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Shawn Phillips

Shawn Phillips - Faces
A&M SP-4363 (1972) - US LP

Side One

1 - Landscape (Journey from Naples to my home in Positano)
2 - ‘L’ Ballade
3 - Hey Miss Lonely*
4 - Chorale

Side Two

5 - Parisien Plight II
6 - We
7 - Anello (Where Are You)
8 - I Took A Walk

Shawn Phillips - Vocals, Guitars, Voices, Sitars
Lee Sklar - Bass Guitar (3)*
Brian Odgers - Bass
Jack Conrad - Bass
Ed Morin - Drums (3)
Ed Greene - Drums (as Ed Green)
Caleb Quaye - Lead Guitar
“Sneaky” Pete Kleinow - Steel Guitar (as Sneeky Pete K)
Glen Campbell - Steel Guitar
Paul Buckmaster - Piano, Cello
Steve Winwood (as Steve Windwood) - Organ, Organ Bass
Joe Sample - Piano
John Pigneguy - French Horn
Martyn Ford - French Horn
Henry Lowther - Trumpet
Chris Mercer - Tenor Sax
Skaila Kanga - Harp
Reme Kabaka - Percussion
The David Katz Orchestra

Produced by: Jonathan P. Weston for Philjo Music, Inc. (with the help of Robert Appére)

Paul Buckmaster - Orchestral Arrangement (2)

Robin Cable - Engineer (1, 2, 4, 5)
Robert Appère (as Robert Appére) - Engineer (3, 6, 7, 8)

Recording Studios:
Trident Studios, London - March, 1969 (1, 5)
Trident Studios, London - September, 1971 to April, 1972 (2)
Trident Studios, London - February, 1969 (4)
Air London Studios - September, 1971 to April, 1972 (2)
Clover Recorders, Los Angeles - February, 1972 (3)
Clover Recorders, Los Angeles - April, 1972 (6, 7, 8)

Anthony Christian Howard - Original Cover Drawing
George Bartell - Back Cover Art
Roland Young - Art Direction

“(Special thanks to: Jerry Love and the Sheffield Brothers)”.

“Shawn Phillips, “Faces” // an anthology of music from 1969”.

Shawn Phillips

source/pic: my records

Shawn Phillips - Bright White
A&M SP-4402 (1973) - US LP

Side One

1 - Bright White*
2 - Salty Tears
3 - All The Kings And Castles
4 - Victoria Emanuele
5 - Planned “O”

Side Two

6 - Lasting Peace Of Mind
7 - Technotronic Lad
8 - Dream Queen
9 - It’s A Beautiful Morning
10 - Lady Of The Blue Rose

Shawn Phillips - Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Synthesizers
Lee Sklar - Bass (1)*
Chuck Rainey - Bass
Russell Kunkel - Drums (1)
Barrington York DeSouza - Drums
Danny Kortchmar - Guitar
Tony Walmsley - Electric Guitar
“Sneaky” Pete Kleinow - Steel Guitar (as Sneeky Pete)
Larry Carlton - Acoustic Guitar
Craig Doerge - Clavinet
William Smith - Organ
Peter Robinson - Keyboards
Chuck Findley - Brass
Jim Horn - Horns, Recorder
Jim Price - Horns
Bobby Keyes - Horns
Pastrami Bros. - Percussion

Produced by Johnathon Weston with the help of Robert Appere

Peter Robinson - Orchestral Arrangements (3)
Paul Buckmaster - Orchestral Arrangement (10)

Robert Appère - Engineer (as Robert Appere)

Recording Studio:
Clover Recorders in Hollywood

John Millerburg - Design
John Cabalka - Lettering
Suzanne Ayres - Photography

Shawn Phillips

source/pic: my records

Shawn Phillips - Spaced
A&M SP-4650 (1977) - US LP

Side One

1 - Rant*
2 - Italian Phases (Instrumental)
3 - The Light From Between Your Eyes
4 - Stranded
5 - From All Of Us

