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David Garfield And Friends

David Garfield And Friends - Tribute To Jeff
Zebra ZD 44005-2 (1997) - US CD

1 - E Minor Shuffle
2 - Let’s Stay Together
3 - Twenty-One Drum Salute
4 - Lowdown
5 - If Six Was Nine
6 - Bag’s Groove
7 - My Heart Wants To Know
8 - It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
9 - Babylon Sisters*
10 - Stuffy
11 - Jeff’s Strut
12 - Big Bone
13 - Long Time No Groove

Notes: 1) This is an all-star tribute CD album dedicated to the memory of legendary session drummer and Toto member Jeff Porcaro. The selections include compositions either inspired by, connected to or originally inclusive of Jeff as a player (in a previous version). 2) Each track comes with its specific liner notes. Please refer to original booklet for these. 3) CD album comes with a biographical essay about Jeff Porcaro by Greg Rule entitled “Live Forever, Jeff…”. Please refer to original booklet for this. 4) In the original credits, some of the musicians’ pseudonyms are indicated following the instrument they play. This has been kept in the following credits write-up. 5) Jeff Porcaro is not performing on this collection. Some of his drawings are however reproduced in the CD booklet and his speaking voice can be heard in the track content.

David Garfield - Electric Piano, Synths, Synth Solo, Piano Solo, Acoustic Piano, Pads, Synth Organ, Midi Grand Piano & Synths “Creatchy”, Mini Moog, Misc. Synths, Synths, Keyboards, Synth Pads, Spoken Words
Jeff Porcaro - Voice
Lee Sklar - Bass (9)*, Barking Dogs (Do you have a razor?) (9)*
Jimmy Johnson - Bass, Fretless Lead Bass
Nathan East - Bass “My Late Mate Nate”
Freddy Washington - “P” Bass (as “Ready” Freddy Washington)
Will Lee - Bass, Lead Vocals
Chuck Domanico - Acoustic Bass
John Peña - Bass “Big Mondongas”, Clave Cowbell
Jimmy Haslip - Lead Fretless Bass “You’re Smokin’”, Additional Low Bass Note on Intro “Smokin’”
Neil Stubenhaus - Bass
Abraham Laboriel, Sr. - Bass (as Abe Laboriel Sr.)
Mike Porcaro - Bass, Zildjian Trash Hats
David Hungate - Lead Melody Fretless Bass
Carlos Vega - Drums
Steve Ferrone - Drums, Snare Drum
Gregg Bissonette - Drum Kit, Drums
Steve Gadd - Drum Kit, Drums
Vinnie Colaiuta - Drum Kit, Drums & Cymbals “Brush Birds Flying Away at End”
Dave Weckl - Drum Kit w/Filter
Richard Hayward (as Richie Hayward) - Drum Set (played together with Jim Keltner) w/Brushes, Drums
Jim Keltner - Drum Set (played together with Richie Hayward) w/Brushes, Drums, Tambourine
Abraham Laboriel, Jr. (also as Abe Laboriel Jr.) - Drums, Floor Tom Tom
Simon Phillips - Drums, Gong Drum, Spoken Word (White Collar Conservative)
Joe Porcaro - Drums, Pods, Crashers, “Taps” Toms
Tris Imboden - Drums “The Locksmith”
Bernard Purdie (as Bernard “Pretty” Purdie) - Drums (9)
David T. Walker - Rhythm Guitar
Michael Landau (also as Mike Landau) - Wah Wah Guitar, Lead Guitar, Guitar (Mono) “Bulge”, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocal
Steve Lukather - Acoustic/Electric “Luke” Guitar, Guitars
David Williams - “Wah Wah” Guitar
Paul Jackson, Jr. - Rhythm Guitar
Eddie Van Halen - Guitar, Guitar High Part, Lead Guitar
Denny Dias - Guitar (Dr. BeBop)
Jay Graydon - Guitar (Stereo) “Jake The Rake”
Paul Barrere - Slide Guitar
Fred Tackett - Guitar
Larry Carlton - Guitar
David Paich - Midi Grand Piano, 1st Piano Solo, Organ, Leslie Fender Rhodes
Steve Porcaro - Synth Horns, Strings & Synths
James Newton Howard - “Funky Clav” Sampled Clavinet
Joe Sample - Electric Piano “The Teacher”
Benmont Tench - Organ
Mike Finnigan - Organ
Greg Phillinganes - Electric Piano
Michael Boddicker - Synthesizers (as Michael “The Cleaner” Boddicker)
Greg Mathieson - Hammond B-3 Organ
David Benoit - Acoustic Grand Piano
Larry Klimas - Tenor Sax
Michael Paulo - Alto Sax
Tom Scott - Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax
Brandon Fields - Alto Sax, Soprano Sax
Bob Sheppard - Tenor Sax
Walt Fowler - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Jerry Hey - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Emil Richards - Vibraphone
Lenny Castro - Chekere, Congas, Percussion, Marching Field Drum, Congas “Stinky”, Tambourine
Luis Conte - Conga Solo, Batas, Tambourine, Congas, Percussion
Michito Sanchez - Talking Drum Solo, Djembe, Chekere, Percussion “Little Mitch”, Cowbell
Chris Trujillo - Cowbell, Congas, Shaker
Luis Enrique - Congas, Cowbell
Chris Porcaro - Snare Drum Cadence
Miles Porcaro - Snare Drum Cadence
Nico Porcaro - Snare Drum Cadence
Chase Porcaro Duddy - Tom Toms with Mallets
Peter Erskine - Piatti, Sopranino Snare with Ed Thigpen Brushes
John Guerin - “Now’s The Time” Toms, Snare Drum (“And” of Two)
Ralph Humphrey - “Gran Cassa” Bass Drum, Sidestick Snare
John Ferraro - Very Old Snare Drum with Boo Bams
Steve Jordan - Cocktail Drums
Paulette Browne - Lead Vocal
Michael McDonald - Lead Vocal
David Pack - Lead Vocal
Jason Schiff - Lead & Background Vocals “Snuggy”
Boz Scaggs - Lead Vocal
Don Henley - Chorus Vamp
Richard Marx - Chorus Vamp
Bill Champlin - Chorus Vamp, Vocal Step Outs, Background Vocals “The Enforcer”
Joseph Williams - Background Vocals “The Director”
“The Primo Donnas” (Don Henley, Bill Champlin, Richard Marx, David Pack) - Background Vocals
“The Jo-Ettes” (Joseph Williams, Jason Scheff) - Background Vocals

