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Richard Marx

Various Richard Marx singles - promos or otherwise - have been issued with edit/acoustic/live versions of tracks from these two following albums. Please do check back for relative updates.

Richard Marx - Rush Street
Capitol 068-7 95874 1 (1991) - US LP
Capitol TOCP-6865 (1991) - Japan CD - Issue with 1 additional track
Capitol 7809942 (1991) - Australia CD - Alternate AUS release with 3 bonus live tracks

US LP track list

Side One

1 - Playing With Fire
2 - Love Unemotional
3 - Keep Coming Back
4 - Take This Heart
5 - Hazard
6 - Hands In Your Pocket
7 - Calling You

Side Two

8 - Superstar*
9 - Streets Of Pain
10 - I Get No Sleep
11 - Big Boy Now
12 - Chains Around My Heart
13 - Your World

Japan CD track list

J1 - Playing With Fire
J2 - Love Unemotional
J3 - Keep Coming Back
J4 - Take This Heart
J5 - Hazard
J6 - Hands In Your Pocket
J7 - Calling You
J8 - Superstar*
J9 - Ride With Idol - Japan only additional track
J10 - Streets Of Pain
J11 - I Get No Sleep
J12 - Big Boy Now
J13 - Chains Around My Heart
J14 - Your World

Australia CD track list

AUS1 - Playing With Fire
AUS2 - Love Unemotional
AUS3 - Keep Coming Back
AUS4 - Take This Heart
AUS5 - Hazard
AUS6 - Hands In Your Pocket
AUS7 - Calling You
AUS8 - Superstar*
AUS9 - Streets Of Pain
AUS10 - I Get No Sleep
AUS11 - Big Boy Now
AUS12 - Chains Around My Heart
AUS13 - Your World
AUS14 - Don't Mean Nothin' (Live) - Australia CD bonus track
AUS15 - Hold On To The Nights (Live) - Australia CD bonus track
AUS16 - Have Mercy (Live) - Australia CD bonus track

Notes: 1) Above image and side one/two breakdown were taken from the US Columbia House LP release on Capitol C1-595874 (1991). See below for images of other releases. 2) Following credits were taken from the US, Japan and Australia CD releases. 3) Japanese CD release includes one additional track for Japan only (J9). This edition does include lyrics but not musician credits for additional track. 4) Australian CD release comes with same US track content plus three bonus live tracks recorded in 1987. No musician credits are provided for these. See below for more details. 5) For additional liner notes content please refer to original CD.

Original US CD Credits

Richard Marx - Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Piano, Fender Rhodes, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Leland Sklar - Bass (8)*
Randy Jackson - Bass
Marcus Miller - Bass
Nathan East (also as Nathan “Maaaan!” East) - Bass
Jim Cliff - Bass, Background Vocal
Terry Bozzio - Drums
Jonathan Moffett (also as Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett) - Drums
Jeff Porcaro - Drums (6, 7, 8, 12)
Tommy Lee - Drums
Mike Baird - Drums
Steve Lukather - Guitars, Guitar Solos, Solo
Bruce Gaitsch - Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Solo
Michael Landau (also as Mike Landau and Michael “Delicious Sexy Trip” Landau) - Guitars, Solo, Guitar Solo, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Paul Warren - Guitar, Background Vocal
Greg Phillinganes - Fender Rhodes
Michael Egizi (as Mike Egizi and also as Michael “No Way” Egizi) - Keyboards, Background Vocal
Kim Bullard - Keyboards
Bill Champlin - Hammond B3
Billy Joel - Piano
Lee Thornberg - Trombone, Trumpet
Steve Grove - Saxophone
John Logan - Harmonica (as John “Juke” Logan)
Chris Trujillo (also as Chris “Dad” Trujillo) - Percussion
Richard Page - Background Vocal
Steve George - Background Vocal
Dalbello - Background Vocals (also as the ladies of “Hooterville”)
Tamara Champlin - Background Vocals (also as the ladies of “Hooterville”)
Fee Waybill - Background Vocals
Brandy Rosenberg - Background Vocal
Matt Westfield - Background Vocal
Luther Vandross - Background Vocals
Janet Gardner - Background Vocal
The ladies of “Hooterville” (Dalbello, Tamara Champlin, Ruth Marx) - Background Vocals
Cheryl Lynn - Background Vocal
Cindy Mizelle - Background Vocal

Produced by Richard Marx
Fee Waybill - Lead Vocal Co-Producer (1, 10)

Richard Marx - Arrangements (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)
Steve Lukather - Arrangements (1, 9, 10)
Jerry Hey - Horn Arrangement Inspirator (2)
Bruce Gaitsch - Arrangement (7, 13)
Jeff Porcaro - Arrangement (8)
Mike Landau - Arrangement (13)
Mike Egizi - Programming (5)
Jon Clarke - Drum Machine Programming (1)

