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Carly Simon & James Taylor ❏

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Various Artists - No Nukes - The MUSE Concerts For A Non-Nuclear Future
Asylum ML-801 (1979) - US LP - 3-record set

Side One

1 - Dependin’ On You - The Doobie Brothers
2 - Runaway - Bonnie Raitt
3 - Angel From Montgomery - Bonnie Raitt
4 - Plutonium Is Forever - John Hall
5 - Power - The Doobie Brothers with John Hall & James Taylor

Side Two

6 - The Times They Are A-Changin’ - James Taylor, Carly Simon & Graham Nash
7 - Cathredral - Graham Nash
8 - The Crow On The Cradle - Jackson Browne & Graham Nash
9 - Before The Deluge - Jackson Browne

Side Three

10 - Lotta Love - Nicolette Larson & The Doobie Brothers
11 - Little Sister - Ry Cooder
12 - A Woman - Sweet Honey In The Rock
13 - We Almost Lost Detroit - Gil Scott-Heron
14 - Get Together - Jesse Colin Young

Side Four

15 - You Can’t Change That - Raydio
16 - Once You Get Started - Chaka Khan
17 - Captain Jim’s Drunken Dream - James Taylor
18 - Honey Don’t Leave L.A.* - James Taylor
19 - Mockingbird* - James Taylor & Carly Simon

Side Five

20 - Heart Of The Night - Poco
21 - Cry To Me - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
22 - Stay - Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne & The E Street Band
23 - Devil With The Blue Dress Medley - Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

Side Six

24 - You Don’t Have To Cry - Crosby, Stills & Nash
25 - Long Time Gone - Crosby, Stills & Nash
26 - Teach Your Children - Crosby, Stills & Nash
27 - Takin’ It To The Streets - The Doobie Brothers & James Taylor

Notes: 1) According to web sources album was re-released in 1997 as a 2-CD US reissue on Elektra 60592-2 and as a 2-CD HDCD EU reissue on Asylum 7559-60592-2. 2) Documentary film “No Nukes” was originally directed by Danny Goldberg, Anthony Potenza and Julian Schlossberg and released theatrically in 1980. Performance setlist on soundtrack and video are different than on record album, including two more James Taylor numbers. These are “Your Smiling Face”, with Lee on bass, Russ Kunkel on drums and Rick Marotta on percussion, and “Stand and Fight”, possibly with same line-up but edited over a montage of non-concert footage. 3) No DVD or Blu-ray release is available for this film on the market as of August 2014. 4) According to web sources a Japan laserdisc release of “No Nukes” was released in 1993 on Videoarts VALZ-2075.

Leland Sklar - Bass (18, 19)*
James Taylor - Vocals, Guitar
Carly Simon - Vocals, Background Vocals
Michael McDonald - Vocals, Keyboards
Bonnie Raitt - Vocals, Guitar, Background Vocals
John Hall - Vocal, Guitar, Organ, Background Vocals
Graham Nash - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Background Vocals
Jackson Browne - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Background Vocals
Nicolette Larson - Vocal, Background Vocals
Ry Cooder - Vocal, Guitar
Bernice Johnson - Vocal
Tulani Jordan - Vocal
Evelyn Harris - Vocal
Yasmeen Williams - Vocal
Gil Scott-Heron - Vocal, Keyboards
Jesse Colin Young - Vocal, Guitar
Ray Parker, Jr. - Vocal, Bass
Chaka Khan - Vocal
Kim Bullard - Vocal, Keyboards
Tom Petty - Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar
Bruce Springsteen - Vocals, Guitar
Stephen Stills - Vocals, Guitar, Lead Guitar
David Crosby - Vocals, Guitar
Tiran Porter - Bass
Freebo - Bass, Vocals
David Schwartz - Bass
Tim Drummond - Bass
Bob Glaub - Bass
Robert Gordon - Bass
Mark Stevens - Bass, Background Vocal
Anthony Jackson - Bass
Charlie Harrison - Bass, Vocals
Ron Blair - Bass
Garry Tallent - Bass
Russ Kunkel - Drums (7, 9, 14, 17, 18, 19, 25, 26)
Keith Knudsen - Drums
Chet McCracken - Drums
Dennis Whitted - Drums
Chris Parker - Drums
Jim Keltner - Drums
Tony Green - Drums
Larry Tolbert - Drums, Vocal
Steve Ferrone - Drums
Steve Chapman - Drums
Stan Lynch - Drums, Background Vocals
Max Weinberg - Drums
Waddy Wachtel - Guitar
Danny Kortchmar - Guitar
Patrick Simmons - Guitar
John McFee - Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Will McFarlane - Guitar, Vocals
David Lindley - Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Fiddle
Ed Brady - Guitar
Steve Beckmeyer - Guitar
Charles Fearing - Guitar, Vocal
Hamish Stewart - Guitar, Background Vocal
Jeff Mironov - Guitar
Phil Upchurch - Guitar, Solo
Rusty Young - Pedal Steel Guitar
Paul Cotton - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Mike Campbell - Lead Guitar
Steve Van Zandt - Guitar, Background Vocals
Don Grolnick - Keyboards, Piano
Craig Doerge - Organ, Synthesizer, String Synthesizer, Keyboards
Cornelius Bumpus - Organ, Saxophone
Bill Payne - Piano
Louis Levin - Keyboards
William Smith - Organ
Carl Cornwell - Piano, Horns, Flute
Jef Labes - Piano
Arnell Carmichael - Synthesizer, Vocal
Darren Carmichael - Piano, Vocal
Arthur Jenkins - Keyboard
Ken Bichell - Cat Synthesizer
Benmont Tench - Keyboards
Danny Federici - Organ
Roy Bittan - Piano, Background Vocals
David Sanborn - Saxophone
Josh Schneider - Saxophone
Phill Kenzie - Saxophone
Clarence Clemons - Sax, Background Vocals
Rick Marotta - Percussion (18, 19)
Ted Templeman - Percussion
Jody Linscott - Percussion
Ross BaBu - Percussion
Joe Lala - Percussion
Rosemary Butler - Vocals, Background Vocals
Lynn Pitney - Vocal
Phillip Ballou - Vocal
Gloria Coleman - Vocal, Background Vocal
Brenda Eager - Vocal, Background Vocals
Cleo Kennedy - Vocal, Background Vocal
Doug Haywood - Vocal, Background Vocals
Bobbie King - Vocal
Herman Johnson - Vocal
Arnold McCuller - Background Vocals
David Lasley - Background Vocals
Suzi Young - Background Vocal
Charlotte Crossley - Background Vocals

