Monday, November 21, 2011

Andrew Gold Memorial Concert

Andrew Gold Memorial Concert - L.A., November 19th, 2011

Friends and relatives of the late singer-songwriter Andrew Gold gathered on Saturday in L.A for a musical celebration of Gold’s life. The musician, who passed away last June at the age of 59, was one of the most well-loved artists of the L.A. scene.

Son of Academy Award-winning composer Ernest Gold and of classically-trained soprano Marni Nixon, Gold took his first musical steps in the Seventies as part of the Linda Ronstadt group, and reached individual success in the second half of that decade with hit singles like “Lonely Boy” and “Thank You For Being A Friend”. In the Eighties, Gold formed the successful new wave pop-duo Wax with ex-10cc member Graham Gouldman, and kept being quite active as a musician and producer after the group disbanded in 1990, right up until recent years.

Among the many artists and friends who got on stage to pay tribute to his memory and musical legacy were singers Rosemary Butler and Deborah Pearl, keyboard player Jon Gilutin, drummer Rick Marotta, Lee Sklar on bass, Gold’s three daughters Emily, Victoria and Olivia and his sister Melani. He will be dearly missed.

Some of the musicians who gathered last Saturday in L.A. for the Andrew Gold Memorial Concert.

Singers Rosemary Butler and Deborah Pearl are joined on stage by Andrew Gold’s sister Melani and his three daughters Emily, Victoria and Olivia.


  1. I just learned of Andrew's passing, this when they made passing mention of him at the 2012 Grammys.

    I don't know what to say, other than I wish I'd had a chance to shake his hand, or hell, hug him for what his amazing, amazing music meant for me over these many years...and of course, still does.

    Much love to his family and friends...

    Still you linger on,


  2. (a little note from germany).. Once a upon a time there was a genius musican with a heart of gold..i spend so many time with your music (andrew gold/wax/10cc/bryndle)i had and have so much precious moment with it.
    thank you very much, it's so sad that you are gone,i will miss you.
    one time i had the chance to talk and laugh with and that will hold on forever!

    Mark Stehle (Germany)

  3. Gone but as long as his music is with us, never forgotton...