Here is a recap of what you can do in order to cross-search a specific term (artist, album title. etc.).

1) Label Search

Space for labels will contain only 200 characters per post, and blogger won't accept more than 20 labels per post in any case. This makes the usage of labels impractical for satisfactory name indexing. Thus, you will find posted as labels for any given post only the following:

1) Titular post artist.
2) Lee.
3) Other musicians that appear as titular artists in already published posts, and who are playing on the same tracks as Lee.
4) Drummers.

In other words, should you want to find all the posts a specific labelled name was included in, you will have to click on the relative label at the bottom of any given post.

2) Search box function

Please use the top left search box in the navigation bar for names, record titles, song titles, etc. within the blog content. For exact phrase match you may put the search words in between quotation marks ("").

3) External Google search

Another search option is to position yourself on an empty Google search page and search for both blog and name/title together, putting the latter in between double quotes. For instance, to look for all of the Bass Routes entries that include both Leland Sklar and Carole King you should type: “Carole King”

Once Google shows you the results go to last page, click on ‘repeat the search with the omitted results included’ at the bottom and you will now be able to sift through a complete list.