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Phil Collins - Compilations With Non-Album Tracks/Alternate Versions/Previously Unreleased Tracks

The old post about Lee Sklar’s contributions to the Phil Collins catalog is now split into six separate posts. This is one of them, and you may click on the following links to be redirected to the other five:

Phil Collins ❏ - Studio and live albums
Phil Collins - Single-only versions/remixes
Phil Collins - Unavailable on LP tracks
Phil Collins - DVDs
Phil Collins - Lee w/PC on Various Artists Audio/Video Compilations

As customary, compilations are listed only when including songs or versions of songs not released on original studio albums. While some of these versions may have been released in alternate packaging combinations, only one release instance per track has been listed.

“12”ers” - UK CD - gatefold sleeve

“12”ers” - US CD - front inlay

Phil Collins - 12”ers
Virgin CDEP4 (1987) - UK CD - Gatefold sleeve edition
Atlantic 7 81847-2 (1987) - US CD

1 - Take Me Home (8:05)*
2 - Sussudio (6:35)
3 - Who Said I Would (5:51)
4 - Only You Know And I Know (6:56)
5 - Don’t Lose My Number (6:36)*
6 - One More Night (6:24)*

Notes: 1) This is a collection of remixes of songs that were included, in their original form, on the “No Jacket Required” album and were subsequently released, in their remixed form, as 12" vinyl singles. Record does not come with musician credits: the following credits were taken from the track-by-track credits of the “No Jacket Required” record album. 2) The Virgin CDEP4 CD issue shows, on bottom right corner of front sleeve, a miniature image of the full PC/Marilyn Martin single “Separate Lives” sleeve picture. The Atlantic US issue has this replaced by a crop of same picture showing PC without Ms. Martin. Whether the latter is true also of the EU non-gatefold release on WEA 2-55469-2 is unbeknownst to me. 3) The Virgin CDEP4 CD issue comes with a 16-page booklet catalog of Virgin’s CD issues called “Circular 1”. 4) Tracks 1, 2, 5 and 6 are also included in a 45rpm 12” EP collection issued by WEA with the same title. The extended remix of track 1, however, is different both in timing and arrangement. See the entry in the Phil Collins - Single-Only Versions/Remixes post. 5) For extended musician credits please refer to entries in the Phil Collins - Studio and Live Albums post.

Phil Collins - Vocals, Keyboards, Drums (1, 4, 5), Roland 909 (1, 2), Backing Vocals, Simmons, Vocoder, Kalimba, The Odd Keyboard, Bass, Linn Drum Machine (4, 5), Roland 808 (6)
Lee Sklar - Bass (1, 5, 6)*, Piccolo Bass (1)*

Additional credits taken from the actual “12”ers” record album notes

Produced by Phil Collins & Hugh Padgham

John ‘Tokes’ Potoker - Special Extended Remixes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Hugh Padgham - Extended Mix (6)

Phil Collins
Daryl Stuermer

source/pics: my records
EU catalog #: the web

Phil Collins - Love Songs - A Compilation… Old And New
Virgin 7 24386 68042 6 (2004) - UK 2-CD

CD One

1 - Tearing And Breaking - previously unreleased
2 - Do You Remember? - “…But Seriously”
3 - One More Night* - “No Jacket Required” - previously unreleased remix by Allen Sides
4 - Against All Odds - “Against All Odds”/”…Hits”
5 - Can’t Turn Back The Years - “Both Sides”
6 - Groovy Kind Of Love - “Buster”/”…Hits”
7 - Everyday - “Both Sides”
8 - Don’t let Him Steal Your Heart Away - “Hello… I Must Be Going”
9 - Please Come Out Tonight - “Both Sides”
10 - This Must Be Love - “Face Value”
11 - It’s In Your Eyes - “Dance Into The Light”
12 - Can’t Stop Loving You - “Testify”

CD Two

13 - Testify - “Testify”
14 - True Colours (Rehearsal)*- previously unreleased - recorded live at sound check in Toulouse, France, 5 July 2004, The First Farewell Tour
15 - You’ll Be In My Heart - “Tarzan”
16 - If Leaving Me Is Easy - “Face Value”
17 - I’ve Been Trying - “AA.VV. - A Tribute to Curtis Mayfield” (1994)
18 - I’ve Forgotten Everything - “Both Sides”
19 - Somewhere - radio edit - “AA. VV. - The Songs Of West Side Story” (1996)
20 - Least You Can Do - “Testify”
21 - Two Hearts - “Buster”/”…Hits”
22 - Separate Lives (Live)* - “Serious Hits… Live!”
23 - My Girl (Live) - “Live From The Board”
24 - Always (Live)* - edited version from the “Serious Hits… Live!” video DVD (see notes)
25 - The Way You Look Tonight (Live) - previously unreleased - Montreux 1998

