Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lyle Swedeen

Lyle Swedeen - Sunshine Inside
Fantasy F-9471 (1974) - US LP
Big Pink Big Pink 25 (2009) - Korea CD - CD reissue with 3 bonus tracks

Side One

1 - Can’t Dance Without Music*
2 - Meadowbird
3 - It’s All Over Now
4 - I’m Never Gonna Be Lonely Again
5 - Sunshine Inside

Side Two

6 - Of Your Precious Time
7 - Easily
8 - If I Were A Rainbow
9 - Horace Greeley*
10 - It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry

CD reissue bonus tracks

11 - Lovers Fool/Strings
12 - No More Lies
13 - California

Notes: 1) Album was reissued in 2009 by Korean label Big Pink Music as a digital remastered CD. 2) CD reissue was made under license from Lyle Swedeen and comes with 3 bonus tracks. 3) CD reissue comes with lyrics and credits insert. 4) While CD reissue does not provide detailed credits for the players on the three bonus tracks, musician Kevin Louden was so kind as to supply them in a comment at bottom of post. They have been integrated into the additional credits below. 5) Above picture and following credits were taken from the CD reissue.

Original LP Credits

Lyle Swedeen - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Background Vocal
Lee Sklar - Bass (1, 9)*
Henry Davis - Bass (as Bad Henry Davis)
Joe Osborn - Bass
Dave Kemper - Drums (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Mike Stewart - Acoustic Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Jefferson Kewley - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Dennis Budimir - Acoustic Guitar (as Dennis Budimer)
Tony Peluso - Electric Guitar
Buddy Emmons - Steel Guitar
Larry Knechtel - Keyboards
Larry Bunker - Percussion
Larrabirds: Carolyn Willis, Julia Tillman Waters (as Julia Tillman), Lorna Willard - Background Vocals
Ronee Blakley - Background Vocals (as Ronnie Blakeley)
Tom Elskes - Background Vocal

Produced by Jackie Mills for Wednesday’s Child Production

Larry Knechtel - Arrangements, Conduction

Barry Randolph - Engineer
Marc Piscitelli - Remix Engineer (3)

Recording Studio:
Larrabee Sound, Hollywood, Ca.

Phil Carroll - Art Direction
Carl Muecki - Cover Illustration
Tony Lane - Back Cover Photo

CD Reissue Additional Credits

Lyle Swedeen - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keyboards
Kevin Louden - Bass Guitar (11, 12, 13), Pedal Steel Guitar (11, 12, 13)
Bryan Bergeron - Drums (11, 12)
Art Marcyan - Drums (13)

Joohyung Lee - Digital Remaster, Reissue Supervisor for Big Pink Music
Youngjun Kim - Reissue Coordinator for Big Pink Music
Design Power Station - CD Package, Art Work
Baek Song - Sleeve Printed by


Lyle Swedeen
Bob Dylan
Sean London

“Sunshine Inside” - Korea CD - obi

“Sunshine Inside” - Korea CD - disc screen print

source/pics: my records


  1. Kevin Louden. I played bass guitar and pedal steel guitar on all bonus tracks.
    Bryan Bergeron played drums on all bonus tracks, except California, which was Art Marcyan
    God Bless Lyle and Art who left us in this life too soon. Both were loved very much.!

  2. Thank you Mr. Louden. Just learned Mr. Swedeen has recently passed away. Our thoughts go to his family and all of his friends.