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Various Artists - A Tribute To Nicolette Larson

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Various Artists - A Tribute To Nicolette Larson - Lotta Love Concert
Rhino 73303 (2006) - US CD

1 - Lotta Love* - Ensemble
2 - Part Of The Plan* - Dan Fogelberg
3 - Rocky Mountain Way* - Joe Walsh

4 - Cold, Cold, Cold - Little Feat & Bonnie Raitt
5 - Love Has No Pride - Bonnie Raitt
6 - Wonderful Life - Michael Ruff
7 - Up On The Roof* - Carole King
8 - For A Dancer - Jackson Browne
9 - Running On Empty* - Jackson Browne
10 - Even Cowgirls Get The Blues* - Emmylou Harris
11 - Blue Bayou* - Linda Ronstadt

12 - In My Life - Crosby, Stills & Nash
13 - Southern Cross - Crosby, Stills & Nash
14 - Margaritaville* - Jimmy Buffett
15 - You’ve Got A Friend* - Ensemble

bonus track

16 - In Love With You - Nicolette Larson

Notes: 1) CD album was recorded on February 21 & 22, 1998 at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium and is a synthesis of a two-day tribute concert held in memory of singer-songwriter Nicolette Larson. Proceeds from this CD go to charity. 2) Above image and following credits were taken from the EU CD release on Rhino 8122 733032. 3) Digital version of album is available for download from Rhino Records at (not in all Countries) and comes with added bonus track “In Love With You” performed by Nicolette Larson. 4) Complete concert set list is available through various web sources. You can check it out on Waddy Wachtel’s website here: . 5) Although not included in the final CD, Lee’s group The Section was billed as an individual performer. Mr. Wachtel’s website provides the following line-up: Russell Kunkel (Drums), Waddy Wachtel (Guitar), Craig Doerge (Keyboards), Lee Sklar (Bass), Steve Farris (Guitar), Jon Gilutin (Piano), Lenny Castro (Percussion), Rosemary Butler (Background Vocals), Valerie Carter (Background Vocals). 6) CD album includes editorial liner notes “The Nicolette Larson Memorial Concerts - A Reflection”, plus notes by Russ Kunkel (“A Day Doesn’t Go By…”) and Paul R. Gurian (“The Tribute Concert”). Please refer to original CD booklet for these. 7) CD album includes notes in remembrance of Nicolette Larson by the participating artists. Please refer to original CD booklet for these. 8) Please remember that the proceeds from this CD go to the Nicolette Larson Pediatric Endowment. This is the current address to which send donation checks on behalf of children with special medical needs. Checks should be made payable to the “UCLA Foundation”, with a note that they are for the “Nicolette Larson Pediatric Endowment.” They can be mailed to: Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA c/o Medical Sciences Development - 10945 Le Conte Avenue, Suite 3132 - Box 951784 - Los Angeles, California 90095-1784 - (310) 267-1852. For more info please go to:

The Artists:
Jackson Browne - Lead Vocal, Piano, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Jimmy Buffett - Lead Vocal, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
David Crosby - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Stephen Stills - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Graham Nash - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Backing Vocals
Dan Fogelberg - Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Emmylou Harris - Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Carole King - Lead Vocal, Piano, Vocals
Little Feat: Paul Barrére, Fred Tackett, John Cleary, Kenny Gradney, Richie Hayward, Sam Clayton (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
Bonnie Raitt - Lead Vocals, Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Linda Ronstadt - Lead Vocal, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Michael Ruff - Vocal, Piano, Backing Vocals
The Section: Russell Kunkel, Waddy Wachtel, Craig Doerge, Leland Sklar, Steve Farris, Jon Gilutin, Lenny Castro, Rosemary Butler, Valerie Carter (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
Joe Walsh - Vocals, Slide Guitar (played with a cast on his left hand), Backing Vocal

The Players and Singers:
Paul Barrère - Vocals, Electric Guitar
Rosemary Butler - Vocals, Backing Vocals
Valerie Carter - Vocals, Backing Vocals
Lenny Castro - Percussion (1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15)
Sam Clayton - Percussion, Vocals
John Cleary - Synth, Flute, Electric Piano
Craig Doerge - Piano, Synth, Electric Piano
Steve Farris - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Mike Finnegan - Hammond B3 Organ, Electric Piano
Freebo - Bass
Jon Gilutin - Hammond B3 Organ, Clavinet, Steel Guitar Synth, Electric Piano
Sherry Kondor - Backing Vocals
Rudy Guess - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Kenny Gradney - Bass
Richard Hayward (as Richie Hayward) - Drums, Vocals
Gerald Johnson - Bass
Russell Kunkel (also as Russ Kunkel) - Drums (1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15)
Mary Kay Place - Backing Vocals
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15)*
Fred Tackett - Electric Guitar
Joe Vitale - Drums
Robert Wachtel (also as Waddy Wachtel) - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

