Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mike Oldfield - New Studio Album Out Soon

As some of you might know, Mike Oldfield finished recording his new studio album at the end of June. So far not a title nor a release date have been provided yet.

What is known already is that the album in question has Lee and ace drummer John “J.R.” Robinson playing the rhythm section and that it was recorded in London and Los Angeles (at the Village Recorders) with the inclusion of a gospel choir. Other musicians on the project are Matt Rollings (keyboards) and Michael Thompson (guitar).

The album, produced by Steve Lipson, should be the next Mike Oldfield release after the recent September 2 reissues of his 1982-83 albums “Five Miles Out” (in CD/DVD, Deluxe and box set formats) and “Crises” (a five CD box set).

Please do check back with us for updates and a relative detailed entry. You may check out Mr. Oldfield’s website for more info, updates, media content and suggestions by clicking the following link:


More info on the actual recording session are available on the French website www.mike-oldfield.net.


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