Bill Drescher - Engineer (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13), Mixing
Engineer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12), Additional Engineering (5)
Peter Doell - Engineer (5, 7, 12)
Ray Blair - Engineer (6)
Dave Wittman - Billy Joel Recording Engineer at Right Track Studios (10)
Mick Guzauski - Mixing Engineer (8)
Brian Malouf - Mixing Engineer (11, 13)
Michael Douglass - Assistant Engineer
Lolly Grodner - Assistant Engineer
Bryant Arnett - Assistant Engineer
Tom Nellen - Assistant Engineer
Kevin Reeves - Assistant Engineer
Charlie Paakkari - Assistant Engineer
Mark Hagen - Assistant Engineer
Mark Stebbeds - Assistant Engineer
Brad Aldridge - Assistant Engineer
Randy Wine - Assistant Engineer
Jesse Kanner - Assistant Engineer
Leslie Ann Jones - Assistant Engineer
Rick Caughron - Assistant Engineer
Lavant "Van Gogh" Coppock - Assistant Engineer
Rick Norman - Assistant Engineer
Pat MacDougall - Assistant Engineer

Recording Studios:
A&M Studios - L.A.
Lion Share Studios - L.A.
Right Track Studios - N.Y.
Sunset Sound Studios - L.A.
Frantic Studio - L.A.
Westlake Studios - L.A.
Capitol Studios - L.A.
Bill Champlin Studio - L.A.
Village Recorders - L.A.
Elumba Studios - L.A.
Can-Am Studios - L.A.
The Enterprise - L.A.

Wally Traugott - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
Capitol Studios

Susanne Marie Edgren - Production Coordinator for Humble Heart Music
Ross Garfield - Custom Drums and Tweakage
Drum Doctors - Custom Drums and Tweakage

Larry Vigon - Art Direction, Design
Brian Jackson - Design
Nels Israelson - Photography

“Thanks To: // Bobby Colomby, Bruce Lundvall, Allen Kovac and all at Left Bank, to my new friends at Capitol, Jim Fifield, Joe Smith, Dean Cameron, Helmut Fest, Rupert Perry, David Stockley, Jean Francois Cecillon, Alexis Rotelli, all my friends in International, Gary Gilbert, Bernie Gudvi and all at Gudvi and Chapnick, Al Silfen, Elliot Groffman, Paul Schindler, Alan Grubman, Don Engel, the entire Promotion Staff of EMI for 3 years of kicking ass, Kevin Coy, Taylor Michaels, Mom and Dad, The Rhodes Gang, Bill Drescher, Peter Doell, Ross Garfield, Ray Blair, Susanne Marie Edgren, Duane Guildoo, Colin James, Tommy Lee, Luther Vandross, and one of the reasons I wanted to be a songwriter: Billy Joel. // Big Thanks to my co-writers: Bruce Gaitsch, who I can always count on; Fee Waybill, a brilliant talent who never missed a day; and Steve Lukather, a man who knows no bounds, be it in music or crudeness. “You cats are such a delight!” // My thanks to Mike Landau for all of his musical and humorous contributions over the years. // Mike Egizi: Thank you for your contributions to this album, and for being a great cheerleader. // More big thanks to my great road crew who worked their asses off for 30 months; my brothers in the band who make touring a great experience; and to our leader, Charlie Wright. // This was the best time I've ever had in the studio thanks to all the ridiculously talented musicians who played on this record”.

“All my love to Cynthia”.

“This album is lovingly dedicated to my son, Brandon; and my late grandmother, Lois for their inspiration. As Billy Joel once wrote, “Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes.””.

Track 1:
“Special Thanks to Barry White and the inventor of the Talkbox”.

“For more info write: Richard Marx,
P:O: Box 931659, LA, CA 90093-1659”.

Japan CD Additional Credits

Marie Nishimori - Translations

Alternate Australian CD Release Additional Credits

Produced by Richard Marx & David Cole (AUS14, AUS15, AUS16)

Don Bartley - Mastering Engineer (AUS14, AUS15, AUS16)

Mastering Studio:
Studios 301 (AUS14, AUS15, AUS16)

Richard Marx
Bruce Gaitsch
Steve Lukather
Fee Waybill

“Rush Street” - Japan CD - rear inlay

“Rush Street” - Australia CD - rear inlay

source/pics: my records
US LP catalog #: the web

Richard Marx - Paid Vacation
Capitol CDP 0777 7 89729 2 4 (1993) - US CD
EMI 3310 (1993) - EU CD - Issue with 2 additional tracks
Capitol TOCP-7912 (1993) - Japan CD - Issue with 2 additional tracks and 1 bonus track

