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Johnny Rivers

Johnny Rivers - Last Train To Memphis
Soul City SCRI-3009 (1998) - US CD

1 - Down At The House Of Blues
2 - Chicago Bound
3 - Closer To You
4 - Joker In The Wind
5 - Uphill Peace Of Mind
6 - Last Train To Memphis
7 - Don’t Let The Rain Come Down*
8 - Treat A Dog
9 - Rollin’ Stone
10 - Can’t Help Myself
11 - Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
12 - Gypsy Wind

Note: CD album comes with no musician/tech credits for tracks 4, 10.

Johnny Rivers - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocal
Lee Sklar - Bass (7)*
Rick Rosas - Bass (as Rick “The Bass Player” Rosas)
James Hutchinson - Bass (as Hutch Hutchinson)
Marc Goldberg - Bass
Rick Chudacoff - Bass
Bob Glaub - Bass
Scott Crago - Drums (as Scott Craigo)
Tony Braunagel - Drums
Gary Mallaber - Drums (3, 6, 7, 12)
Peter Bunetta - Drums
Keith Edwards - Drums
Waddy Wachtel - Lead Guitar
Kal David - Lead Guitar, Harmony Vocal
Dean Parks - Lead Guitar
Herb Pedersen (as Herb Pederson) - Lead Guitar, Dobro, Harmony Vocals, Background Vocal
Doug Hamblin - Lead Guitar
Mike Thompson - B-3 Organ, Lead Guitar
John Herron - Piano, B-3 Organ
Rick Jackson - Fender Rhodes, B-3 Organ
Harlan Rogers - B-3 Organ, Keyboards
Joe Sublett - Saxophones
Andrew Love - Saxophone
Darrell Leonard - Trumpet
Wayne Jackson - Trumpet
Lester Butler - Harmonica
Arno Lucas - Percussion (1, 7, 12)
Oren Waters - Harmony Vocal, Background Vocals
Maxine Willard Waters - Background Vocals (as Maxine Waters)
Julia Tillman Waters - Background Vocals (as Julia Waters)
Luther Waters - Background Vocal
Lauri Bono - Background Vocals

Produced by Johnny Rivers

Richard Bosworth - Engineer (1)
Allen Sides (as Alan Sides) - Engineer (2, 8, 9)
Joe Schiff - Engineer (3)
Gary Hardy - Engineer (5)
Ben Wallach - Engineer (6, 7, 12)

Recording Studios:
Smartso Digital, Studio City, LA, 1998 (1)
Oceanway Studios, Hollywood, CA, 1996 (2, 8, 9, 11)
Studio Masters, LA, 1996 (3)
The Original Sun Studio, Memphis, TN, 1991 (5)
Entourage Studios, N. Hollywood, CA, 1997 (6, 7, 12)

Mastering Studio:
Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA

Ellie Leacock for Art Stuff, LA - Art, Design
Valerie Wilmer - Cover Photo “Mississippi Dancers”
Lisa Law - Back Photo
Karen Pulfer Focht - Inside Photos
Rory Markas - Inside Photo of J. Rivers
Cindy Hazen - Liner Notes

“Like the Panama Limited that for so many years chugged along the rails between Chicago and New Orleans, Johnny Rivers’ “Last Train To Memphis” is a journey across our musical landscape, passing through styles as effortlessly as that mighty engine once charged through the heart of America: Mississippi born Chicago blues, Memphis soul, southern country, and here and there, a touch of Louisiana boogie. Above it all, a driving rock and roll emerges from all of these musical influences. // Johnny Rivers pays homage to the roots of his music with the old Muddy Waters tune “Rolling Stone”, Jimmy Rogers’ “Chicago Bound”, and Bobby “Blue” Bland’s “Treat A Dog”. Even his freshly written “Down At The House Of Blues” speaks of heroes B.B. King and John Lee Hooker. At the same time he’s not one to linger in the past. “Gypsy Wind”, “Don’t Let The Rain Come Down”, “Can’t Help Myself”, and “Last Train To Memphis” are all new compositions written with Jack Tempchin. Tempchin, who wrote Rivers’ hit “Slow Dancin’ (Swayin’ To The Music)”, counts the Eagles’ “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Already Gone” among his impressive list of songwriting credits. // Best known for his hits “Secret Agent Man”, “Seventh Son”, “Mountain Of Love”, and “Poor Side Of Town”, it was the song “Memphis” that first placed Johnny Rivers on the charts. It was the city’s music that inspired him as a teenager in Baton Rouge, and later his friendship with it’s most famous son, Elvis Presley, that made the writing of “Last Train To Memphis” so natural. In fact, like that locomotive screaming across a delta night, “Last Train To Memphis” brings Johnny Rivers home. // Cindy Hazen, 1998 // Co-Author, “Memphis Elvis-Style””.

“Subscribe to the official Johnny Rivers fan club newsletter, “The Secret Agent News”, One year subscription - $5.00 U.S. Dollars. Send a check or money order payable to Soul City Records, Inc. Include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Mail to: Soul City Records, 12358 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 342C, Studio City, CA, 91604.”.

“Special thanks to Rebekah Alperin, Jim Hendricks, Ruth McCarthy, Peter Guralnick, Priscilla Presley, Jerry Schilling, Linda Brown, Jack Tempchin, Marcey Lipman, Walter Stewart, Cindy Hazen, Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler.”.

“Cover photo - “Mississippi Dancers” by Valerie Wilmer courtesy of Michael Ochs Archives, Venice, CA.”.

“This album is dedicated to Carl Perkins.”.

Johnny Rivers
Steve Barri
Doug Hamblin
Frederick Knight
James A. Lane
John D. Loudermilk (as John Loudermilk)
Michael Omartian
M. Price
Jack Tempchin
D. Walch
Muddy Waters

source/pic: my records

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