Produced, Arranged, Performed & Conceived by David Garfield “With a lotta help from my friends”
Produced by David Garfield (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)
Produced by David Garfield and Michael Landau (5)
Hiro Yamashita (Sweet Basil) - Executive Producer
Ricky Schultz (Zebra Records) - Executive Producer

David Garfield - Arrangements (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13), Vocal Arrangement (2)
Carlos Vega - Arrangement (1)
Alan Hirshberg - Arrangement (3)
Joe Porcaro - Arrangements (3, 11)
Donald Fagen - Arrangement (4)
Michael Landau - Arrangement (5)
Simon Phillips - Arrangement (5)
Will Lee - Arrangement (5)
Gregg Bissonette - Arrangement (12)
David Hungate - Arrangement (13)
Michael Boddicker - Synth Arrangement (9), Synth Programming (9)
Tom Scott & Jerry Hey (also as “Tom & Jerry”) - Horn Arrangements (10, 11)
Bill Champlin - Vocal Arrangements (2, 7)
Richard Marx - Vocal Arrangement (2)
David Pack - Vocal Arrangement (2)
Joseph Williams - Vocal Arrangement (4)
Jason Scheff - Vocal Arrangement (4)

Alan Hirshberg - Chief Engineer (East-West Audio Services), All Tracks Recording Engineer, Overdubs Engineer, Mixing Engineer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)
Robert Read - Overdubs Engineer, Assistant Engineer
Erwin Musper - Overdubs Engineer
Roodis Landau - Overdubs Engineer
Darren Mora - Overdubs Engineer, Assistant Engineer
Michael Rodriguez - Overdubs Engineer
Al Schmitt - Mixing Engineer (6)
JJ Blair - Assistant Engineer
Leslie Jones - Assistant Engineer
Bill Smith - Assistant Engineer
Steve Genewick - Assistant Engineer
Jim Giddens - Assistant Engineer
Dan Thompson - Assistant Engineer
Herb Lehmann - Assistant Engineer
Shawn McLean - Assistant Engineer
Jim Lawrence - Assistant Engineer
John Peña - Digital Editing, Post Production

