Friday, June 29, 2012

Tom Bresh (Thom Bresh)

Tom Bresh - Homemade Love
Farr FL-1000 (1976) - US LP

Side One

1 - Sad Country Love Song
2 - Hey Daisy (Where Have All The Good Times Gone)
3 - While We Make Love Together
4 - If I Were A Carpenter
5 - Homemade Love

Side Two

6 - Buford’s One & Only Funky Country Music Disco Band
7 - You’re My Home
8 - Where Was I
9 - Show Me
10 - There’s Always Something Missing

Notes: 1) LP does not come with track-by-track musician credits. 2) I wish to thank Mr. James Hughart for his help, and for sharing some details and info about the recording process. You may visit Mr. Hughart's website at

Tom Bresh - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Arranger
Leland Sklar - Bass
James Hughart - Bass
Ed Greene - Drums
Jim Gordon - Drums (as Jimmy Gordon)
John Beland - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Thom Rotella - Acoustic Guitar
Richard Bennett - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Dean Parks - Electric Guitar
Larry Muhoberac - Piano
David Foster - Piano
Mark Peters - Electric Keyboards
Tom Bahler - Background Vocalist
Julia Tillman Waters - Background Vocalist (as Julia Tillman)
Linda Dillard - Background Vocalist
Laura Creamer - Background Vocalist
Mark Creamer - Background Vocalist
Susan Steward - Background Vocalist
Gerald Garrett - Background Vocalist

Produced and Arranged by Jimmy Bowen

Tom Bresh - Arrangements (6, 10)
Mark Peters - Vocal Arrangements

John Guess - Recording Engineer

Recording Studio:
Hollywood Sound Recorders

Allen Zentz - Mastering Engineer

Jim Wood - Photography
Jamico - Art Direction
Michael Levy - Cover & Liner Design

“A Word of Thanks to: // Jimmy Bowen - Not only is your talent unequalled, but you play a mean Tin Can. // Billy Graham (not to be confused with the religious one) - Your fiddlin' and eefin’ on Buford’s Disco Band was superb. // Grapenuts (The Dog) - Thanks for not howling.”.

“Special Thanks to: // Piggy Smith and Suzy Frank - Your belief and hard work has no limits. // Debi Neal - Your contribution was needed; and thanks for the glazed doughnuts.”.

Tom Bresh
John Beland
Tim Hardin
Billy Joel
Richard Mainegra

source/pic: my records

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