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Various Artists - Listen To Me: Buddy Holly

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Various Artists - Listen To Me: Buddy Holly
Verve Forecast B0016050-02 (2011) - US CD

1 - Not Fade Away* - Stevie Nicks
2 - Maybe Baby - Pat Monahan of Train
3 - Listen To Me - Brian Wilson
4 - I’m Lookin’ For Someone To Love - Imelda May
5 - True Love Ways* - Jackson Browne
6 - Peggy Sue - Cobra Starship
7 - Take Your Time - The Fray
8 - Think It Over - Ringo Starr
9 - Crying Waiting Hoping - Chris Isaak
10 - That’ll Be The Day - Linda Ronstadt (1976)
11 - Words Of Love - Jeff Lynne
12 - Well All Right* - Lyle Lovett
13 - Learning The Game - Natalie Merchant
14 - Everyday - Patrick Stump
15 - It’s So Easy - Zooey Deschanel
16 - Raining In My Heart - Eric Idle

Notes: 1) This is a tribute album dedicated to Buddy Holly. You can find further info about this project on a previous post by clicking here. 2) All the cover versions on this CD album were specifically recorded for this project with the exception of track 10, which is the same cut already released in 1976 as a Linda Ronstadt single, from her same-year album “Hasten Down The Wind”. Track was remastered for the occasion but, according to Peter Asher’s notes, song comes in its original Val Garay mix. 3) CD album comes with two liner notes essays, “The Legacy Of Buddy Holly” by James Henke and “Listen To Buddy” by executive producer Peter Asher. Please refer to original CD album’s booklet for these. 4) CD album comes with song-by-song liner notes by Peter Asher. While I took the liberty to quote two paragraphs in relation to two of the tracks Lee is a player on (see bottom of post), please check out original CD album’s booklet for the complete notes.

The Performers:
Stevie Nicks - Lead Vocal
Pat Monahan - Lead Vocal
Brian Wilson - Lead Vocal
Imelda May - Lead Vocal
Jackson Browne - Lead Vocal, Piano
Cobra Starship: Nate Novarro, Alex Suarez, Ryland Blackinton,Victoria Asher, Gabe Saporta (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
The Fray: Ben Wysocki, Dave Welsh, Joe King, Isaac Slade (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
Ringo Starr - Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Tambourine, Hand Claps
Chris Isaak - Lead Vocal
Linda Ronstadt - Lead Vocal, Handclaps
Jeff Lynne - Lead Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocal Harmonies
Lyle Lovett - Lead Vocal
Natalie Merchant - Lead Vocal
Patrick Stump - Lead Vocal
Zooey Deschanel - Lead Vocal, Background Vocal
Eric Idle - Lead Vocal

The Players and Singers:
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 5, 12)*
Bill Cinque - Bass, Background Vocal
Brett Simons - Electric Bass, Baritone Guitar
Al Gare - Bass
Alex Suarez - Bass
Charlie Hayden - Bass
Rowland Salley - Bass
Kenny Edwards - Bass, Background Vocal
Russell Kunkel - Drums (1, 5, 12)
Aaron Sterling - Drums, Percussion
Mike D’Amico - Drums
Steve Rushton - Drums
Nate Novarro - Drums
Ben Wysocki - Drums, Percussion
Rafael Padilla - Drums, Percussion
Michael Botts - Drums
Steve Aho - Drums
Waddy Wachtel - Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Jeff Alan Ross - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar, Tres, Keyboards, Background Vocal
Peter Asher - Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, Background Vocals, Wood Block, Percussion (2, 5, 12, 14, 15)
Nick Walusko - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Probyn Gregory - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Jeffrey Foskett - 12-String Guitar, Vocals
Darrel Hingham - Guitar
Ryland Blackinton - Guitar, Background Vocal
Dave Welsh - Lead Guitar
Joe King - Guitar, Background Vocals
Steve Dudas - Guitar
Andrew Gold - Electric Guitar, Background Vocal
Cary Park - Guitars
Greg Leisz - Pedal Steel, Mandolin
Roger Manning - Piano, Wurlitzer
Gary Griffin - Piano, Organ
Victoria Asher - Keytar, Solo Vocal, Background Vocals
Bruce Sugar - Keyboards
Scott Plunkett - Keyboards
Uri Sharlin - Piano
Dave Priseman - Trumpet
Darrel Leonard - Trumpet
Sarah Thornblade - Violin (string ensemble)
Mario De Leon - Violin (string ensemble)
Michele Richards - Violin (string ensemble)
Jay Unger - Violin
Jessy Greene - Violin, Background Vocal
Karen Elaine - Viola (string ensemble)
Timothy Landauer - Cello (string ensemble)
Rudolph Stein - Cello (string ensemble)
David Stone - Double Bass (string ensemble)
Scott Bennett - Vibraphone, Vocals
Ji Hye Jung - Marimba (5, 14)
Nelson Bragg - Percussion
Robert Zimmitti - Percussion (5, 7, 14)
Dan Greco - Percussion (5, 7, 14)
Gabe Saporta - Lead Vocal
Isaac Slade - Lead Vocal, Vocals, Piano
Lori Nicks - Background Vocal
Sharon Celani - Background Vocal
Nadine Loren - Background Vocal
Richard Page - Background Vocals

