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Albert Hammond

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Albert Hammond - Your World And My World
Columbia JC 36964 (1981) - US LP

Side One

1 - Your World And My World*
2 - Memories
3 - When I’m Gone
4 - Anyone With Eyes*
5 - World Of Love

Side Two

6 - I Want You Back Here With Me*
7 - Experience
8 - Take Me Sailing
9 - By The Night*
10 - I’m A Camera*

Notes: 1) Album comes with two different cover artworks and designs. 2) Above picture and following credits were taken from the Japan release on CBS Sony 25AP 2025 (1981).

Albert Hammond - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Lee Sklar - Bass (1, 4, 6, 9, 10)*
David Hungate - Bass
Neil Stubenhaus - Bass
Buzz Buchanan - Drums (1)
Michael Botts - Drums (2, 4, 6, 9, 10)
Jeff Porcaro - Drums, Percussion
Matt Andes - Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Solo, Guitar
Josh Leo - Electric Guitar (also as Josh “Art Pegio” Leo), Guitar Solo, Mandolin
John Leslie Hug - Electric Guitar (as John Hug)
Mike Francis - Electric Guitar (as Mike Pepe Francis)
J.D. Maness - Steel Guitar (as Jay Dee Maness)
Jim Ed Norman - Keyboards, Arp String Ensemble
Thomas Hensley - Keyboards (as Tom Hensley)
Tom Snow - Keyboards, Synthesizer
John Hobbs - Keyboards
Brian Whitcomb - Keyboards
Gene Cipriano - Recorder
M.L. Benoit - Percussion (1, 6, 9)
Peter Krueger - Percussion
Wendy Waldman - Harmony Vocal, Background Vocals
Jennifer Warnes - Background Vocals
Nicolette Larson - Background Vocals
Howard Kaylan - Background Vocal (as part of Flo & Eddie)
Mark Volman - Background Vocal (as part of Flo & Eddie)
Lois Szczesniak - Background Vocal
Judy Tate - Background Vocal

Produced by Jim Ed Norman for Jen Productions, Inc.

Alan Broadbent - String Arrangements (1, 3), String Conduction (1, 3)
John Leslie Hug - String Arrangements (2, 6), String Conduction (2, 6)
Jim Ed Norman - String Arrangements (4, 5), String Conduction (4, 5)

Eric Prestidge - Recording Engineer
Ken Friesen - Mixing Engineer for Friesen-Hall Productions, Ltd.
John Rosenthal - Assistant Recording Engineer (Producers Workshop)
Peter Krueger - Assistant Recording Engineer (Producers Workshop)
Russ Castillo - Assistant Recording Engineer (Producers Workshop)
Ben Rodgers - Assistant Recording Engineer (Producers Workshop)
Richard McKernan - Additional Recording Assistant Engineer (Sunset Sound)
Steve McManus - Additional Recording Assistant Engineer (Sunset Sound)
Peggy McCreary - Additional Recording Assistant Engineer (Sunset Sound)
Kirk Butler - Additional Recording Assistant Engineer (Redwing Sound)
Patrick von Wiegandt - Additional Recording Assistant Engineer (Sound Labs)

Recording Studios:
Producers Workshop
Sunset Sound (additional recording)
Redwing Sound (additional recording)
Sound Labs (additional recording)
Heritage Studios (additional recording)
Eastern Sound Co. Ltd. (additional recording)

Mixing Studio:
Eastern Sound Co. Ltd., Toronto

Ken Perry - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
Capitol Records, Hollywood

Management: D&M Management, Inc. // Albert Hammond Enterprises, 22713 Ventura Blvd., Suite F, Woodland Hills, Calif. 91364

Randee St. Nicholas - Photo

“Special Thanks: // Mick Schneider, Dottie Ross, Matt Andes, Kathryn Morris, Robin Mazetta, Debbi Whitson, Phil Bailey and everyone at Columbia Records.”.

Albert Hammond
Eric Kaz
Steve Kipner
Harold Payne
Tom Snow
Wendy Waldman

“Your World And My World” - Japan LP - obi - rear and front

“Your World And My World” - Japan LP - back cover picture

source/pics: my records
US catalog #: the web

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