Byrd brought Lee in for additional sessions. You can read the article - which comes with Tracy Byrd’s appreciation of Lee’s style and session work on the album - here. 3) No engineer is credited for additional recording on track 11. 4) Recording credits for track 11 are somehow mixed-up, still it makes sense to infer that track was recorded live at Far West Rodeo, El Paso, TX and that the engineering done at Our Place Studio, Nashville, TN was only for additional recording and mixing. 5) Since credits for track 11 are separated from the rest in the original CD album notes, they have been kept as such in the following.

Tracy Byrd - Vocals
Leland Sklar - Bass (6, ?)*
Glenn Worf - Bass
John Moore - Bass (11), Background Vocal (11)
Paul Leim - Drums, Percussion
John “J.R.” Robinson - Drums (as “J.R.” John Robinson)
Billy Carpenter - Drums (11)
John Goux - Acoustic Guitar
B. James Lowry - Acoustic Guitar
Billy Joe Walker, Jr. - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar
Britt Godwin - Acoustic Guitar (11)
Troy Lancaster - Electric Guitar
Brent Mason - Electric Guitar
Reggie Young - Electric Guitar
Michael Thompson - Electric Guitar
Carey Stone - Electric Guitar (11)
Dan Dugmore - Steel Guitar, Dobro
Paul Franklin - Steel Guitar
J.D. Maness - Steel Guitar (as Jaydee Maness)
Mark Matoska - Steel Guitar (11)
John Jarvis - B-3 Organ, Synthesizer, Piano
Jim Cox - Piano
John Hobbs - Piano
Randy Dennis - Piano (11)
Stuart Duncan - Fiddle
Aubrey Haynie - Fiddle, Mandolin
Gabe Witcher - Fiddle
John Lee Carpenter - Fiddle (11)
Stacy Clark - Trumpet (also on track 11)
Larry Shelton - Trumpet (also on track 11)
Eric Darken - Percussion
Andy Griggs - Additional Vocal
Troy Gentry & Eddie Montgomery (as Montgomery Gentry) - Additional Vocals
Blake Shelton - Additional Vocal
Lisa Cochran - Background Vocals
Wes Hightower - Background Vocals (also on track 11)
Liana Manis - Background Vocals
John Wesley Riles - Background Vocals
Neil Thrasher - Background Vocals (also on track 11)

Produced by Billy Joe Walker, Jr. and Tracy Byrd

Steve Tillisch - Recording Engineer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10), Additional Recording Engineer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Ed Thacker - Recording Engineer (6)
Bob Bullock - Recording Engineer (11), Mixing Engineer (11)
Jason Lefan - Assistant Recording Engineer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Sam Storey - Assistant Recording Engineer (6)
Ed Seay - Mixing Engineer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Sean Neff - Assistant Mixing Engineer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10), Assistant (11)

Recording Studios:
Emerald Sound Studios, Nashville, TN (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Conway Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA (6)
Far West Rodeo, El Paso, TX (live recording of track 11)
Our Place Studio, Nashville, TN (additional recording on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

Mixing Studio:
Our Place Studio (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

Benny Quinn - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
Masterfonics, Nashville, TN

Ginny Johnson-Walker - Production Coordination for Marathon Productions

Management: Carter & Co. Artist Management / P.O. Box 1281195 // Nashville, TN 37212
Booking: William Morris Agency

Wade Hunt - Art Direction
Missy Herrington - Design
Russ Harrington - Photography
Courtney Bentz - Grooming
Jennifer Kemp - Stylist