Side Two

6 - Parisan Plight I
7 - Prelude To A Leaving (Instrumental)
8 - All Our Love
9 - I Don’t Want To Leave You, I Just Came To Say Goodbye (Instrumental)

Notes: 1) Album is a collection of pieces left out of the following Shawn Phillips records: “Bright White” (1, 3), “Do You Wonder” (2), “Rumplestiltskin’s Resolve” (4, 7, 8 - although not specified - and 9), the unreleased in its original form “Trilogy” (6). Track 5 is not indicated as belonging to any previous project. See more about this at 2) Each song comes with liner notes written by Shawn Phillips. Please see inner sleeve for these.

Shawn Phillips - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Guitar, 12 String Guitar
Leland Sklar - Bass (1)*
Brandy (a beautiful lady) - Bass
Chuck Rainey - Bass
Mike Miller - Bass, Lead Guitar (overdubbed), Guitar
Joseph Gaeta - Bass, Lead Guitar
Brian Odgers - Bass
Paul Jackson - Bass
Russ Kunkel - Drums (1, 3)
Mike Baird - Drums (as Michael Baird)
Steve R. Neilen - Drums
Bruce Rowland - Drums
Mike Clark - Drums
“Sneaky” Pete Kleinow - Steel Guitar (as Sneeky Pete)
Joe Sample - Organ, Piano
Peter Robinson - Clavinet, Synthesizer, Electric Piano
Anthony Nedza - Synthesizer, Electric Piano
Daniel Timms - Piano
Jim Horn - Soprano Sax
Al Wing - Sax
Chris Mercer - Sax
Johnny Almond - Bass Flute, Concert Flute Improvised, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax
Bill Summers - Percussion

Produced by Jonathan Weston (1, 3, 6)
Produced by Shawn Phillips (2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9)

Robert Appère (as Robert Appére) - Recording Engineer (1, 3), Mixing Engineer (1)
Larry Forkner - Recording Engineer (2)
Ellis Sorkin - Recording Engineer (4, 7, 8, 9)
Dee Robb - Recording Engineer (5)
Robin Cable - Recording Engineer (6), Mixing Engineer (6)
Shawn Phillips - Mixing Engineer (2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9)

Recording Studios:
Clover Studios, Los Angeles, 1973 (1, 3)
Cherokee Studios, (The Single), May 16, 1977 (5)

Lenny Bronstein - Production Co-ordinator
Roland Young - Art Direction
Chuck Beeson - Visual Concept, Design
Vince Van Dyke - Photography

“A Special Thanks To: // Con Merten // Dennis E. Casas // Richard Leech // David Hines // Anthony D’Amico // Colonel Tubby // Shari Inoue // Steve Katz // Janes (Bibsy) Higginson”.

“To The Listener, // In the public eye, I have been known almost exclusively as a singer-songwriter. This image has tended to limit the number of instrumental pieces I have composed over the years and wished to place on albums. As you listen to this, or any of my other albums, please bear in mind that there has never ever been any written music for the studio musicians, apart from orchestra charts when it was utilized. // Today it appears that almost anyone who puts on a cowboy hat and/or has played an instrument for two or three years can be designated as a musician. All of the people who have played on my albums are musicians who have dedicated the majority of their lives to music. // “Health, Love & Clarity” // In All Friendship & With All Love, May The Music Never Stop! // - Shawn Phillips”.