Produced by Peter Asher & Waddy Wachtel (1)
Produced by Peter Asher (2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
Produced by Brian Wilson (3)
Produced by Ringo Starr (8)
Produced by Jeff Lynne (11)
Executive Producer: Peter Asher
Executive Producers for Songmasters: Jennifer Cohen & Regan McCarthy

Paul Von Mertens - Arrangement (3)
David Campbell - String Arrangement (5), Orchestra Arrangement (14), String Conduction (5, 7), Orchestra Conduction (14)
Peter Asher - String Arrangement (7)
Jeff Alan Ross - String Arrangement (7)
Brian Wilson - Vocal Arrangement (3)
Damien Leroy - Programming (6)

Nathaniel Kunkel - Project Engineer, Recording Engineer (1, 4, 5, 6, 12, 14, 16), Mixing Engineer (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
Jay Ruston - Recording Engineer (2, 15)
Mark Linett - Recording Engineer (3), Mixing Engineer (3)
Warren Huart - Recording Engineer (7)
Bruce Sugar - Recording Engineer (8), Mixing Engineer (8)
Mark Needham - Recording Engineer (9), Mixing Engineer (9)
Val Garay - Recording Engineer (10), Mixing Engineer (10)
Steve Jay - Recording Engineer (11), Digital Editing (11)
Elijah C. Walker II - Recording Engineer (13)
Tim Meaney - Lead Vocal Recording Engineer (2)
Vanessa Parr - 2nd Engineer (1, 15)
Scott Moore - 2nd Engineer (2)
Wesley Seidman - 2nd Engineer (3, 5, 14)
Eric Weaver - 2nd Engineer (4)
Bill Lane - 2nd Engineer (5, 12)
Rich Tosi - 2nd Engineer (5, 12)
Glenn Suravech - 2nd Engineer (5, 12)
Eric Eylands - 2nd Engineer (6)
Clint Gibbs - 2nd Engineer (6)
Will Brierre - 2nd Engineer (9)
Greg Ladanyi - 2nd Engineer (10)
Jeremy Miller - 2nd Engineer (16)
Ringo Starr - Mixing Engineer (8)
Jeff Linsenmaier - Tech Support (7)

Recording Studios:
The Village, West Los Angeles, CA (1)
Ocean Way Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA (2, 3, 14, 15; strings on track 5)
Conway Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA (4, 6)
Groove Masters Studio, Santa Monica, CA (5, 12)
Candyland Studio, Northglenn, CO (7)
Roccabella West Studios, UK (8)
The Ballroom Studios, Los Angeles, CA (9)
The Sound Factory, Hollywood CA (10: recorded March, 1976)
The Clubhouse Recording Studio, Rhinebeck, NY (13)
East West Studios, Hollywood, CA (16)
Wiseman Studios, Bellevue, WA (lead vocal on track 2)

Mixing Studios:
Studio Without Walls, Los Angeles, CA (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
Ocean Way Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA (3)
Roccabella West Studios, UK (8)
The Ballroom Studios, Los Angeles, CA (9)

Doug Sax - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
The Mastering Lab, Ojai, CA