Recording Studios:
Mad Hatter A&B
Capitol B
Fox Force Five
5150 Studios
Roodis Tones Studios
Tyrell Studios
Almost Seven Studios
The Powerless Station (NYC)
The Bennett House (Nashville)
Dave’s House Studios (Nashville)
The Bakery
Johnny Slamm Studios

Recording Locations (between 4/30 and 8/26, 1996):
New York City

Mixing Studio:
Mad Hatter Studio B.

Editing Studio:
Johnny Slamm Studios, October 1st, 1996

Gavin Lurssen - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
The Mastering Lab

The Crew:
Phil Sedillos - Head Equipment Technician, Chief “Juicemaker”
Justin McCarthy - McCarthy Keyboard
Peter G. - McCarthy Keyboard
Mike “Groty” Hendricks - McCarthy Keyboard
Gerrard “G-Man” McCarthy - McCarthy Keyboard
Jimmy “Boy” Williamson - Williamson Music
Craig DeMelt - Williamson Music
Jeff Chonis - Drum Paradise
Chris Sobchack - Drum Paradise
Jimmy Robison - Drum Paradise
Mike Rose - Drum Paradise
Ross Garfield - Drum Doctor
Lee - Drum Doctor
Bud Bissonette - Drum Doctor (Greg’s tech & Handshake Prankster)
Artie Smith - Drum Doctor (NYC drum tech)
Paul “Jamo” Jamieson - Paul Jamieson Studio Rentals
Ted Landau - Guitar Tech
Paul Rivera - Guitar Tech
Dave Rouze - Guitar Tech
Andy - Brauer Guitar
Jimmy - Brauer Guitar
Stan - Brauer Guitar
Chuck Choi - Assistant to Sherm
Michael Mason - Assistant to Volts
Ken Deane - 5150 Studios
Matt Bruck - 5150 Studios
Keith Albright - Piano Tuning

Yvonne Wish - Project Coordination, Assistance
Stryder D. Mastrandrea - Production Assistance
Shigeru “Shige” Takagi (Pony Canyon) - A&R Director
Production Coordination & Management: “Bangkok” Blue Johnson

Greg Rule - Liner Notes
Robert Knight - Photographer
Armando Gallo - Photographer
David Caballero - Photographer
“Bangkok” Blue Johnson - Photographer
Lilito Melon - Photographer
Eiji Kikuchi - Photographer
Jeff Porcaro - All Drawings
Eileen & Joe Porcaro (courtesy of) - Special Family Photos
Yoshie Yokoyama - Art Direction
Takayasu Tsuruta (Pony Canyon) - Art Direction
Eric Scott - Package Re-design
Doug Brown for WorldWest Communications - Creative Direction

“Edited by John Peña on the Sound Tools Digital editing system at Johnny Slamm Studios, October 1st, 1996”.

Track 1:
“(Men With Keyboards)”.

Track 3:
“(So Many Drummers, So Little Time)”.

