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Country Gazette

Please check back on this same post for Lee's contribution to Byron Berline's solo discography.

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Lee with Herb Pedersen & Chris Hillman

Country Gazette - Don’t Give Up Your Day Job
United Artists UA-LA090-F (1973) - US LP

Side One

1 - Huckleberry Hornpipe
2 - The Fallen Eagle
3 - I Don’t Believe You Met My Baby
4 - Deputy Dalton
5 - Teach Your Children*
6 - My Oklahoma

Side Two

7 - Down The Road
8 - Winterwood*
9 - Honky Cat*

10 - Snowball
11 - Lonesome Blues
12 - Singin’ All Day & Dinner On The Ground

Notes: 1) Album credits attribute track 6 (“My Oklahoma”) to one C. Young while in fact the song appears to have been written by Terrye Newkirk. A previous version of this song was recorded for Warner Bros in 1971 by Ms. Newkirk’s husband, singer-songwriter Steve Young. A remixed version of said version was later included by Young in his semi-anthology “Seven Bridges Road”, released in 1981 on Rounder Records 3058. Songwriting credits on the latter album indicate Ms. Newkirk as the writer of the song (see images at the bottom). Whether this was indicated also in the 1971 Warner Bros. release is unbeknownst to me. 2) According to, track 3 was not written by D. (Don) Warden but by Autry Inman instead. 3) Album comes with biographical liner notes by Jim Bickhart. Please refer to original artwork for these. 4) In the relative selections, Lee is always credited as playing electric bass alongside acoustic bass-player Roger Bush.

Byron Berline - Fiddle, Mandolin, Lead Guitar, Vocals
Alan Munde - Banjo, Guitar, Muted Banjo, Vocals
Kenny Wertz - Rhythm Guitar, Guitar, Vocals
Roger Bush - Bass (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12), Vocals
Leland Sklar - Electric Bass (5, 8, 9)*
Clarence White - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Dobro, Guitar
Herb Pedersen (as Herb Pederson) - Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Al Perkins - Pedal Steel

Produced by Jim Dickson for Tickner-Dickson Productions

Dino Lappas - Engineer
Martin - Photography
Mike Salisbury, P.B. Surf Club - Album Design
Jim Bickhart - Sleeve Notes

Byron Berline
Roger Bush
Alan Munde
Joe Allison
Jimmie Davis
Milton Estes
Lester Flatt
Autry Inman (as D. Warden - see notes above)
Elton John
Don McLean
Graham Nash
Terrye Newkirk (as C. Young - see notes above)
Herb Pedersen
Nikki Pedersen
Earl Scruggs
Stephen Stills
Bernie Taupin

Country Gazette - “Don’t Give Up Your Day Job” - songwriting credits on label

Steve Young - “Seven Bridges Road” - songwriting credits on label

source/pics: my records

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