Melika Atic - Project Coordinator for Songmasters
Ivy Skoff - Production Coordinator
James Henke - Liner Notes (“Legacy of Buddy Holly”)
Peter Asher - Liner Notes (“Listen to Buddy”)

Legal: Rochelle Kerner

Sean Keepers - Art Direction, Design

“Thanks Be. // This album is a labor of love, starting with Holly’s own. Buddy’s legacy is a testament to the great love Maria Elena Holly has shown for more than 50 years to her young husband’s music his talent, and his vision. We are delighted that she loves the music on this album. Peter Asher, Executive Producer, makes no bones about Buddy’s songs, either: he “loved them all.” Every artist, musician, and technician performing on this album was open about her love for Holly’s music. Each brought a love for his craft and this music to every note played, verse sung, and track laid down. Thank you // Many others gave with open hearts to make this album, celebration, and project the most outstanding tribute to Buddy Holly’s music possible. Our amazing staff are the foremost, especially Melika Atic and Reni Calister. Our friends at Verve and Universal have given outstanding support at every level. Despite the admonitions of Shakespeare, we thank our wise counsel - especially Rochelle Kerner. Plan A Media forged their full-steam-ahead publicity and Doreen D’Agostino gave committed assistance early on. We have had unwavering help from the “Fearless” Brian J. Murphy, the fabulous Tisha Fein, the lovely Ivy Skoff, and the incomparable Phil Hack and David Leaf. We are inspired by the devotion of Peter Bradley, John Thomas, Kevin McGowan, Molly Mayeux, and Dick Cole to Buddy Holly’s music legacy - and his guitars! Our colleagues at Peer Music, MPL and Universal have done much, hallelujah, to put Holly’s “Star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Sean Keepers and Brent Carpenter made us all look good, literally. Thank you. // Peter Asher’s music here is extraordinary. The thoroughly modern yet utterly authentic renditions of Holly’s works here sing for themselves. But the music is not all of the story to this album, and this album is not the entire story of the “Listen to Me” project - a series of celebrations of the True.Great.Original. Artists who forever changed contemporary music, re-interpreted by today’s leading artists to raise support for the next generation of music’s greats. This was one of Buddy’s personal goals. In his footsteps, “Listen To Me” will benefit three music industries charities that support new, great talent. Thanks be to all, from Songmasters.”.

“Cover artwork based on photo © 1958 Dick Cole (used with permission)”.

““Listen To Me: Buddy Holly” will benefit designated programs of: // The Grammy Foundation // Songwriters Hall Of Fame // Artists House Music”.

“Benefitting the next generation of music’s greats - a program of Songmasters”.

Track 10:
“Original 1976 version Re-Mastered 2011”.

Excerpts from the Song-by-Song Liner Notes by producer Peter Asher

“Not Fade Away - Stevie Nicks // Stevie Nicks’ voice and style are national treasures! She is a valued friend and as one of the very first people we invited to be part of this project, Stevie had first pick. I initially suggested another song but Stevie chose “Not fade Away”, and how right she was. I co-produced this track with my dear friend and colleague (and one of the very finest guitarists in the whole of rock and roll), Waddy Wachtel and we brought in the legendary rhythm section of Russ Kunkel and Leland Sklar. Waddy and Stevie had worked together as a team for quite a while so it was the perfect setup. And I was very privileged to join Lori Nicks and Sharon Celani as one of the “Bopettes” in singing our version of the original background parts! Stevie’s vocal was cut live - she sang with an intensity and determination that is a treat to hear. (…) // Well All Right - Lyle Lovett // One of the most amiable, charming and intelligent gentlemen in the music business with a wonderful voice to match, Lyle is another favourite singer who said “yes” right away. I was visiting him at his recording session in Los Angeles and asked him on the spot. We picked up a couple of guitars and tried out “Well All Right”, which seemed to suit Lyle perfectly. I sang some harmony parts, we both played and it sounded right - so we called up our shared favourite rhythm section of Russ Kunkel and Leland Sklar (along with guitar maestro, Waddy Wachtel) and cut it just that way.”.

Buddy Holly
Jerry Allison
Boudleaux Bryant
Felice Bryant
Joe Mauldin
Norman Petty

source/pic: my records

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