Shawn Phillips

source/pic: my records

Shawn Phillips - Transcendence
RCA AFL1-3028 (1978) - US LP

Side One

1 - Take It Easy
2 - I’m An American Child (On A Nuclear Pile)*
3 - Implications*

4 - Lady In Violet

Side Two

5 - Good Evening Madam
6 - Lament Pour L’Enfant Mort
7 - Julia’s Letters
8 - Motes Of Dust*
9 - Ease Your Mind

Shawn Phillips - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, E.M.S. Briefcase Synthesizer
Leland Sklar - Bass (2, 3, 8)*
Paul Jackson - Bass
John Pierce - Bass
Rick Hart - Bass, Fuzz Bass
Mike Baird (as Michael Baird) - Drums (2)
Michael Clark - Drums
Jeff Porcaro - Drums
Michael Botts - Drums
Chris Neilsen - Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, E-Bow Guitar
Mark Curry - Yamaha & Acoustic Pianos
Peter Robinson - Acoustic Piano
Scott MacDonald - Acoustic Piano
Robin Miller - Mandolin
Michael Kamen - Oboe, Acoustic Piano
Richard Green - Violin
M.L. Benoit - Percussion (2), Waterphone (8)

Produced by Shawn Phillips
Arranged by Michael Kamen

Michael Kamen - Orchestral Arrangements (1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9)

Mark Curry - Engineer
Bruce Tergesen - Mixdown Engineer
John McClure - Engineer for the Orchestral Sessions
Jon Smith - Tape Operator
Nicki Turner - Tape Operator

Recording Studios:
One Step Up Studio, Los Angeles, California
The Hit Factory, New York, New York
CBS Studios, 30th Street, New York, New York (orchestral sessions)
Creative Energy Studio, North Bergen, New Jersey (harmony vocals on track 4)

Mixing Studio:
The Hit Factory, New York, New York

Bob Ludwig - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
Masterdisk, New York

Album Cover Painting - Monique Perigny
Acy R. Lehman - Art Direction
Herbert W. Worthington - Sleeve Photograph

“Painting for Album Cover done by: Monique Perigny, 375 Chemin Lavaltrie R.R.1, Lavaltrie, P. Quebec JO K L HO, Canada”.

“Special thanks to the following people for their help and patience in making this album possible. // Thank You…For keeping the faith: Warren Schatz and Bob Summer // For a most exquisite work of art: Monique Perigny (Quebec, Canada) // For persistence in negotiation: Bill Dern, Peter Stoll, and Adele // For a great haircut: Linda Eagan of Eagan-Stevens in Los Angeles // For putting together two wonderful orchestras: Jesse Levy // For being: Jeffrey Lyons and Linda Zelin // For art direction: Acy Lehman // For inner sleeve photography: Herbie Worthington”.

“This album is dedicated to Carla”.

Shawn Phillips
Michael Kamen

source/pic: my records

Shawn Phillips - No Category
SPV 085-70972 CD (2004) - Germany CD

1 - Moonshine*
2 - Lost And Lonely*
3 - Fondest Dreams*
4 - Moneydance*
5 - I Will Never Leave*
6 - Calico & Rainbows*
7 - The Man*
8 - Power Of A Woman*

9 - Most Of Us Don’t
10 - Free Samples*
11 - Try To Find A Way*
12 - One Way Ticket*
13 - Sleep Pretty Baby*
14 - Peace Song*
15 - Par For The Course*

Notes: 1) CD comes with track-by-track liner notes by Shawn Phillips. Please refer to original booklet for these. 2) Between “Peace Song” (track 14) and “Par For The Course” (track 15) there are two (empty) track marks, thus making “Par For The Course”, in effect, track 17. 3) Some of the song titles differ according to where they are printed within the disc packaging, be it the external cover, the internal booklet notes and the lyrics section of the same booklet. Titles have been reported on here the way they appear on external cover.

Shawn Phillips - Vocals, Additional Guitars, Composer
Leland Sklar - Bass Guitar (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)*
Ralph Humphrey - Drums Sets (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15), Percussion
Mike Miller - Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars
J. Peter Robinson - Piano, Organ, Synths, Additional Percussion & Ambient FX (1), Intro Composer
Frank Marocco - Accordion
Richard Greene - Violin

Produced by Paul Buckmaster
Rick Hart - Associate Producer
Bill Pursley - Executive Producer