US CD track list

1 - The Way She Loves Me*
2 - One More Try
3 - Silent Scream
4 - Nothing To Hide
5 - Soul Motion
6 - Now And Forever
7 - Goodbye Hollywood*
8 - Heaven's Waiting
9 - Nothing Left Behind Us
10 - What You Want
11 - One Man*
12 - Baby Blues

EU/Japan CD track list

EUJ1 - The Way She Loves Me*
EUJ2 - One More Try
EUJ3 - Silent Scream
EUJ4 - Nothing To Hide
EUJ5 - Whole World To Save - EU/Japan additional track
EUJ6 - Soul Motion
EUJ7 - Now And Forever
EUJ8 - Goodbye Hollywood*
EUJ9 - Heaven's Waiting
EUJ10 - Nothing Left Behind Us
EUJ11 - What You Want
EUJ12 - One Man*
EUJ13 - Miami 2017 - EU/Japan additional track
EUJ14 - Baby Blues

bonus track for Japan CD only

J15 - Another Heaven

Notes: 1) Above picture was taken from the US Columbia House CD release on Capitol CDP 581232 (1993). 2) Following credits were taken from same US CD release and Japanese CD release. 3) Japanese CD release includes one bonus track for Japan only (J15), plus two additional tracks originally included, according to web sources, only in the European edition (EUJ5, EUJ13). 4) Japan release does include credits and lyrics for the EU additional tracks but not for the Japan-only bonus track. 5) For additional liner notes content please refer to original CD.

Original US CD Credits

Richard Marx - Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars, Additional Keyboards, Piano, Finger Snaps, Background Vox, Background Vocals
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 7, 11)*
Randy Jackson - Bass, Finger Snaps
Felix Krish - Bass
Nathan East - Bass
Jonathan Moffett - Drums (1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10), Finger Snaps
Russ Kunkel - Drums
Tony Beard - Drums
Jeff Porcaro - Drums (11)
Bruce Gaitsch - Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Solo
Terry Thomas - Guitars, Background Vocal
Paul Warren - Guitar Solo
Bill Champlin - Organ, Background Vocal
Bill Payne - Keyboards, Organ, Piano Solo
David Innis - Organ
Greg Phillinganes - Keyboards (as Greg Phillanganes)
Steve Grove - Horns
Lee Thornburg - Horns
Jerry Goodman - Strings
Pavel Farkas - Strings
Israel Baker - Strings
Farhad Behroozi - Strings
Sid Page - Strings
Charlie Bisharat - Strings
Gailt Cruz - Strings
James Getzoff - Strings
Henry Corbett - Strings
John Logan - Harmonica (as Juke Logan)
Chris Trujillo - Percussion
Luis Conte - Percussion
Ross Garfield - Finger Snaps
Lionel Richie - Background Vox
Luther Vandross - Background Vox
Marilyn Martin - Background Vocals
Cheryl Lynn - Background Vocal
Max Carl - Background Vocal
Timothy B. Schmit - Background Vocal (as Timothy B. Schmidt)
Vince Gill - Background Vocal

Produced by Richard Marx (1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11)
Produced by Richard Marx and Terry Thomas (4)
Fee Waybill - Lead Vocal Co-Producer (3, 9)

Dick Marx - String Arrangement (6)
Richard Marx - Arrangements (1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11), Horn Arrangement (1)
Leland Sklar - Arrangement (1)
Bruce Gaitsch - Arrangements (1, 2)
Terry Thomas - Arrangement (4)
The Band (Richard Marx, Jonathan Moffett, Randy Jackson, Bruce Gaitsch, Greg Phillinganes) - Arrangement (5)
Bill Champlin - Background Vocals Arrangement (10)

Bill Drescher - Engineer (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11), Mixing Engineer (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)
Bruce Gaitsch - Engineer (3, 4)
Rob Jacobs - Engineer (4)
Terry Thomas - Engineer (4)
Richard Marx - Engineer (4)
Mike Shipley - Mixing Engineer (Secret Sound) (2)
Rafe McKenna - Mixing Engineer (The Hit Factory) (4)

Mixing Studios:
Secret Sound, Woodland Hills, CA. (2)
The Hit Factory, London (4)

Wally Traugott - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
Capitol Studios

Susanne Marie Edgren - Production Coordinator for Humble Heart Music
Management: Left Bank Management

Larry Vigon - Art Direction, Design
Brian Jackson - Design
Nels Israelson - Photography
Al Silfen - Inside Photos

