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Rosemary Butler

Rosemary Butler - You Just Watch Me
Signature Records (2013) - US CD

1 - You Just Watch Me*
2 - New Mexico Cadillac*
3 - That’s When I Find You
4 - I Want You To Think Of Me*
5 - Travel My Love*
6 - Never Been Rocked Enough
7 - Face The Fire
8 - When Will I Be Loved*
9 - What’s Love Got To Do With It
10 - Clown Funky

Notes: 1) CD album comes with liner notes by Michael Stern and Jim Ladd. Please refer to original artwork for these. 2) CD album is available for purchase at Ms. Butler’s own website or as an iTunes download.

Rosemary Butler - Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 2, 4, 5, 8)*
Randall Tico - Bass
Freebo (as Freebo F. Freebo) - Bass, Tuba
Russell Kunkel - Drums (1, 2, 4, 8), Congas (5), Shaker (5)
Thomas Brechtlein - Drums
Kevin Wachs - Drums
Maitland Ward - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Solo, Lead Acoustic Guitar, Doo Wop Vocals, Bass Vocal, Background Vocals
Michael Stern - Guitar, Hi String Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Tambourine (4), Triangle (5), Sus Cymbal (5), Background Vocals
John Day - Electric Guitar
David Lindley - Lap Steel Guitar, Hawaiian Guitar, Acoustic Lead Guitar, Mandolin
Jesse Siebenberg - 12 String Lap Steel (as Jesse Siebenburg)
David Pearlman - Lap Steel
George Friedenthal - Piano, Keyboards, Wurlitzer, Organ
Mike Finnigan - Hammond Organ
Kelly Freet (as Kelly K-Swag Freet) - Trumpet (as part of the Gritty’s Horn Section)
Kenneth Eernisse (as Kenneth Eernise) - Trombone (as part of the Gritty’s Horn Section)
Zachary Quillin - Alto Sax (as part of the Gritty’s Horn Section)
Andres Barboza - Tenor Sax (as part of the Gritty’s Horn Section)
Garrett Dahl - Baritone Sax (as part of the Gritty’s Horn Section)
Larry David (as Larry “Big House” David) - Harmonica
Brian Kilgore - Tambourine
Arnold McCuller - Harmony Vocal
Jackson Browne - Background Vocal
Doug Haywood - Background Vocal
Kenny Loggins - Lead Vocal, Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Produced by Rosemary Butler & Michael Stern (1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9)
Produced by Kenny Loggins, Rosemary Butler & Michael Stern (3)
Produced by Maitland Ward, Rosemary Butler & Michael Stern (6, 10)
Kevin Wachs - Executive Producer

Michael Stern - Arrangement (7)

Michael Stern - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Jason Mariani - Additional Engineering
Steve Miles - Additional Engineering
Johnny Lee Schell - Additional Engineering
Jesse Siebenberg (as Jesse Siebenburg) - Additional Engineering
Ethan Chase - Assistant Engineer
Christopher Kahn - Assistant Engineer
Jun Murakawa - Assistant Engineer
Jason Mott - Assistant Engineer
Zach Shrout - Assistant Engineer

Recording Studios:
Stagg Street Studio, Van Nuys, CA
Magnet Reel Sound Studio, N. Hollywood, CA
Ward Music, Camarillo, CA
Brotheryn Studios, Ojai, CA
Seamusic Studios, Santa Barbara, CA
Music 88, Santa Barbara, CA

Reuben Cohen - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
Lurssen Mastering, Hollywood, Ca

Henry Diltz - Cover Photography
Kosh - Design, Art Direction
Kathy Bayley - Make Up & Hair Cover
Graham Holmes & Deshani Perera - Hair
Lenny & Kathy Goldsmith - Cover Location
Michael Stern - Liner Notes (Los Angeles, CA)
Jim Ladd - Liner Notes (Los Angeles, CA)

“Rosemary Butler thanks: // I would like to thank my higher power, all the talented musicians, singers, producers, engineers, writers, photographers and artists on this album and also my beloved family, friends, students and fans.”.

“Rosemary Butler & Michael Stern thank: // Kevin, marc, Joe and Nick Wachs, Peter Asher, Crow Ballanger, Dr. Keith Black, Jackson Browne, Rosanne Cash, Rodney Crowell, Deb, Jeff & Madison Chertow, Chuck Crews, Kevin Crowley, Mandi Davis and Moir Borman Entertainment, Henry Diltz, Ned Doheny, Ritch Esra, Mark Forest, Horace Heidt, Kirk Henry, Jerry Hey, Mark Islam, Art Laboe, Jim Ladd, Tein Lawrence - Mesa Boogie, Kenny Loggins, Tracy Longo Guitar, Kosh & Susan Shearer, Buddha & Cree Miller, Music 88 Studio, Pacific Concert Group, Russ and Julie Paris, Deborah Pearl, Dave Pearlman, Harry Rabin, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Jesse Siebenburg, Bruce Sugar, Angela, Seren & Milana Stern, James Taylor, Shannon Trotta, Zach Quillin & the Gritty’s Horns, Nolan Van Way, Melinda Williams, Melody Carpenter and Gary Denton at Stagg Street Studios.”.

“Kevin would like to dedicate this record to his dad.”.

Rosemary Butler
Terry Britten
Phil Everly
Dan Fogelberg (as Daniel Fogelberg)
Rick Giles
Kenny Hirsch
Marcus Hummon
Kenny Loggins
Graham Lyle
Delbert McClinton
David Morgan
Roger Murra
Reed Nielsen
Beth Nielsen Chapman
Bob Reagan
Troy Seals
Wendy Waldman
Maitland Ward

source/pic: my records