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Bryndle (Karla Bonoff, Kenny Edwards, Andrew Gold, Wendy Waldman)

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Karla Bonoff
Andrew Gold
Wendy Waldman

Bryndle - Bryndle
Pony Canyon 786 (1995) - US CD
Pony Canyon PCCY-00786 (1995) - Japan CD - edition with one bonus track

1 - Take Me In*
2 - I Want To Touch You
3 - Under The Rainbow*
4 - Savannah
5 - The Lucky One*
6 - We Walked This Road*

7 - On The Wind
8 - Streets Of Your Town*
9 - Til The Storm Goes By*

10 - Mulberry Street
11 - The Wheel
12 - River Of Stone
13 - Daddy’s Little Girl*
14 - Just Can’t Walk Away*

Japan release bonus track

15 - Nothing Love Can’t Do

Notes: 1) CD does not come with track-by-track musician credits. These were taken from the extensive list provided by Andrew Gold on the old Bryndle website (now closed down). 2) CD was released in Japan with one added bonus track. 3) Above picture and following credits were taken from the Japan CD release.

Karla Bonoff - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano
Kenny Edwards - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Slide Guitar, Acoustic Slide Guitar, Baritone Acoustic Guitar, Lead Tremolo Gretsch, Mandolin, Dobro
Andrew Gold - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Organ, Extra Drums, Drums, Synth Programming, Rickenbacker 12 String, Mandolin, Electric Guitars, Drum Programming (6, 7, 12, 14), Synths, Electric Guitars, Piano, Baritone Bass, Bass Drum, Keyboards, String Samples, Samples
Wendy Waldman - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Power Chords, High Strung Acoustic Guitar, Dulcimer
Lee Sklar - Bass (1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 13, 14)*
Eddie Bayers - Drums (1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 14), Percussion (3)
Bob Carpenter - Accordion
James Ross - Viola
Scott Babcock - Percussion (1)

Produced by Josh Leo and Bryndle

Steve Marcantonio - Recording Engineer (O‘ Henry Studios), Mixing Engineer (O’ Henry Studios)
Andrew Gold - Recording Engineer (Quarkbrain Studios), Mixing Engineer (7)
Michael McDonald - Additional Recording Engineer (Trax Studios)
Brett Swain - Second Engineer (O’ Henry Studios)

Recording Studios:
O’Henry Studios, Burbank, CA
Quarkbrain Studios, Sherman Oaks, CA
Trax Studios, Hollywood, CA (Additional Recording)

Mixing Studio:
O’Henry Studios, Burbank, CA

Tom Baker - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
Future Disc Systems, Hollywood, CA

Art Direction and Design: Dawn Patrol, Los Angeles, CA
Chris Nelson - Illustration
Randee St. Nicholas - Photography
Joe Johnstone - Production Coordinator

“Special Thanks: Isao Nagata and Pony Canyon Records/Jeffrey Nissim and Music Masters/Tony Brown for his faith in us/Jody Graham Dunitz/Wally Franson and Richard Mandel at Jess Morgan & Co./Elzabeth Rush/Jeanne Van Cott and Roxanne/J.D. Martin/Brad, Saida and Abraham Parker/Vanessa, Emily and Victoria Gold, (Vanessa, Emily and Victoria Gold)/Peter Bernstein and Dennis Wood for the early years/Michael Kelly/Our Online Friends”.

Karla Bonoff
Kenny Edwards
Andrew Gold
Reed Nielsen
Wendy Waldman
Jenny Yates
Additional Songwriter (bonus track):
J.D. Martin

source/pic: my records
US release catalog #: the web

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