Album Production Credits

Produced for MUSE, Inc. by Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, John Hall, and Bonnie Raitt
Associate Producer: Stanley Johnston
Peter Asher - Contributing Producer
Jon Landau - Contributing Producer
Steve Van Zandt - Contributing Producer
Arif Mardin - Contributing Producer
Richard Orshoff - Contributing Producer

Greg Ladanyi - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Stanley Johnston - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Dennis Kirk - Recording Engineer
Don Gooch - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Jimmy Iovine - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Shelly Yakus - Recording Engineer
Joe Chiccarelli - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
David Hewitt - Recording Engineer
Malcolm Cecil - Mixing Engineer
Neil Dorfsman - Mixing Engineer
Val Garay - Mixing Engineer
Lew Hahn - Mixing Engineer
Lee Hirschberg - Mixing Engineer
Grey Ingram - Mixing Engineer
Scott Litt - Mixing Engineer
Lewis Mark - Mixing Engineer
Drew Bennett - Contributing Engineer
Bill Dooley - Contributing Engineer
James Farber - Contributing Engineer
Jim Nipar - Contributing Engineer
Gene Paul - Contributing Engineer
Neil Pedinoff - Contributing Engineer
Rick Porter - Contributing Engineer
Mike Sanders - Contributing Engineer

Recording Location:
Recorded live at the Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, September 19 - 23, 1979

David Hewitt - Remote Crew
Phil Gitomer - Remote Crew
Michael Guthrie - Remote Crew
Dana Lester - Remote Crew
Kooster Macallister - Remote Crew
Paul Restoring - Remote Crew
John Venable - Remote Crew

Remote Facility:
The Record Plant Truck, NYC

Mixing and Assembling Studios:
The Sound Factory, Los Angeles, CA
Rudy Records, Los Angeles, CA
Pasha Music House, Hollywood, CA
The Record Plant Studios, New York, NY
Sound Castle, Los Angeles, CA
Village Recorders, Los Angeles, CA
The Power Station, New York, NY
Record One, Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks to the above studios for all the free studio time”.

Val Garay - Mastering Engineer (The Mastering Lab)
Doug Sax - Mastering Engineer (The Mastering Lab)
Bernie Grundman - Mastering Engineer (A&M)

Mastering Studios:
The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles, CA
A&M Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Laurel Bergland Ford - Project Continuity
Phillip Bloom - Project Continuity
Maggie Ramsey - Project Continuity
Candi Bachman - Project Coordinator
Bryn Bridenthal - Project Coordinator
Cori Glazer - Project Coordinator
Terry Dunavan - Project Coordinator
Debbie Reinberg - Project Coordinator

Head & Body Shop, Los Angeles, CA - Typographers

Jimmy Wachtel - Art Direction, Design
John Wilton - MUSE Art Director
Lynn Goldsmith - Photography Coordinator, Contributing Photographer
Joel Bernstein - Contributing Photographer
Dennis Callahan - Contributing Photographer
Peter Chowka - Contributing Photographer
Lionel Delevingne - Contributing Photographer
Don Farber - Contributing Photographer
Terence Ford - Contributing Photographer
Bob Godfrey - Contributing Photographer
Ron Hussey - Contributing Photographer
Bonnie Lippel - Contributing Photographer
John Sievert - Contributing Photographer
Peter Simon - Contributing Photographer
Xeno - Contributing Photographer
Niel Zlozower - Contributing Photographer

Johann Taferts-Hofer - Type Consultant

Concert Production Credits

Ron Delsener - Promoter
Tom Campbell - Promoter
MUSE, Inc. - Producer
Tim Sexton - Associate Producer

