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Paulette Carlson

Paulette Carlson - Love Goes On
Capitol Nashville CDP 7-97711-2 (1991) - US CD

1 - I’ll Start With You*
2 - Not With My Heart You Don’t*
3 - Someone I Used To Know*
4 - Love Is Never Wrong*
5 - Why Should I?*
6 - The Chain Just Broke*
7 - It’s Too Bad*
8 - Where Ya Comin’ From*
9 - Falling In Love For A Lifetime*
10 - Love Goes On*

Notes: CD album does not come with track-by-track musician credits.

Paulette Carlson - Vocals, Background Vocals
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)*
Carlos Vega - Drums (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Billy Joe Walker, Jr. - Acoustic Guitar
Reggie Young - Electric Guitar
Sonny Garrish - Steel
Paul Franklin - Pedabro, Steel
Bill Cuomo - Synthesizer, Piano
Mike Lawler - Synthesizer
John Jarvis - Piano
Tom Roady - Percussion
Harry Stinson - Background Vocals
Vicki Hampton - Background Vocals
Chris Rodriguez - Background Vocals

Produced by Jimmy Bowen for Lynwood Productions and Paulette Carlson for Sportsman Music, Inc.

Steve Tillisch (as Stephen Tillisch) - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Jeff Coppage - Overdubs Recording Engineer, Assistant Recording Engineer, Additional Overdubs Assistant Recording Engineer, Assistant Mixing Engineer
Tim Kish - Overdubs Recording Engineer
Ron Treat - Additional Overdubs Recording Engineer
Mel Jones - Overdubs Assistant Recording Engineer

Recording Studio:
Sound Stage Studio (also Overdubs and Additional Overdubs)

Glenn Meadows - Mastering Engineer, CD Master Tape Preparation at Masterfonics
Milan Bogdan - Digital Editing

Mastering Studio:

Management: Charlie Lico

Kathleen Covert/Covert Design - Art Direction, Design
William Hawkes - Photography
Melanie Randolph - Make Up Artist

“Digitally recorded and mixed at Sound Stage Studio by Stephen Tillisch (…)”.

“Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics using the JVC Digital Audio Mastering System and the Bedini Audio Spacial Environment, B.A.S.E., Sylmar, California”.

“CD master tape prepared by Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics”.

“There are so many people who contributed to the success of this project but space allows me to mention just a few. My thanks go out to all those who worked so hard on this album, but a special thanks to the person who had so much confidence in me, Jimmy Bowen. Your unique musical talent and driving work ethic was an inspiration to me. // To the musicians on this album, Carlos Vega, Leland Sklar, Billy Joe Walker, Jr., Reggie Young, Bill Cuomo, Tom Roady, Sonny Garrish, John Jarvis, Paul Franklin and Mike Lawler, it was a joy to work with each of you. I know you all went the extra mile; from the bottom of my heart - thank you. // To Chris, Tom, Jeff, Mike and Jerry for joining with me in creating these songs, thank you. And to the engineers, Stephen Tillisch, Jeff Coppage, Tim Kish and Mel Jones, whose technical skills and assistance was so deeply appreciated, thanks for a job well done. // To my manager, Charlie Lico, thanks for your support and for getting this project off on the right track. // To Jim Ed Norman and the Warner Bros. staff, thank you for your support these last five years that I had together with Highway 101 - it was a joy. To those who have been so helpful at Capitol Nashville, Janie West, Abbe Medic, Cathy Gurley, Wayne Halper and to all the people there who are making me feel so welcome - I look forward to our new association. // To my husband, Randy, whose support and patience is never ending - all my loving gratitude. This album is dedicated to you and our little baby, Cali Gabriel. // Thanks, Paulette // 1991”.

“Paulette Carlson International Fan Club // Ned and Julie Sheils // P.O. Box 1144 // Arvada, CO 80001-1144”.

Paulette Carlson
Jerry Careaga
Chuck Jones
Michael Noble
Paul Overstreet
Jeff Pennig
Monty Powell
Don Schlitz
Tom Shapiro
Chris Waters

source/pic: my records

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