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Michael Martin Murphey

Michael Martin Murphey - Michael Martin Murphey
Liberty LT-51120 (1982) - US LP

Side One

1 - Still Taking Chances
2 - The Two-Step Is Easy
3 - What’s Forever For
4 - Take It Like A Man
5 - First Taste Of Freedom

Side Two

6 - Love Affairs
7 - Ring Of Truth
8 - Crystal
9 - Lost River
10 - Hearts In The Right Place

Note: Album does not come with track-by-track musician credits.

Michael Martin Murphey - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Lee Sklar - Bass
Dave McDaniel - Bass
Michael Botts - Drums
Buzz Buchanan - Drums
James Burton - Electric Guitar
Michael Hearne - Electric Guitar
Fred Tackett - Acoustic Guitar
John Hug - Acoustic Guitar
Carmen Acciaioli - Steel Guitar
J.D. Maness - Steel Guitar (as Jay Dee Maness)
Brian Whitcomb - Keyboards
Lance Ong - Synthesizer
Byron Berline - Fiddle
John Hickman - Banjo
Herb Pedersen - Background Vocals
Denny Brooks - Background Vocals
Joey Scarbury - Background Vocals
Jennifer Warnes - Background Vocals
Harry Stinson - Background Vocals
Chris Montan - Background Vocals

Produced by Jim Ed Norman for Hin-Jen Productions

Jim Ed Norman - String Arrangements (3, 6, 7) String Conduction (3, 6, 7)
Nick DeCaro - String Arrangements (8, 9), String Conduction (8, 9)
John Hug - String Arrangements (5, 10), String Conduction (5, 10)
Glenn Grab - Strings Contractor

Eric Prestidge - Engineer, Mixing Engineer
John Rosenthal - Assistant Engineer
Russ Castillo - Assistant Engineer
Richard McKernan - Assistant Mixing Engineer

Recording Studios:
Producers Workshop
Redwing Sound (aditional recording)
Heritage Studios (additional recording)

Mixing Studio:
Sunset Sound

Ken Perry - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
Capitol Records

Mary Maciukas for September Image, Inc. - Photography
Bill Burks - Art Direction
Jonathan Louie - Design, Back Cover Illustration

“Special Thanks - Bruce Hinton, Gary Gersh, Bill Burks, Ron Baird, Roy Guzman (for input on the cover), Robin Mazzetta, Judith Haenel, Kathryn Morris, Bob & Mary Ann Burwell, Walter Campbell, Ryan Murphey, Chris Dodson, Michael D’Abo, Donald Reuben, David & Lauren Green, and of course, The P.L. Murpheys.”.

“This album is dedicated to John T. Frankenheimer”.

Michael Martin Murphey (as Michael Murphey)
Michael D’Abo
Rafe VanHoy

source/pic: my records

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