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Barry Mann

Barry Mann - Barry Mann
Casablanca NBLP 7228 (1980) - US LP

Side One

1 - Up From The Streets
2 - Brown-Eyed Woman
3 - So Hot
4 - In My Own Way
5 - We’re Over*

Side Two

6 - You’re The Only One - vocal duet featuring Barry Mann with Carole King
7 - Me Without You*
8 - Slow Motion - vocal duet featuring Barry Mann with Carole King
9 - If I Left It Up To You
10 - Don’t Know Much*

Note: On this album, the tracks Lee plays on have no drummer.

Barry Mann - Vocals, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Organ, Background Vocal
Lee Sklar - Bass (5, 7, 10)*
Andy Muson - Bass
Max Bennett - Bass
David Hungate - Bass
Charles Larkey - Bass
Ed Greene - Drums
John Guerin - Drums
Steve Neador - Drums
Al Gorgoni - Guitars
Bob Mann - Electric Guitar
Michael Boddicker - Synthesizers
John Hobbs - Fender Rhodes
Daryl Dragon - Synthesizers
Tom Snow - Yamaha Grand Piano, Synthesizers, Background Vocal
Jerry Hey - Trumpet
William Reichenbach - Baritone Horn
Gary Herbig - Saxophone
Ray Pizzi - Flute
Don Menza - Lyricon
Bob Zimmitti - Vibes, Tamborine, Congas
Alan Estes - Percussion
Paulinho Da Costa - Percussion (as Paulinho Dacosta)
Carole King - Vocal, Piano, Fender Rhodes
Paulette Brown - Background Vocals
Venetta Fields - Background Vocals
Frannie Golde - Background Vocals
Joanne Harris - Background Vocals

Produced by Brooks Arthur and Barry Mann in association with Cynthia Weil

Al Gorgoni - Guitar Arrangements (1, 3, 4), String Arrangement (1), String Conduction (1)
Gene Page (as Gene Paige) - Synthesizers Arrangement (2), String Arrangements (5, 6)
Chris Dedrick - Synthesizers Arrangements (4, 10), Horn Arrangement (4)
Daryl Dragon - Synthesizers Arrangement (7)
Tom Snow - Synthesizers Arrangement (9)

Bob Merritt - Recording Engineer, Remix Engineer
David Latman - Additional Engineering
Brooks Arthur - Recording Engineer (Peacan Street Studios), Remix Engineer
Stephen Marcussen - Assisting Engineer (Studio 55)
Chet Himes - Assisting Engineer (Peacan Street Studios)

Recording Studios:
Record Plant, L.A. (Primary Recording Location)
Studio 55, Hollywood (Additional Recording Location)
Rumbo Recorders, Canoga Park (Additional Recording Location)
Peacan Street Studios, Austin (Additional Recording Location)

Doug Sax - Disc Mastering

Mastering Studio:
Mastering Lab, Hollywood

Kim Seiniger - Product Coordinator
Robin Bloksberg - Product Coordinator
Phyllis Chotin - Art Direction
Gribbitt! - Design
Ed Fortson - Cover Photos

Track 1:
“Strings conducted and arranged by Al Gorgoni (arranged at Mickey Leonard’s house)”.

“On “We’re Over,” “Me Without You” and “Don’t Know Much,” Barry Mann played on the Blüthner Grand Piano, which was provided by Kasimoff-Blüthner, Hollywood.”.

“This album was mixed with the use of the Aphex Aural Exciter”.

“Bob Merritt, who has given us more than his engineering talents. (Thank you) // David Latman, who has also given us more than just his time and experience. (Thank you)”.

“Our thanks to Sam Trust and Lester Sill for always being there. // Thanks to Steve Love for being a believer. // A special thanks to a lady we love, Linda Perry, for her creativity and support. // Thank you, Brooks, for making it all come together. Love, Barry & Cynthia”.

Barry Mann
Scott English
Gerry Goffin
Tom Snow
Cynthia Weil

source/pic: my records

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