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Louise Goffin

Please do check out the new section on Louise Goffin’s alternate single mixes, right at the bottom of post... Cheers!

Louise Goffin - Kid Blue
Asylum 6E-203 (1979) - US LP

Side One

1 - Kid Blue
2 - All I’ve Got To Do
3 - Hurt By Love
4 - Red Lite Fever*
5 - Remember (Walking In The Sand)*

Side Two

6 - Jimmy And The Tough Kids
7 - Angels Ain’t For Keeping
8 - Long Distance
9 - Trapeze
10 - Singing Out Alone

Louise Goffin - Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Lee Sklar - Bass (4, 5)*
John Pierce - Bass
Kenny Edwards (as Ken Edwards) - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
Dean Cortez - Bass
Mike Porcaro - Bass
David Kemper - Drums (4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
Mike Baird - Drums (as Michael Baird)
Russ Kunkel - Drums
Steve Lukather - Guitar
Danny Kortchmar - Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar (solo)
Waddy Wachtel - Guitar (solo)
Michael Landau - Guitar, Guitar (solo)
David Paich - Organ, Piano
Peter Robinson - Synthesizer, Electric Piano
Don Grolnick - Organ, Electric Piano
Andrew Gold - Organ, Synthesizer
Bob Mayo - Piano
Peter Asher - Percussion
Curtis Coleman - Background Vocals
Jorge Calderón - Background Vocal (as Jorge Calderone)
John David Souther - Background Vocals (as J.D. Souther)
Don Henley - Background Vocal
Carole King - Background Vocal

Produced by Danny Kortchmar

David Campbell - String Arrangement (10)

Dennis Kirk - Recording Engineer
Butch Lynch - Second Engineer
George Ybarra - Second Engineer
Rick Powell - Second Engineer
Serge Kreyes - Second Engineer
Gabe Veltri - Second Engineer (as Gale Veltri)

Recording Studio:
The Sound Factory

Andrea Farber - Production Assistance
Tim McCarthy - Production Assistance
Cori Glazer - Production Assistance
Debbie Sommer - Production Assistance

Ron Coro - Art Direction, Design
Gary Heery - Photography

Louise Goffin
Billy Hipple
Danny Kortchmar (also as Daniel Kortchmar)
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Morton

source/pic: my records

Louise Goffin - Louise Goffin
Asylum 6E-333 (1981) - US LP

Side One

1 - I’ve Had It
2 - Dog Town
3 - Runaway Boy
4 - If You Ever Did Believe
5 - Dizzy, You’re A Dreamer

Side Two

6 - Geisha Girl
7 - Baby, Come ‘Round To Me
8 - Johnny Can’t Make Her*
9 - Rockin’ On The Strand
10 - Might As Well Pass By

Louise Goffin - Vocals, Background Vocal, Guitar
Leland Sklar - Bass (8)*
Eric Wallengren - Bass
Kenny Edwards - Bass
Bob Glaub - Bass
Tim Drummond - Bass
Mark T. Williams - Drums (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Danny Kortchmar - Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Dennis Herring - Guitar, Electric Guitar
Bill Olvis - Guitar, Background Vocal, Piano, Harmony Vocals
Michael Landau - Electric Guitar, 12 String Guitar
Dan Dugmore - Pedal Steel Guitar, Guitar
Waddy Wachtel - Guitar
William D. Smith - Piano, Organ
Michael Boddicker - Synthesizers, Accordian
David Lasley - Background Vocal
Arnold McCuller - Background Vocal
Stevie Nicks - Background Vocal
Sharon Celani - Background Vocals

Produced by Danny Kortchmar
Dennis Kirk - Co-Producer

Dennis Kirk - Recording Engineer
Jamie Ledneer - Additional Engineering, Assistant Engineer
Gene Meros - Additional Engineering, Assistant Engineer
George Ybarra - Assistant Engineer
Peggy McCreary - Assistant Engineer
David Leonard - Assistant Engineer
Niko Bolas - Assistant Engineer

Recording Studios:
Record One
Sunset Sound

Mixing Studio:
Record One

Bernie Grundman - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:

Management by Lewis Kaplan Enterprises Inc., Lewis Kaplan, Lori Higgins, Mark Hammerman

Jimmy Wachtel - Art Direction & Design (for Dawn Patrol)
Randee St. Nicholas - Album Photography
Gloria von Jansky - Lettering

“Special Thanks to Lori Higgins and Cori Glazer, Debbie Sommer and the staff of Record One. Bill Robinson, Debbi Whitson and the staff of Sunset Sound. Neal Leven and Associates, Lisa Abramson, Michael Rosenfeld and Emily J. Shenkin. Greg Ladanyi and Jim Nipar. Thanks again for the underwater facilities provided by The Sekulers of Valley Village. Special Thanks to Mark Hammerman and the entire staff of Elektra Records. Also, Thanks to R&R Express.”.

Louise Goffin
Carl Bonura
Ray Ceroni
Gerry Goffin
Danny Kortchmar
Stevie Nicks
Bill Olvis

source/pic: my records

Alternate Single Mixes

“Remember (Walking In The Sand)” - US 7” vinyl promo single - stereo mix

“Remember (Walking In The Sand)” - US 7” vinyl promo single - mono mix

Louise Goffin
Remember (Walking In The Sand)/Remember (Walking In The Sand)
Asylum E-46521-A (1979) - US 7” vinyl promo single

stereo side

1 - Remember (Walking In The Sand)* - stereo mix

mono side

2 - Remember (Walking In The Sand)* - mono mix

Notes: 1) This is a promo single by Louise Goffin released in 1979. 2) Song was taken from the album “Kid Blue” (see entry above). Please refer to that album’s entry for more detailed musician credits. 3) The version of “Remember (Walking In The Sand)” on this single release is not an edit.

Louise Goffin - Vocals
Lee Sklar - Bass (1, 2)*
David Kemper - Drums (1, 2)

Produced by Danny Kortchmar

“From Her Album “Kid Blue””.

George Morton

source/pics: my records

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