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Hope Partlow (Hope Wilson)

Hope Partlow - Who We Are
Virgin 7243 5 90134 2 8 (2005) - US CD

1 - Who We Are
2 - Don’t Go
3 - Crazy Summer Nights
4 - Sick Inside
5 - Girlfriend
6 - Like You Do
7 - I Believe In You
8 - It’s Too Late
9 - Cold
10 - Through It All
11 - Everywhere But Here
12 - Let Me Try
13 - Who We Are (Saturday Night Mix)

Notes: 1) CD album does not come with track-by-track musician credits. 2) CD album comes with journal entries by Ms. Partlow. Please refer to original booklet for these.

Hope Partlow - Vocals

The band:
Lee Sklar - Bass
Abraham Laboriel, Sr. - Bass (as Abe Laboriel, Sr.)
Mike Elizondo - Bass
Abraham Laboriel, Jr. - Drums (as Abe Laboriel, Jr.)
Rusty Anderson - Guitar
Heitor Pereira - Guitar
Matt Rollings - Piano, Organ
Matt Serletic - Keys, Background Vocals
Gabe Witcher - Fiddle
Lucy Woodward - Background Vocals
Angie Aparo - Background Vocals

Produced by Matt Serletic
Greg Collins - Additional Production

John O’Brien - Programming

Greg Collins - Recording Engineer
Mark Dobson - Recording Engineer, Digital Editing
John Holmes - Additional Recording
Matthew Cullen - Recording Assistant
Damien Shannon - Recording Assistant
Kevin Mills - Recording Assistant
John Berkowitz - Recording Assistant
Chris Jennings - Recording Assistant
Halsey Quemere - Recording Assistant
David Thoener - Mix Engineer
Bryan Pugh - Mix Assistant
Aaron Chmielewski - Mix Assistant
Adam Olmsted - Mix Assistant
Scott Moore - Mix Assistant
Jimmy Douglass - Remix Engineer (13)
Pat Woodward - Digital Editing

Recording Studios:
Allaire Studios - Shokan, NY
Henson Studios - Hollywood, CA
Right Track Recording - New York, NY
Tree Studios - Norcross, GA

Mixing Studios:
Right Track Recording, New York, NY
Quad Studios, Nashville, TN
O’Henry Studios - Burbank, CA
Manhattan Center, New York, NY (remix on track 13)

Bob Ludwig - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME

Dean Serletic - A&R
Michelle Ryang - A&R Admin
Shari Sutcliffe - Contractor, Production Coordinator
Jan Smith - Vocal Coach

Management: Larry Rudolph / Reign Deer Entertainment

Sean Mosher-Smith - Creative Direction
Christian Calabrò - Art Direction, Design
Sheryl Nields - Photography

“Make up provided by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics // 2005 Mustang V6 Convertible courtesy of Ford Motor Company”.

“Hey Everybody! // Thanks for checking out my CD! For more of my lyrics and journal entries, go to my website // Love, // Hope”.

“Thanking people should be an easy thing to do but it’s not. There is no way I can express my gratitude for everything that everyone has done for me. // It doesn’t start with recording an album. It starts at the beginning. First of all I give a huge thank you to my parents, my brother and sisters, and the rest of my family. Thanks for your love and support through everything. To my lovely friends at home, Billy Owens and the All American Band, everybody at the Strand - thanks for truly believing in me. // Aunt Joyce, Chris Pelcer, Laura Donohue, Allison Allen, Theresa Smith, I wouldn’t be here without all of your help and love. // Jan Smith and staff, Nite Driscoll, and the Atlanta Institute of Music - All of you totally rock and I can’t thank you enough. // All of the great musicians and songwriters, everyone at the studios thank you so much. Stuart Dutsky and Co., Joe Serling, Larry Rudolph, Adam Leber, and Kati Herrera - thanks for handing all the business stuff. Katie Agresta, everyone at Hanson Fitness, Robin Dunn at Steps on Broadway, Matthew Smith, Alan Savage, all of you kicked my butt with your talent. Thank you. Greg Collins, Mark Dobson, and the many involved in the making - Thank you for all your hard work. To everyone in the band - I HOPE IT LASTS FOREVER. No pun intended. Everyone at Virgin Records, thank you for all your time, effort, and energy. So much behind the scenes stuff has to happen and be dealt with - All of you do such an awesome job. Thank you again! // Dean Serletic, I wouldn’t be where I am today without you so it’s all your fault. I am very thankful to have someone like you who has walked me through, step by step, the process of making an album. You always had faith in me. Thank you. // Matt Serletic, I don’t know where to begin so I’ll start at the end - YOU ARE AWESOME! Working with you on the album was so cool. You amaze me with how much talent you have. I will never be able to thank you enough for giving me this huge opportunity! To be and artist with Virgin Records is a complete dream come true. Thank you for seeing what I could become with some help and a lot of support. I have so much respect for you and again I thank you.”.

“So many people have helped with this album. I thank you all so very very much. // Rock on, // - Hope”.

Angie Aparo
Tyler Bieck
Martin Briley
Rodney Clawson
Dave Cobb
Jason Deere
Connie Harrington
Kevin Kadish
Brent Roam
Dan Wilson

source/pic: my records

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