“Thank you: Bruce Lundvall (for letting me make records), Allen Kovac, Tommy Manzi, Ed Thomas, Sharon Tapper, Lewis Kovac, Jeff Sydney, Gary Gersh, Ralph Simon, Bruce Kirkland, Bernie Gudvi, Anna McNeal, Beth Kerr, Geri Leonard, Jeff Broudy, Dennis Arfa, Don Engel, Alan Grubman, Paul Schindler, Al Silfen, John Sperling, Danielle Russell, Dennis Eckersley, Tony LaRussa, Kathy Jacobsen, Kimberly White, Rick Bernstein, Rob Huizenga, Joe Sugarman, Ross Garfield, Robert Conrad, Ed Liu, Joe, Mitch and the Gang at Spumanti, Josh Kanter, Jeannie Schwartz, Duane Guildoo, The Rhodes Family, Aunt Connie, Les Bider, Myron Martin, Jeremy Hammond, Larry Jenkins, Everyone at Cema, and the entire Capitol/EMI Family Worldwide. // Huge thanks to my band: Paul, Steve, Don, Scott, Jim and Pat… and to the greatest crew anywhere: Ed, Neil Babe, Billy, Connie, Bruce, Mike, Richard, J.T. and, of course, Bocko. A job well done, lads! // Big hugs to Charlie Wright // Big love to my mom and dad // To Fee Waybill: we've been writing together for nearly a decade (!) Your talent is endless. Your friendship is a treasure; but what I love most about you is that you're so much older than me. // To Bruce Gaitsch: what can I say that we haven't faxed each other already? I wouldn't like my job nearly as much without you. You have my love and great admiration. // To Bobby Colomby: if not for you, I may still be writing songs, but probably not liner notes. Thank you, brother. I love you. // To Terry Thomas: you are a true gentleman and I had a lot of fun working with you. Now, press the button, you twit! // My thanks to David Foster for introducing me to my wife and Fee. // To Bill Drescher: thank you for the support, the great sounds, and for having no ego. // To Susanne Edgren: hey baby! You continue to save my ass year after year, and take all my abuse. You're the best! // My gratitude to all the fine musicians and singers who appear on this album. // Thank you, Wally Traugott, for your ears and wisdom. // Beyond the call of duty: Randy Jackson and Jonathan Moffett // Luther Vandross: if you ever get tired of your voice, would you give it to me? Thank you, my friend, for once again lending your support, humor and enthusiasm. // Vince Gill: “Boy, you've got a real purty mouth!” Thank you for singing with me and for the laughs in the studio. Your success is so well deserved. // Lionel Richie: you are such a class act. Thank you for 11 years of cheerleading that has meant a lot to me. // All my love to Cynthia, Brandon, Lucas and Jesse. This one's for you.”.

“Richard Marx plays Baldwin pianos”.

Track 11:
“To me, there was no better drummer than Jeff Porcaro. His musicianship and kindness to me will never be forgotten. Our loss is heaven's gain.”.

EU/Japan CD Additional Credits

Richard Marx - “Oohs”
Myron Grombacher - Drums
Paul Warren - Guitars
Greg Phillinganes - Fender Rhodes
Mike Egizi - Keyboards
Steve Grove - Saxophone
Ruth Marx - “Oohs”

Produced by Richard Marx (EUJ5, EUJ13)
Fee Waybill - Lead Vocal Co-Producer (EUJ5)

Richard Marx - Arrangement (EUJ5)

Bill Drescher - Engineer (EUJ5), Mixing Engineer (EUJ5, EUJ13)
Peter Doell - Engineer (EUJ13)

Richard Marx
Bruce Gaitsch
Terry Thomas
Fee Waybill
Additional Songwriter (EU/Japan CD):
Billy Joel

source/pic: my records
EU and US catalog #s: the web


Lee played with Richard Marx in a VH1 production called “Richard Marx The Live Version” that was originally broadcasted on the VH1 channel in 1994. I was not able to find a commercial tape of this. The following content is however available on YouTube.


1 - What You Want*
2 - Should've Known Better*
3 - Hold On To The Nights*
4 - Now & Forever*
5 - Baby What You Want Me To Do?*
6 - Hazard*
7 - Keep Coming Back*
8 - The Way She Loves Me*
9 - Right Here Waiting*
10 - Don't Mean Nothing*

Richard Marx - Vocal, Guitar, Piano
Lee Sklar - Bass (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)*
Herman Matthews (as Herman Mathews) - Drums (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Bruce Gaitsch - Guitar, Background Vocals
Paul Warren - Guitar, Background Vocals
Max Carl - Keyboards, Background Vocals
Steve Grove - Sax

source: the web

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