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Vanessa Carlton

“Be Not Nobody” - UK special new edition - front inlay

Vanessa Carlton - Be Not Nobody
A&M 069 493307-2 (2002) - US CD
A&M 069 493583-2 (2002) - UK CD - UK special new edition with bonus tracks and live footage

A&M UICA-1010 (2002) - Japan CD - Japan release with bonus tracks and alternate artwork

1 - Ordinary Day*
2 - Unsung*
3 - A Thousand Miles*
4 - Pretty Baby*
5 - Rinse*
6 - Sway*

7 - Paradise
8 - Prince
9 - Paint It Black*
10 - Wanted
11 - Twilight

UK release bonus tracks

12UK - Wanted - Ripe Mix
13UK - A Thousand Miles - (piano & vocal - live in Tokyo)
14UK - Ordinary Day - (piano & vocal - live in Holland)
15UK - Paradise - (piano & vocal version)

UK release bonus video

16UK - A Thousand Miles - (enhanced video - live in New York City)

Japan release bonus tracks

12J - Twilight - Live
13J - Wanted - Ripe Mix

Notes: 1) CD was released in various countries with various combinations of bonus material. The two editions the following credits were taken from should be inclusive of all material. According to web sources there however exists a radio edit CD single edition of “Ordinary Day”, and the same track was released for the US market on a 4-track CD single with unreleased song “Swindler” as a bonus. All versions of latter song I have come across were consisting however of only Ms. Carlton on vocals and piano. Check back for further updates. 2) Following credits were taken both from the UK and Japan releases. 3) No credits are provided for remix track 12UK/13J, although bass and drums have been added to the mix. 4) No credits are provided for video track 16UK. Lee is however not in the filmed lineup. 5) Although not specified on the cover, track 12J is a piano & vocal version.

Vanessa Carlton - Vocals, Piano
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12UK?, 13J?)*
Alex Al - Electric Upright Bass
Chuck Berghofer - Upright Bass
Abraham Laboriel, Jr. (as Abe Laboriel, Jr.) - Drums (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12UK?, 13J?)
John Goux - Guitars, Dulcimer, Sitar
Ron Fair - Vibes, Organ, Harmonica
Luis Conte - Percussion

The Orchestra:
Endre Granat - Violin, Concertmaster
Eun-Mee Ahn - Violin
Jackie Brand - Violin
Charlie Bisharat - Violin, Electric Violin
Becky Bunnell - Violin
Bruce Dukov - Violin
Franklin D’Antonio - Violin
Mario de Leon - Violin
Joel Derouin - Violin
Armen Garabedian - Violin
Berj Garabedian - Violin
Alan Grunfeld - Violin
Clayton Haslop - Violin
Tammy Hatwan - Violin
Amy Hershberger - Violin
Lily HoChen - Violin
Kistin Fife - Violin
Alan Grunfeld - Violin
Tiffany Hu - Violin
Natalie Leggett - Violin
Phillip Levy - Violin
Rene Mandel - Violin
Robin Olson - Violin
Sid Page - Violin
Sara Parkins - Violin
Katia Popov - Violin
Barbra Porter - Violin
Marie Robertson - Violin
Anatoly Rosinsky - Violin
John Wittenberg - Violin
Margaret Wooten - Violin
Ken Yerke - Violin
Dmitri Bovaird - Viola
Paul Cohen - Viola
Matt Cooker - Viola
Brian Dembow - Viola
Karen Elaine - Viola
Marlow Fisher - Viola
Sam Formacola - Viola
Keith Grezen - Viola
Vicky Misckolczy - Viola
Simon Oswell - Viola
Kiren van Sant - Viola
David Walther - Viola
Bob Adcock - Cello
Larry Corbett - Cello
Steve Erdody - Cello
Suzie Katayama - Cello
Armen Ksadjikian - Cello
Tim Landauer - Cello
David Low - Cello
Cecilia Tsan - Cello
Nico Abandolo - Double Bass
Trey Henry - Double Bass
Mike Valerio - Double Bass
Gayle Levant - Harp
Rose Corrigan - Woodwinds
Cindy Ellis - Woodwinds
Susan Greenberg - Woodwinds
Daniel Higgins (as Dan Higgins) - Woodwinds, Recorder
David Shostac - Woodwinds
Sheridon Stokes - Woodwinds (as Sheridan Stokes)
Larry Williams - Woodwinds
Emil Richards - Vibes
Tommy Morgan - Harmonica
Dan Greco - Cymbalon

Produced by Ron Fair
Tal Herzberg - Co-producer (12UK, 13J)
Vanessa Carlton - Executive Producer
Ron Fair - Executive Producer