“Endorsements // David Garfield uses Yamaha Keyboards and Synthesizers // Eddie Van Halen uses Peavey 5150 Amps & Peavey Wolfgang Guitars // Nathan East uses Yamaha Nathan East Signature Bass // David Benoit uses Yamaha Pianos // Peter Erskine uses Yamaha, Zildjian, Vic Firth & Evans/D’Addario // Fred Tackett uses Fender Guitars & Rivera Amps // Richie Hayward uses Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals & Pro Mark Sticks // Paul Barrere uses Fender Guitars & Rivera Amps // Steve Jordan uses Yamaha Club Jordan // David T. Walker uses Artex Guitars // Vinnie Colaiuta uses Gretsch Drums, Zildjian Cymbals & Sticks // Jim Keltner uses DW Drums and Paiste Cymbals // Neil Stubenhaus uses James Tyler Basses // Steve Ferrone uses Sabian Cymbals, Pearl Drums & Pro Mark Sticks // John Guerin uses Zildjian Cymbals & DW Drums // Ralph Humphrey uses Yamaha, Indian & Remo Heads // Dave Weckl uses Yamaha Drums, Zildjian, Vic Firth & Remo Heads //Michael Paulo uses Yanagisawa Saxophones // Jay Graydon uses Rivera Amps & Bossa Guitars // Brandon Fields uses Selmer Saxophones // Tris Imboden uses DW Drums, Zildjian Cymbals & Sticks, Gibralter Racks // Abe Laboriel Jr. uses DW Drums, Paiste Cymbals and Easton Sticks // David Williams uses Ibanez Guitars, Rivera Amps & Dean Markley Strings // Bernard Purdie uses Slingerland Drums, Sabian Cymbals & Cappalla Sticks // John Peña uses Trace Elliot Amps, La Bella Strings & Warwick // David Paich uses Yamaha // Emil Richards uses Sonor Vibes and Paiste America Cymbals // Joe Porcaro uses G.M.S. Drums, Paiste Cymbals & Aquarian Drum Heads // Steve Lukather uses Music Man Guitars and Ernie Ball Strings // Gregg Bissonette uses Slingerland Drums, Zildjian, Vic Firth, DW Pedals // Carlos Vega uses DW Drums and Paiste Cymbals // Will Lee uses Sadowsky Basses, Dean Markley Strings & Hipshot D-Tuner // Lenny Castro uses LP, Paiste Cymbals, Rhythm Tech // Luis Enrique uses Toca Percussion, Remo Heads & Percussion // Chris Trujillo uses LP, Zildjian Cymbals & Sticks, Remo Heads // Luis Conte uses LP, Zildjian Cymbals & Sticks, Remo Heads, Porcaro Bags // Steve Gadd uses Yamaha Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks // Simon Phillips uses Star Classic Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo, Pro Mark, Shure Mics // Paul Jackson Jr. uses Gibson Guitars, Rivera Amps, Monster Cable, Dean Markley Strings // John Ferraro uses Zildjian, Vic Firth, Evans, Trigger Perfect, XL Cases, Drum Workshop”.

“Thank You’s // Hoffman Travel: Andy Leeds, Jody & Susan // Capitol Studios: Paula Salvatore, Louise Glover, Will Donovan // mad Hatter Studios: Mark Francovich, Larry Mah, Jordan D’Aleffio // Fox Force Five Studios: JJ Blair, Mike Coeyman // The Porcaro Family: Joe, Eileen, Steve, Pam, Heather, Mike, Cheryl, Brianne, Sam, Little Jeffrey, Joleen, Brittany, Paige, Steve & Chase Duddy, Susan, Miles, Chris & Nico Hendrix. // Chick Corea, Bernie Kirsh, Steve Tyrell, J.C. Phillips, Marty Wolff, Alice & Pat Denny, Richard Nakano, Gus’s Smoke Shop, Patrick Rains, Bill Darlington, Lon Cohen, Larry Lee, Rob Broadwell, Harry McCarthy, Ted Landau, Joyce & Ming Johnson, Jerry Levin, Sportsman’s Lodge, Raymond Orosa, Carolyn Powell, Gina Cefalu, Rick Rees, Tyler & Christina Castro, Vous Salon & Dina, Irving Azoff, Richard Tokatz, “Chimo”…You are my friend! Elizabeth Colaiuta, Don Maxwell, Angus “Gus” Morrison & Further More, Tina Steere, Gene Webster, Mark Scaggs, Craig Fruin, Sussana at HK, Fitzgerald & Hartley Co., Mark Hartley, David Dillon, Anita Heilig, Kumiko, Sharon Marshall, Dr. Robert Deutsch, Terry Trotter, Terry Wollman, Terry Wood, Susan Stone, Jenea & Tamara, T-Bone, Stazzy & Perkins, Martin “Vote Gay, Vote for Tay” Cole (Jeff’s famous poster boy), John “JJ” Jessle, Kenji Sano, Hajime Motoki, Yuji Hori, Terry DeWolfe, Martin Woodlee, Greg Rule, Jim Aikin, Keyboard Magazine, Avery Burdette, Debbie Stewart, Phil “PC” Clendeninn, Yamaha Keyboards, Toto Legend, Lauri Stine, Chris Webb, David Caballero, Dutch Toto & Los Lobotomys Fan Club, Power Plant, Dirk Schubert, JD Brill, Jon Ostrin, Piper, Taiyo Music, Kay Ricketts, Kiyoshi Mizukami, Tats Nagashima, Sweet Basil, Hiro Yamashita, Kae Satoh, Shigeyuki Kawashima, Pony Canyon, Shigeru “Shige” Takagi, Ad Lib Magazine, Mr. Matsushita, Udo San, Naito San, Pat Murphy, Tom & Tawa’s Spa, Rick Waite & West LA Music, Jed Lieber, Alex Van Halen, Bob Bradshaw, Project One A/V, Tom & Straight Copy, Audio Affects, Dave Widerman/Rock Walk, Music Express, Isgo Lepejian Photography, Sadna, Bud & Phyllis Bissonette, Shelly Slusman…We miss you.”.