Produced by Nathaniel Kunkel, Russ Kunkel, Graham Nash

The Crew:
Todd Bowie
Charlie Fernandes
John Gonzales
Jeremy Janeczko
John Vanderslice

The Studios:
Conway Studios - Buddy Brundo, Charlene Costello, Lior Goldenberg (Second Engineer)
The Site - Richard Mithun, Katie Fox, Mike Kirk, Elizabeth Eckholt, Partner, Duane Aslaksen, Kevin Scott
Skywalker Ranch - Lesley Ann Jones, Bob Levy, Arron Reiff, Eva Napoleon, Cathy De La Prade, Gretchen Elbert, Judy Kirschner, Howard Hammermann, George Lucas
The Record Plant - Rose Mann Cherney, Rick Stevens
The Village Recorders - Jeff Greenberg

Nathaniel Kunkel - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Ross Hogarth - Location Recording Engineer
Gil Morales - Location Recording Engineer
Stephen Barncard - Location Recoding Engineer

Recording Location:
The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (February 21 & 22, 1998)

Douglas Sax - Mastering Engineer
Robert Hadley - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
The Mastering Lab

Laura Grover - Project Coordinator
Susan Kunkel - Publishing Clearances
James Austin - A&R Supervision
Lisa Liese - Product Manager
Sheryl Farber - Editorial Supervision
Rachael Bicker ton - Business Affairs

Legal Services Courtesy of Hertz, Goldring & Lichtenstein LLC

Russ Kunkel - Liner Notes (“A Day Doesn’t Go By…”)
Paul R. Gurian - Liner Notes (“The Tribute Concert”), Notes
Graham Nash - Notes
Jackson Browne - Notes
Dan Fogelberg - Notes
Bonnie Raitt - Notes
Linda Ronstadt - Notes
Jimmy Buffett - Notes
Carole King - Notes
Paul Barrère, Little Feat - Notes
Emmylou Harris - Notes
Peter Max - Poster Art, Notes
Henry Diltz - Photos
Joel Bernstein - Photos, Cover Photo, Back Photo
Bob Matheau - Ensemble Photo
Graham Nash - Art Direction
Maria Villar - Design
Steve Woolard & Vanessa Atkins - Project Assistance

“Very Special Thanks // Lou Adler, James Austin, Nick Ben-Meir, Fred Goldring, Paul Gurian, Robin Hurley, Stephen Jarvis, Gene Luntz, Peter Max, Dr. Ed McCabe, Scott Pascucci”.

“Special Thanks // The Alley, Rick Alter, Neil Aspinal, Nina Avramides, Avocado, Joel Bernstein, Ken Berry, Tony Brown, Buddy Brundo, Robbie Buchanan, Bonnie Cavello, Tom Campbell, Barbara Cofield, Charlene Costello, Murrey Close, Henry Diltz, Bob Emmer, Richard Foos, Marissa Gafney-Way, Ted Goldthorpe, Clancy Goodie, Marguerite Gafney, The Guacamole Fund, Laura Grover, Robert Hays, Jeffrey Hersh, Ross Hogarth, Michael Jensen, Michael Johnson, Howard Kaufman, Kathy Kelly, Dolf Kemp, Ira Koslow, Steve Leeds, Bill Long, Lyle Lovett, Becky Mancuso-Winding, Abigail Marshall, The Mastering Lab, George Massenberg, Debbie Meister, Carol Moreno, Richard Mithun, Donald ‘Buddha’ Miller, Moir Marie Entertainment, Susan Nash, Jesse Noble, Quicksilver Digital, The Staff of the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Gary Schoenwetter, Sirius Satellite Radio, Tim Sexton, Sound Line, L.A., David Spiro, Studio Instrument Rentals, L.A., Janet Stark, Gerry Tolman, Billy Williams, Richard ‘Smokey’ Wendell, Studio Without Walls, Remote Recording Services, Westlake Audio, The Wine Bistro, Carol Yumkas”.

“Listen to the timeless music of Nicolette Larson”.

“Special Dedication // This album is lovingly dedicated to the Larson Family // Proceeds from this go to // The Nicolette Larson Pediatric Endowment // Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA // Department of Pediatrics // David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA”.

Jackson Browne
Jimmy Buffett
Rodney Crowell
Michael Curtis
Richard Curtis
Dan Fogelberg
Lowell George
Gerry Goffin
Rocke Grace
Eric Kaz
Carole King
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
Joe Melson
Roy Orbison
Kenny Passarelli
Michael Ruff
Stephen Stills
Libby Titus
Joe Vitale
Joe Walsh
Neil Young

source/pics: my records

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