Sunday, April 29, 2012

Joe Gorfinkle

Joe Gorfinkle & Friends - The Project - Take A Chance
JGSDelta Music (2012) - US CD

1 - One Of These Days
2 - Still Not Over You
3 - Really Wanna Know
4 - Take A Chance
5 - Hellbound Train
6 - Shaky Man Blues
7 - Cold Dark Shadows
8 - King Of Self Pity
9 - Laughing Bones
10 - TV Town
11 - Mama Please
12 - Lazy Days

Notes: 1) CD album does not come with track-by-track musician credits. 2) CD album is part of the activity of Pledgemusic. You may visit their website → here and download a copy of Joe Gorfinkle’s CD album in various packaging combinations at the following links:

CD Baby

Joe Gorfinkle - Lead Vocals, Various Guitars
Leland Sklar - Bass
Mark Tabbert - Bass
Hank Van Sickle - Bass
Lynn Coulter - Drums
Joe Romersa - Drums
Dusty Watson - Drums
Phil Parlapiano - B3, Accordion
Allan Walker - Saxophone
Arnold McCuller - Vocals on track 4

Produced by: Joe Gorfinkle & Chuck Kavooras

Chuck Kavooras - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Joe Gorfinkle - Mixing Engineer

Recording Studio:
Slideaway Studios - Shadow Hills, CA

Mixing Studio:
Slideaway Studios - Shadow Hills, CA

Boris Menart - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
Edit 1 - Shadow Hills, CA

Amber Lee Abbott - Photography

“The Folks who made it happen: // Fiona Barr, Dawn Rosenquist, Abdul Hamid Robinson-Royal, Wendy Vilasenor, Presley, Thornton, Giorgio Onorato Aquilani, Fred Rodriguez, Robert Edens, Michael Gladstone, Buck Wilcox, Hilary Hattenbach, Michael Baker & Geri Baker, nephew Nate, Mark&Leenie, Jayce Varden and the folks at, Wes Dooley, Rene Plummer, Santa Cruz Guitars and the AEA gang, Soni Levy, Stephen Gaudet, James Gale, Dave Weiderman, Tom W, Ernie M., Gary, Jake, Ray De La C, Mike S, Jeannette A, Arnie T, Jan Bishop, Blair Herbert, Mark at Norm’s. Leland Sklar, Mark & Linda Tabbert, Steve Dwire, Arnold McCuller, Ed Pickett, Matt Wright, Ankie, Brad Duds, Yvi Bles and Tanya Page, Amber Lee Abbott, Lisa Orloff Staley, my brother Chuck. our pals Ranger, Durf, Layla...and Copper, who always had a smile // Without you, this music wouldn’t have happened.”.

Joe Gorfinkle

source/pic: my records

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