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Monday, July 31, 2017

Hoyt Axton

Hoyt Axton - Life Machine
A&M SP3604 (1974) - US LP

Side One

1 - Maybelline*
2 - Life Machine*
3 - Thatʼs All Right
4 - Geronimoʼs Cadillac
5 - When The Morning Comes*

Side Two

6 - Good Lookinʼ Child
7 - I Dream Of Highways*
8 - Pet Parade*
9 - Telephone Booth
10 - Boney Fingers
11 - Billieʼs Theme*

Notes: 1) Pictures and following credits were taken from the US promo release. 2) Album was released with at least two alternate cover artworks, one of which is similar to the above but with artist name in black print.

Hoyt Axton - Lead Vocals, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 11)*
Emory Gordy - Bass
David Jackson - Bass, Back-up Vocal
Sammy Creason (as Sammy Lee Creason) - Drums (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10)
Jim Keltner - Drums (as Jimmie Lee Keltner)
Bob Lind - Acoustic Lead Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Terry Reid - Electric Guitar
James Burton - Electric Guitar, Dobro
Ralph Mooney - Steel Pedal Guitar
Red Rhodes - Steel Pedal Guitar
Milt Holland - Melody Maker With Brushes, Vibes, Percussion (1, 2, 6, 8)
Dr. Eric Hord - Slide
Michael Utley - Piano
Loren Newkirk - Piano, Celeste
Doug Dillard (as Douglas Dillard) - Banjo, Back-up Vocal
Tom Scott - Horns
Michael Barone - Horns
Gene Cipriano - Horns
Vincent De Rosa - Horns
Paul Hubinon - Horns
Dick “Slyde” Hyde - Horns (as Dick (Slyde) Hyde)
Ann Goodman - Cello
Mark Dawson - Harp, Back-up Vocal
Reneé Armand (as Renee Armand) - Lead Vocals, Vocals, Back-up Vocals
Linda Ronstadt - Vocals, Back-up Vocals
Clydie King - Back-up Vocals
Ronee Blakley - Back-up Vocal
Dana Brady - Back-up Vocal
Denny Brooks - Back-up Vocal
Merry Clayton - Back-up Vocals
Flo & Eddie - Back-up Vocals
Sherlie Matthews - Back-up Vocals
Lee Montgomery - Back-up Vocals
Skitchy Washburn - Back-up Vocal

Produced by Allan McDougall and Hoyt Axton

Tom Scott - Horn Arrangements (2, 6, 8)
Clydie King - Vocal Arrangements (1, 6)

Tommy Vicari - Engineer
Linda Tyler - Assistant Engineer

Recording Studio:
A&M Studios, Hollywood, California

Frank De Luna - Mastering Engineer

Joey Cavanaugh - Life Machine Design
Reed Fenton - Life Machine Photography
Suzanne Ayres - Inner Sleeve Portrait
Roland Young - Art Direction
Chuck Beeson - Album Design

Track 11:
“From the Columbia Motion Picture “Buster and Billie””.

“Dedicated to: April, Christopher, Mark, Michael, Nicky and Yvette (The Children) // Special thanks to Abe Somer and Jerry Moss.”.

Hoyt Axton
Reneé Armand (as Renee Armand)
Chuck Berry
Arthur Crudup
Russ Fratto
Alan Freed
Michael Martin Murphey (as Michael Murphey)
Charles Quarto

“Life Machine” - US LP - inner sleeve portrait

source/pics: my records

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mike Deasy

Mike Deasy - Letters To My Head
Capitol ST-11170 (1973) - US LP
Capitol UICY-15471 (2016) - Japan SHM-CD reissue with 1 bonus track

Side One

1 - Flutterby
2 - Humpty Dumpty
3 - Letters To My Head
4 - I Am I Am I Am
5 - The Peace Song

Side Two

6 - Stagger Lee
7 - Beauty
8 - If You Pick Her Too Hard
9 - Little Water
10 - All Godʼs Children

2016 Japan reissue bonus track

11 - All God's Children - alternate version

Notes: 1) Pictures and following credits were taken from the 2016 SHM-CD reissue. 2) 2016 SHM-CD reissue comes with a reproduction of the original albumʼs rear sleeve, complete with credits and side one/side two breakdown. 3) 2016 SHM-CD reissue includes a 20-page booklet with song lyrics and bio. 4) Original album does not come with track-by-track musician credits.

Mike Deasy - Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Sitar, Banjo, Bass, Alto Sax, Piano

“Iʼd like to thank my friends”.

Lee Sklar - Bass
Max Bennett - Bass
Jerry Scheff - Bass
Jim Gordon - Drums
John Guerin - Drums
Jim Keltner - Drums
Art Munson - Guitar
Jay Dee Maness - Pedal Steel
Larry Knechtel - Organ, Autoharp
Mike Melvoin - Organ
Gary Coleman - Percussion
Jim Horn - Flute, Recorder, Horns
Chuck Findley - Horns
Paul Hubinon - Horns
Dick “Slyde” Hyde - Horns (as Slyde Hyde)
Plas Johnson - Horns
Jack Kelson - Horns (as Jackie Kelso)
Lew McCreary - Horns
Don Menza - Horns
Ollie Mitchell - Horns
Kathie Deasy - Vocals
Steve Adler - Background Vocals
Michael Clough - Background Vocals
Venetta Fields - Background Vocals
Annie Herring - Background Vocals
Trish Jons - Background Vocals
Clydie King - Background Vocals
Charles Merriam - Background Vocals
Kathryn Ward - Background Vocals

Produced by Jay Senter for Captain Crystal Records

Traditional Arrangement (6) - Mike Deasy
Jim Horn - Horn Arrangements

Buck Herring - Engineer
Howard Weiss - Technical Assistance

Richard Rankin - Photography
Crystal Design Studios - Design
John Hoernle - Art Director

Reissue Credits

Kenji Yoshino - Editing

Editing Studios:
Universal Mastering Studios (2015)

“Flat transferred from analog 2 track master using 24bit/96kHz equipment”.

Mike Deasy
Kathie Deasy

“Letters To My Head” - Japan SHM-CD reissue - obi (enlargement)

source/pics: my records