“Thanks: // I love making my music. I feel fortunate to make a living doing something that I enjoy so much. There are many people other than myself that make this possible and allow it to happen. It is a foundation of sorts. It all starts with a strong family. I have that in my wife Michelle and our three children Evee, Logan and Jared. They allow me to do what I do, they understand why I’m never home on weekends and the summertime, and they are the reason I go on the road and the reason my heart aches when I am gone. I thank them for their forgiveness, love and devotion. // A great record label is something I do not take for granted and RCA records is a great home. Joe Galante gave me the chance to make this record, he and Butch Waugh have always made me feel welcome and confident in what I am doing… Thanks!! Renée and Carole Ann are the best song-girls in the business. Mike Wilson, Keith Gale and staff take those great songs and make them hits (Thanks again for the #1)!! My thanks also to Jon Elliot, Jim Saliby and everyone else at RCA -- y’ all are the best! // The recording process is a lot of fun, but it is also hard work and I could not do it by myself. There are many hours that go into this album project you are holding. My friend and producer, Billy Joe Walker Jr., puts in those hours with Steve Tillisch at his side. Thanks Billy, I never had as much fun making a record! Thanks to Ginny, Steve, Ed and all the songwriters, pickers, and singers that lent me their talents. I would like to thank four singers in particular, my buddies Andy Griggs, Blake Shelton, Troy Gentry and Eddie Montgomery who are the epitome of “The Truth About Men.” // Now that this record is made I have to get on the road to promote it. Greg Oswald and The William Morris Agency find us places to play year after year. You better have a good band when you’re traveling all year. I have my family, “The Only Way to Fly” band, which are Marc, Bubba, Britt, Johnny, Billy, Randy, Cary, Earp, Sarge, Chris, Jimmy, and Tim who make it happen night after night. Thanks, guys! // We need a bus to ride around the country on and we’ve got a beauty thanks to Diamond Coach, Greg and Kylie Earvin. We stay in the black thanks to Debra McCloud and Carol & Olivia, thanks!! // The main reason we go on the road is to see the “Byrdwatchers,” my fans, who have become my friends through the years. You make me and the band feel appreciated. Sharon Eaves deserves the credit for keeping the fan club thriving, thanks to her and her staff. // Thanks to my personal management, Carter and Co., Joe, Mike & Kerri and to Starkeeper, Melissa Miggo!! // Country radio gave me a #1 record in 2002... Thanks for 10+ years of support! // There are many more people to thank like, Lisa at Justin Boots, Edie at Wrangler, Randy at Ranger Boats, Toxey Haas and my buddies at Mossy Oak, Glenn at Ol’ Man Treestands, David Vincent at Takamine, Antone Horton, Shure Microphones, Walter Umphrey, Joe Penland, Tom Flanagan, Bill McNinch and Community Bank, Philpott Motors, Raymond Taylor, Ernie Ball, Ray Benson, Harry Shaw & the AVA’s, Kris Kristofferson, Paul Steinman at Guitar, Banjo Studio, Glen, Diane, & Billy at “The Branding Iron,” Sandy Kelley of Titleist, Yamaha, Starkey Lab, Ultimate Support Systems, and Carvin for everything! // I also want to send a warm thank you to Angela Baker and her husband Ray with Perfect Day. I am proud of what we do for my charity of choice, Children’s Miracle Network, and I would like to thank them and Brenda Drago for their support and the wonderful work they do. // I sincerely hope you enjoy this album as much as I did making it because the ultimate reward for what I do is your satisfaction and happiness when you listen. // Thanks be to God, // T-Byrd (artist formerly known as Tracy Byrd)”.

“Fan Club: Tracy Byrd Int’l Fan Club / P.O. Box 120795 / Nashville,
TN 37203”.

“Fill out our online survey @ code: 67073”.

Bill Anderson
Casey Beathard
Buddy Cannon
Marla Cannon-Goodman
Rodney Crowell
Bob DiPiero
Michael P. Heeney
Bobby Huff
Tim Johnson
Rory Lee
Tony Martin
Shane Minor
Mark Nesler
Paul Overstreet
Kerry Kurt Phillips
Tom Shapiro
Keith Stegall
Danny Wells

source/pic: my records

Friday, September 9, 2011

Just released: Listen To Me - Buddy Holly

Lee is one of the players in the just released Buddy Holly tribute project “Listen To Me - Buddy Holly”, produced by Peter Asher and out on Verve Forecast on September 6, 2011 for the US and Canada markets. CD album features an all-star cast of musicians and comes with the following track list:

Stevie Nicks – Not Fade Away (3:59)
Pat Monahan of Train – Maybe Baby (2:26)
Brian Wilson – Listen To Me (2:41)
Imelda May – I’m Lookin’ For Someone To Love (2:08)
Jackson Browne – True Love Ways (3:03)
Cobra Starship – Peggy Sue (2:51)
The Fray – Take Your Time (3:27)
Ringo Starr – Think It Over (1:48)
Chris Isaak – Crying Waiting Hoping (2:26)
Linda Ronstadt - That’ll Be The Day (2:33)
Jeff Lynne – Words Of Love (2:06)
Lyle Lovett – Well All Right (2:22)
Natalie Merchant – Learning The Game (3:28)
Patrick Stump – Everyday (2:38)
Zooey Deschanel – It’s So Easy (2:55)
Eric Idle – Raining In My Heart (3:01)

I have just ordered the CD album so please do check back in some days for the relative detailed entry. (Ed.: album arrived on September, 29 and you can find the relative post here).

A tribute live show was held Wednesday night, September the 7th, at the Music Box Theater in Hollywood, with several artists who contributed tracks to the album and other musicians. House band included Lee on bass, Russ Kunkel on drums and Waddy Wachtel on guitar. The show was taped for airing in December on PBS television stations. You can check out a report of the evening here.

Please enjoy the following behind-the-scenes EPK and don't forget to check out the website for more videos of the artists involved, the CD album press release and a quick link to pre-ordering. Cheers!