Ron Fair - Arrangements (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10), Orchestra Arrangements (except track 11), Orchestra Conduction (except track 11)
Vanessa Carlton - Arrangements (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Randy Kerber - Arrangement (11), Conduction (11)
Bill Hughes - Orchestra Contractor

Tal Herzberg - Recording Engineer, Pro Tools, Mixing Engineer (12UK, 13J)
Michael C. Ross - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer (7, 10, 11)
Bill Schnee - Additional Recording Engineer
Jack Joseph Puig - Mixing Engineer (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9)
Hugh Padgham - Mixing Engineer (4)
Erik Reichers - Assistant Engineer
Bryan Cook - Assistant Engineer
Jeff Rothschild - Assistant Engineer
Jim Danis - Assistant Engineer
Chris Wonzer - Assistant Engineer
J.D. Andrew - Assistant Engineer
Franny G - Assistant Engineer
Brian Vibberts - Assistant Engineer
Chris Steffen - Assistant Engineer
Jay Goin - Assistant Engineer

Recording Studios:
IGA Studios, Santa Monica
Henson Studios, Hollywood
Royaltone Studios, Burbank

Eddy Schreyer - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studios:
Oasis Mastering

Management: Peter Malkin for PMM, Inc.
Ron Fair - A&R Direction
Elisa Yastic - A&R Coordination
Nick Ferrara - Legal Representation for Serling, Rooks & Ferrara
Jon Podell - Booking for Evolution Talent
Sam Kirby - Booking for Evolution Talent
David Levin - Business Manager for David Levin Business & Accounting
Andrea Modenos - Business Manager for David Levin Business & Accounting

Drew FitzGerald - Art Direction for Facet Creative NY/LA, Additional Illustration
Kurt Iswarienko - Photography
Alan Silfen - Additional Photography
Jim Wright - Additional Photography
Stephanie Wolf - Styling

“This album has been an incredible adventure. It has been a journey filled with surprises, lessons, music, and most importantly love. Recording my songs and putting together this body of work has helped me grow not only as an artist but more importantly as a woman. I will never forget one moment of the making of “Be Not Nobody” for it is a part of me. I would like to thank everyone that has helped make this journey possible. // To the man: Ron Fair. You’ve helped me make the record of my dreams. Thank you for being so brilliant, so dedicated, and for understanding me like no one else. I am a better musician because of you. // Peter Malkin for stepping in and being my warrior man even at the worst of times. Thanks for the faith and for making me laugh. No girl could ask for a better manager. // I’d like to thank every single person at my label for working their asses off. A special thanks to Jimmy Iovine (for your expert advice), Doug Morris, Brenda Romano, Michelle Thomas, Dennis Dennehy, Andrew Mains, Paul Kremen, Steve Berman, Chris Lopes, Courtney Holt, Tanya Greig, David Saslow, Marc Friedenberg, Gretchen Anderson, Jenn Federici, Martin Kierszenbaum, Christina Meloche, Elisa Yastic, Herve Romain, Rob Harvey, Julie Hovsepian, Tomoko Itoki, Michelle Ozbourn, Eboni Berry, Nicole Frantz. Much love and peace to all of you. // Big thanks to everyone at Universal Publishing especially Andy Fuhrmann, Tom Sturges and David Renzer. // Special thanks to Peter Zizzo: Thank you so much for believing in me from the beginning and for teaching me so much. // Special thanks to Tal Herzberg (thank you for giving so much of yourself), Michael C. Ross, Hugh Padgham and Jack Joseph Puig. // Thanks to Willie Burman, Lourdes Lopez, the late Nenette Cherisse, Gelsey Kirkland, the late Stanley Williams, Talara Ruth, - thank you all for teaching me to dance. Nick Ferrara, Johnny Podell and Sam Kirby, Tina Shafer, Vera Tishiff, Alita Buzel, Brett Radin, Alessa Geboff, Julie Levine, Sharon Ainsburg, Jeff Anderson, Puffy’s Daddy, Tom Whalley, Justin Drexler, and Stephanie Wolf (thanks for being the older sister I never had and for putting up with me). Much love and peace. // To my family - Thanks mom and dad for being so wise. You have given me so much. I love you. To Gwen and Edmund- thanks for being so unimpressed by all this rock star business. I don’t say it enough, but I love you guys. To Jennifer- what would I do without you. // And last, but certainly not least, thank you Abe Laboriel Jr., Lee Sklar & John Goux. You guys have taught me so much. You are incredible musicians and I am humbled to work with you all. Not only are you all so talented but you guys are a great hang. Thank you for making music with me.”.

“Be Not Nobody” - Japan CD - alternate artwork wrap

Vanessa Carlton
Mick Jagger (as Michael Phillip Jagger)
Keith Richards

source/pics: my records
US catalog #: the web

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