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The Manhattan Transfer

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The Manhattan Transfer - The Offbeat Of Avenues
Columbia C 47079 (1991) - US LP

Side One

1 - The Offbeat Of Avenues
2 - Sassy
3 - 10 Minutes Till The Savages Come
4 - What Goes Around Comes Around
5 - Blue Serenade
6 - Gentleman With A Family

Side Two

7 - Women In Love
8 - A World Apart
9 - Confide In Me*
10 - The Quietude (Encuentro De Animales)
11 - Blues For Pablo

Note: Above picture and following credits were taken from the US CD release on Columbia CK 47079. Thanks to Alexander Filip for the side one/two breakdown.

Cheryl Bentyne - Vocals
Tim Hauser - Vocals, Sandpaper Blocks
Alan Paul - Vocals
Janis Siegel - Vocals
Lee Sklar - Bass (9)*
Bill Bodine - Bass, Synthesizer
Alec Milstein - Slap Bass
Alex Blake - Bass
Harvie Swartz - Bass
Jeff Porcaro - Drums (9)
John “J.R.” Robinson - Drums (as John Robinson)
Grady Tate - Drums
Connie Kay - Drums
Jamie Glaser - Guitar
Herb Pedersen - Acoustic Guitar
Ian Prince - Synthesizers
John Beasley - Synthesizer
Jeff Lorber - Synthesizers
Les Pierce - Synthesizers
Chuck Jonkey - Synthesizers, Sitar, Ethnic Percussion
Gerald O’ Brien - Synthesizers
Don Freeman - Synthesizers
Larry Williams - Saxophone
Mark Isham - Synthesizers, Trumpet
Yaron Gershovsky - Acoustic Piano
Mike Finnigan - B-3 Organ
Richard Elliot - Tenor Sax
Bob Sheppard - Saxophone
Peter Christlieb - Saxophone
Jerry Hey - Trumpet
Gary Grant - Trumpet
Lew Soloff - Trumpet Solo
Dirty Dozen Brass Band (Gregory Davis, Efrem Towns, Kevin Harris, Roger Lewis, Kirk Joseph, Charles Joseph) - Horns
Kirk Joseph - Tuba Solo
Hector Vargas - Zamponia & Quena
Frank Colon - Ethnic Percussion
Angelica Azero - Narrative

Produced by Tim Hauser
John Sutcliffe - Executive Producer

Produced by:
Tim Hauser and Ian Prince (1, 5)
Tim Hauser (2, 6, 9, 10, 11)
Tim Hauser and Jeff Lorber (3)
Tim Hauser and Les Pierce (4, 8)
Tim Hauser and Don Freeman (7)
Gerald O’ Brien - Additional Production (6)

Cheryl Bentyne - Vocal Arrangements (1, 6)
Janis Siegel - Vocal Arrangements (2, 3, 7, 8), Vocal Adaptation (11)
Alan Paul - Vocal Arrangements (4, 10), Music Arrangement (10)
Ian Prince - Vocal Arrangement (1), Music Arrangements (1, 5)
Les Pierce - Vocal Arrangements (4, 7), Music Arrangements (4, 8)
Van Dyke Parks - Vocal Arrangement (5)
David Pack - Vocal Arrangement (8)
Mervyn Warren - Vocal Arrangement (9)
Bill Bodine - Music Arrangement (2)
Jeff Lorber - Music Arrangement (3)
Gerald O’ Brien - Music Arrangement (6)
Don Freeman - Music Arrangement (7)
Larry Williams - Music Arrangement (9), Horn Arrangement (9)
Chuck Jonkey - Music Arrangement (10)
Mark Isham - Music Arrangement (11)
Jerry Hey - Horn Arrangement (2)
Gregory Davis - Horn Arrangement (5)
Ian Prince - Programming (1, 5)
Bill Bodine - Programming (2)
Jeff Lorber - Programming (3), Drum Programming (2)
Les Pierce - Programming (4, 8)
Gerald O’Brien - Programming (6)
Don Freeman - Programming (7)
Larry Williams - Programming (9)
Chuck Jonkey - Programming (10)
Mark Isham - Programming (11)
Bobby Z - Drum Programming (7)
Erik Hanson - Programming Assistant (9)
Mark Lopeman - Original Transcription (11)

Gary Lux - Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Ken Felton - Assistant Engineer
Steven Miller - Additional Engineering
Elliot Peters - Additional Engineering
Ted Blaisdell - Additional Engineering
Steve Krause - Additional Engineering
Marnie Riley - Second Engineer
Leslie Ann Jones - Second Engineer
Chuck Jonkey - Jungle Sounds Recordist (on DAT tape machine in
the Deep Amazon at Atun Cocha, Peru) (10)

Recording Studios:
Studio 55, Los Angeles
Devonshire Studios, Los Angeles
Conway Recording Studios, Los Angeles
Paisley Park Studios, Minneapolis
RPM Studios, New York

Mixing Studios:
Conway Recording Studios
Capitol Recording Studios

Bernie Grundman - Mastering Engineer for Bernie Grundman Mastering

Ivy Skoff - Production Coordination

Management: Avnet Management/Gold Mountain Entertainment/Brian Avnet and John Cutcliffe
Booking Agent: Triad Artists/Richard Rosenberg and David Snyder
For Columbia Records: A&R: Bobby Colomby and Jay Landers

Tom Gibson - Product Manager
Nancy Donald - Art Direction
D. Gorton - Photographer

Inner Inlay Picture: “Shot on location at Jay’s Jayburgers, L.A.”.

“Special Thanks To:
Don Ienner, Tommy Mottola, Jay Landers, Bobby Colomby, Brian Avnet, John Cutcliffe, Michael Rosenfeld, Barry Menes, Paul Menes and Marvin Goodfriend.”.

“Thanks To:
Corey Allen, Angelica Azero, Toni Basil, David Batteau, Bill Bodine, Johnny Capp, Logan Davis, Mimi DeBlasio, Nancy Donald, Robert Edwards, Donald Fagen, Ken Felton, Don “Per Einer” Freeman, Rick Garcia, Tom Gibson, D. Gorton, Basie “Lalo” Hauser, Lori Hauser, Mark Isham, Chuck Jonkey, Marc Jordan, Jeff Lorber, Gary Lux, Nancy Lyons, Carl Malone, Tom Martin, James Murray (Panasonic), Gerald O’ Brien, David Pack, Panolog Computer Guides, Van Dyke Parks, Arielle Paul, Angela Paul, Martiza Mirna Peres, Keely Pickering, Les Pierce, Ian Prince, Marcus Pulsivar, Lisa Reardon, Debbie Sadlouskos, Ivy Skoff, Michael Skoletsky, Brock Walsh, Mervyn Warren, Jack White, Reggie Wiggins, Bob Willcox, Larry Williams and Alicia Winfield. Everyone at Devonshire Studios: Dave, Dee, Kelly, Craig, Pete, Marlyn, Scott, and Conway Studios: Buddy, Jill, Charlene, Marnie and Craig.”.

“The Manhattan Transfer Fan Club // 3575 Cahuenga Blvd. West // Suite 450 // Los Angeles, CA 90068”.

Cheryl Bentyne
Tim Hauser
Alan Paul
Janis Siegel
David Batteau
Bill Bodine
Gil Evans
Donald Fagen
Don Freeman
Jon Hendricks
Chuck Jonkey
Marc Jordan
Jeff Lorber
Michael McDonald
Gerald O’Brien
David Pack
Van Dyke Parks
Les Pierce
Ian Prince
Brock Walsh

source/pic: my records
US LP catalog #: the net
side one/side two breakdown: thanks to Alexander Filip

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