“Quotes… // “There’s pushing the envelope, then there’s licking the envelope” - Leland Sklar 5/96 // “On some of those fast takes we have talent attacks” - Steve Gadd 6/96 // “The music visits when the tempo slows down” - Abraham Laboriel 6/96 // “If you like that kind of music, it’s really beautiful” - Larry Carlton 6/96 // “It’s a love hang parts one, two, and three” - Jay Graydon 5/96 // “The music comes from your heart, the rest falls into place” - Ed Van Halen 8/96 // “Who are these old guys?” - Jim Keltner 7/96 // “We don’t need a click track” - Luis Conte 6/96 // “The three was scatchaad” - Joe Porcaro 6/96 // “Don’t finish the project without me” - Michael McDonald 7/96 // “I need improvement not eradication?” - Will Lee 8/96 // “Jeff played drums in my song “Climbing” (from the latest album “Louder Than Words”), and a week later, he went to heaven. When we were in the studio, he came up with a lot of brilliant new ideas one after the other, which greatly encouraged me, as a singer, to move on.” - Lionel Richie (from interview for AdLib magazine) // “Where else can you expect nothing, and get it?” - Jeff Porcaro 2/87”.

“You Were Missed // David Sanborn, Bruce Springsteen, Donald Fagen, Jeff Beck, James Ingram, George Benson, Michael O’Neill, Dean Parks, James “Hutch” Hutchinson, Danny Kortchmar, Dan Fergeson, John Pierce, Curt Bisquera, John Robinson, Ric Marotta, Harvey Mason, Mike Thompson, Everette Harp, Bill Schnee, Nico Bolas, Neil Larsen, Tom Brechtlein, Michael White, Land Richards, Ricky Lawson, Ralf Rickert, Vince Denham & “the other” Jimmy Johnson.”.

“Message From Creatchy // I would especially like to thank Alan, Blue, Yvonne, Stryder, Phil, Steevo, Joe & Eileen Robert, Darren, John E. Slamm, Uncle Will, Justin, Jimmy Boy and all of the many wonderful Musicians, Artists, Technicians and Others who contributed their time, ideas, energy, talent, services, enthusiasm, support, wisdom, knowledge, memories, creativity, respect and love. I want to express my sincere appreciation to everyone that participated in this project. I would also like to thank my own family, Sol, Amy, Ann, Joan, Stan, Roger, Harlan, Tracy, Kathy, Rebecca, Julie, Eddie & My Aunt Helen who passed away on 4/1/96 (Jeff’s Birthday) when I had just begun pre-production for this project. I finally want to thank you, Jeff, for believing in me and helping me along my path in music and in life. You are missed, but your memory is very strong and with us all of the time. Peace.”.

“In Memory of Jeffrey Thomas Porcaro - 4/1/54-8/5/92. We miss you.”.

Jeff Porcaro
David Garfield
Walter Becker
David Benoit
Gregg Bissonette
Bob Dylan
Donald Fagen
Al Green
Jimi Hendrix
Al Jackson
Milt Jackson
Larry Lee
Willie Mitchell
David Paich
John Peña
Joe Porcaro
Boz Scaggs
Jason Scheff

source/pic: my records

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