Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mike Reno

Mike Reno - Renovation
www.mikereno.com (2002/2004) - Canada CD

1 - Affection
2 - Dream Machine
3 - Still In Love Alone
4 - Sixty Years
5 - New Messiah
6 - Take Me Back
7 - I Say Go
8 - Burning Down The Bridge
9 - I Don’t Want To Stop
10 - All I Ever Needed Was You

Notes: 1) This is the solo debut of Loverboy’s lead vocalist Mike Reno. 2) Album was recorded in the early Nineties and due to be released on Sony, but it was ultimately shelved until Mike Reno himself released it as a CD via his own website www.mikereno.com. This website is not currently online anymore (November, 2011). 3) No musician credits are included in the CD album’s booklet. Lee was however one of the studio players performing on the recordings. 4) According to web sources - namely www.melodicrock.com/reviews/mikereno-renovation.p3 - other tracks were cut at recording time but eventually dropped from the final release. Same website mentions guitarist Tim Pierce as one of the original session musicians involved in the project. 5) End of track 1 is somewhat truncated. 6) Track 6 has a drop at 2:43. 7) It is not clear from the very minimal tech credits if engineer Humberto Gatica was the recordist for the whole album or only for the closing track “All I Ever Needed Was You”. 8) The only songwriting credits included in the CD album notes are for track 10.

Mike Reno - Vocals
Leland Sklar - Bass

Produced by Mark Spiro and Mike Reno

Humberto Gatica - Engineer (10)
Brian Foraker - Mixing Engineer

Recording Studio:
Image Recording L.A.

Mixing Studio:
Record Plant L.A.

“Broadcast inquiries to mikerenofanclub@telus.net”.

“Copyright 2002, 2004 Mike Reno”.


Mike Reno
David Foster

“Renovation” - disc screen print

source/pics: my records

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