Notes: 1) The titles following the song names indicate those albums the tracks were taken from. Many thanks to Alessandro Bosi at for helping with some of the previously unreleased tracks, and the original album titles. This information is not contained in the CD notes. 2) For extended musician credits please refer to the entries in the Phil Collins - Studio and Live Albums post. 3) Track 24 (“Always”) appears to be an edited and possibly remixed version of the same “Serious Hits… Live!” DVD performance, although this is not stated anywhere in the CD notes. This particular track, however, had already been released as the b-side of the “Both Sides Of The Story” CD/cassette single WEA 4509-94090-2/WE C 795 (1993) (see pictures below). 4) These are the differences between the DVD version of track 24 (“Always”) and the “Love Songs” and “Both Sides” b-side version: a) At 2:32 on the CD: “and not for just a day” is “no no not for just a day”. b) At 2:57 on the CD: the mix brings up the rimshots. c) At 3:26 on the CD: the vocal phrasing on “for just a day” is different. d) At 3:58 on the CD: Daryl Stuermer’s guitar licks appear to be in a more staccato feel. e) At 4:10 on the CD: Lee’s ascending glissato on bass, right over the “you” coda of the vocals, has been mixed out. f) The whole of the track vocals appear to have been equalized in post production. Please note that as far as the differences in mixing go, these might be due to the surround remix of the DVD. 5) According to web sources, this anthology was issued in the US on Rhino 78058 (2004).

Phil Collins - Vocals
Lee Sklar - Bass (3, 14, 22, 24)*
Harry Kim - Flugelhorn Solo
Gerald Albright - Soprano Sax Solo
Bridgette Bryant - Vocals

Produced by PC (1, 5, 7, 9, 17, 18)
Produced by PC and Hugh Padgham (2, 3, 11)
Produced by Arif Mardin (4)
Produced by PC and Anne Dudley (6)
Produced by PC assisted by Hugh Padgham (8, 10, 16)
Produced by Rob Cavallo (12, 13, 20)
Produced by Nick Davis (14)
Produced by Rob Cavallo and PC (15)
Produced by David Pack (19)
Produced by PC and Lamont Dozier (21)
Produced by PC and Robert Colby (22, 23, 24)

Compiled by Geoff Callingham
Tony Smith - Executive Producer

Amy Keys - Vocal Arrangement (14)
Brad Cole - Vocal Arrangement (14), Arrangement (25)
Roberta Flack - Arrangement (24)

Recorded live at sound check in Toulouse, France (14)

Allen Sides - Mixing Engineer (1, 13, 20), Remixing Engineer (3), Engineer (12, 13, 20)
Hugh Padgham - Mixing Engineer (2, 11), Engineer (3, 8, 10, 11, 16)
PC - Mixing Engineer (2, 11)
Tom Lord Alge - Mixing Engineer (12)
Chris Lord Alge - Mixing Engineer (15)
Don Murray - Mixing Engineer (25)
Paul Gomersall - Engineer (5, 7, 9, 17, 18, 22, 24), Recording Engineer (22, 24)
Michel Colin - Engineer (14)
Elliot Scheiner - Recording Engineer (15)
Geoff Callingham - Recording Engineer (22), Engineer (22)
Mauricio Guerrero - Live Recording Engineer (25)
Christophe Suchet - Live Recording Engineer (25)

Julian Broad - Photography
Sebastian Copeland - Photography
Guzman - Photography
David Costa - Design/Art Direction for Wherefore Art?
Nadine Levy - Design/Art Direction for Wherefore Art?

“This compilation is something I’ve been thinking of for a long time now…. a collection of love songs that I’ve either written or co-written and that I consider to be amongst my best work, in addition to songs that have been written by other writers and admired by me from a distance, whilst secretly wishing that I HAD written them! There are also some songs here that I feel extremely close to, but were missed the first time around because of circumstances beyond their control! It’s not a “Hits” collection, but I would certainly call it a “Best Of”…. Hope you enjoy ‘em… - Phil”.

Phil Collins
Carole Bayer Sager
Irving Berlin
Leonard Bernstein
Stephen Bishop
Lamont Dozier
Dorothy Fields
Tom Kelly
Jerome Kern
John Martyn
Curtis Mayfield
Billy Nichols
William Robinson, Jr. (as William “Smokey” Robinson)
Stephen Sondheim
Billy Steinberg
Daryl Stuermer
Toni Wine

“Both Sides Of The Story/Always (Live)” CD single - front sleeve

“Both Sides Of The Story/Always (Live)” CD single - rear sleeve

source/pics: my records
US CD issue catalog #: the web
thanks to Alessandro Bosi on the PC Forum

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