Friday, November 4, 2011


Click → here if you want to read about Lee's adventure with the mighty Wolfgang. It's far out..


  1. Hi, great article!

    Just wanted to know if there was anyway I could have a lisen to the Wolfgang demos that you listened too through BeardBassman (?). Have they been digitalized, or still tapes? I've been a great fan of Lancelotti and I just love the Sky Oat's OST of Pacific Vibrations. Great potential.

    None of the Wolfgang shows have surfaced? It's likely they've been recorded live, as they appeared many times with huge acts, and wouldn't it be for the Bill Graham Management itself.

    It would be just awesome if you could help me trying to listen to these demos.

    Thanks again, greetings from France!

    1. Hi. As announced a few days ago you can now check out a recorded song by Wolfgang on this weblog. Please go to the relative entry under the February 2012 section of the Blog Archive, or copy and paste the following address on your browser's address bar.


  2. Hi and thanks for the kind words. So far none of the concerts have surfaced on the Wolfgang's Vault website. Will let you know, and get back to you with any update about your enquiry as soon as something relevant comes up. Cheers!