Michael Ahern - Stage Manager
Rob Joyce - Stage Manager
Keith Kevan - Stage Manager
Tim O’Connor - Stage Manager
George Travis - Stage Manager

Andrea Ballis - Production Assistant
Obie Benz - Production Assistant
Steven Bernstein - Production Assistant
Elaine Corlett - Production Assistant
Michael Eavans - Production Assistant
Becky Fong - Production Assistant
Glenn Goodwin - Production Assistant
Tom Hess - Production Assistant
Marc Holbert - Production Assistant
Paige Kevan - Production Assistant
Shelly Lazar - Production Assistant
Michael Mayne - Production Assistant
Donald “Buddha” Miller - Production Assistant

John Badenhop - Production Crew
Eric Barrett - Production Crew
Tim Bernett - Production Crew
David Bernstein - Production Crew
Joel Bernstein - Production Crew
Mark Brickman - Production Crew
Rance Caldwell - Production Crew
Sal Cappazoli - Production Crew
Bob Chirmside - Production Crew
Rusty Conway - Production Crew
Ivan Crews - Production Crew
Joe Crowley - Production Crew
Jim DeLuca - Production Crew
Tony Demattia - Production Crew
Denny Densmore - Production Crew
Chip Dox - Production Crew
Pat Farrell - Production Crew
David Faison - Production Crew
Richard Fernandez - Production Crew
Chuck Fitzpatrick - Production Crew
Bill “Doc” Gans - Production Crew
Tom Hansen - Production Crew
Denis Heron - Production Crew
Armando Hurley - Production Crew
Jeffrey Husband - Production Crew
Grey Ingram - Production Crew
Bruce Jackson - Production Crew
Buford Jones - Production Crew
Dennis Jones - Production Crew
Phyllis Kaufman - Production Crew
Leroy Kerr - Production Crew
Ed Kolakowski - Production Crew
Danny Kretzchmar - Production Crew
Louis Lee - Production Crew
Tom Littrell - Production Crew
Clyde Llewellyn - Production Crew
Robin Magruder - Production Crew
Rob Marchner - Production Crew
Jeff Mason - Production Crew
Mary Newton - Production Crew
Steve Nutting - Production Crew
Allen Owen - Production Crew
C.J. Patterson - Production Crew
Steve Pearlman - Production Crew
Ron Penny - Production Crew
Bob Pope - Production Crew
Dennis Scrimo - Production Crew
B.J. Schiller - Production Crew
Dixie Swanson - Production Crew
George Van Ostrum - Production Crew
Michael Valvano - Production Crew
Larry Wallace - Production Crew
Marty Wolff - Production Crew

Iris Brown - MUSE Staff
Christy Carlson - MUSE Staff
Michael Castleman - MUSE Staff
David Fenton - MUSE Staff
Laurel Bergland Ford - MUSE Staff
Becky Hardee - MUSE Staff
Sherry Jacoves - MUSE Staff
Ken Jordan - MUSE Staff
Susan Kellam - MUSE Staff
Noah Kimerling - MUSE Staff
Kerry Kollmar - MUSE Staff
Pam Lippe - MUSE Staff
Sam Lovejoy - MUSE Staff
Susanna Styron - MUSE Staff
Harvey Wasserman - MUSE Staff


“Thanks to all the managers and their staffs for their support and cooperation”.

“Special thanks to: Joe Smith, Lee Phillips, Ron Delsener, Jack Calmes, David Lubell, Danny Goldberg & Paul Fishkin, Gil Segel, Dave Hassinger, Rob Franklin, Frank Norton, Chris Hansen, and Jack Fitzpatrick”.

“Also, many thanks to: Paul Simon, Phoebe Snow, Peter Tosh, and Stephen Bishop”.

“Lights & Sound provided by Showco”.

“Thanks to: The Madison Square Garden staff and crews; Air Apparent, Inc.; Brittania Row Staging Techniques, Inc.; Green Mountain Post Films; Segel & Goldman, Inc.; Studio Instrument Rentals, Los Angeles and New York; I.A.T.S.E. Local #1; Bruce DeForest, Dave Hughes, and Jimmy Pullis”.

James Taylor
R. Blackwell
Jackson Browne
Connie Brooks
Sydney Carter
Gavin Christopher
Paul Cotton
Bob Crewe
Max Crook
David Crosby
Bob Dylan
Charles Foxx
Inez Foxx
Johanna Hall
John Hall
Enotris Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Danny Kortchmar
Fred Long
Tony Maiden
John Marascalco
Michael McDonald
Graham Nash
Ray Parker, Jr.
Richard Penniman
Doc Pomus
Chet Powers
John Prine
Bert Russell
Gil Scott-Heron
Del Shannon
Mort Shuman (as Mort Schuman)
Patrick Simmons
William Stevenson
Stephen Stills
Maurice Williams
Neil Young

source/pic: my records
cd edition catalog #: the web
laserdisc catalog# and setlist: the web

Carly Simon & James Taylor - Scrapbook

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