Paul Buckmaster - String Arrangements (3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 14), Woodwind Arrangement (3), Harp Arrangement (5), Brass Arrangement (7), Bass Arrangement (14)
J. Peter Robinson - Brass Arrangements (4, 10, 13), String Quartet Arrangement (12)

Rick Hart - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Erich Gobel - Assistant Engineer

Recording & Mixing Studio:
Stagg Street Studios, Van Nuys, LA (2002) - owners, Melody, Gary (Abigail and The Dude)(dogs), Denton

Bernie Grundman - Mastering Engineer

Artist Management - Arlo Hennings

Mark Colman - Photography

“Acknowledgements and Special Thanks // In all the names that follow, I wish it to be known that I thank you first and foremost for your friendships. It is the most important thing. I love you all. I cannot express enough deep felt thanks to Mr. Bill Pursley, and the guys in Louisville for their support. They are Nick Gardner, and Lee Zimmerman. Without them, and their immense faith none of this would have come into being. Especially Mr. Bill Pursley, and his enormous financial assistance. In order to create a project of this scope, and quality, you need a serious investor who is prepared to take a chance in the business of music, as it is today. For the most part, the bottom line is very simply to play the music that will make the most money, not the music that will move peoples hearts and minds. Radio formats are extremely restricted due to demographics, and as I do not fit any of these formats, I know that Bill has done this simply because of his faith in the fact that he knew I could create something that would affect another human being, as it did for you. Thank you, Bill. Arlo Hennings, my manager, has the patience of Job, when it comes to my sometimes incredible requests of him. I thank you so much for your belief and support all these lean years. Although we would like it to be otherwise, by your actions, it has not been all about the money, but more about the music and what it does for people. Other thanks go to Ed Grundman for his valuable input and creative ear, and his delicious Tri-Tip steaks. Also to Rick Hart for his devastating Margaritas after work day was over. Not to mention the incredible amount of hours, and sheer perseverance in obtaining the best recording, and mixing possible. You worked harder than anyone on this project. Bernie Grundman who mastered this CD, is awash in music 24/7. Grazie Mille Bernie, for your time, and attention to detail on this project. Melody, and Gary Denton at Stagg St. Studios, for making it feel like home, and letting Fat Jack, and the Abigator, and Dude the dogs become friends. State of the art is your middle name. Erich Gobel, our second engineer, is a master at the technology that was used in the making of this CD, and we all thank you for your expertise in this project. I dub thee “Merlin Of The Machines”. Leland Sklar, you take the simplest tune, and shape it into a sphere of beauty that we feel in our bones. Thank you for your gentleness and humour. Ralph Humphrey, you are rock solid in your timing, and most astute in your creative input. Thanks for haulin’ all that stuff around ti make sounds for us. Mike Miller, you have probably forgotten more than I know how to play, and your voicings reflect precisely the tenor of the songs, and that is so rare. Thank you. To J. Peter Robinson, for his extraordinary musical creativity. I asked you for the opening of “Alien”, and you gave it to me. You are, and always have been musically, the funkiest man alive. The years of playing with you have proved this. Nobody jams like you. Your brass is bright and shining, and your sounds astounding. Paul Buckmaster, you are also an absolute Master at your craft, and it is an honor to be able to work with you. If I ask you to make it sad, you make it devastating. If I ask you to make it joyous, you fill our hearts with light. Your quest for perfection will always be a beacon for me to follow. As for Juliette, you are my guiding light. You keep me on the straight and narrow, and inspire me in ways you will never know. I love you with all my heart and soul. Your sense of good and right, is impeccable. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. You’re my mos’ favorite. Ed and Bonnie Booth, your support has been invaluable. Ed, you know I would have loved to be able to follow in your footsteps. Mark Colman, you made me look 30 years younger with your photography. Not any prettier, just younger. Thanks Rochelle for the attempt. Mark, your work is absolutely unique. Luis Urrea, You capture the deeds of the human heart and soul in every word you write, and it’s an honor to have you focus that gift on this CD for the liner notes, and thank God you sent me those cartoons years ago. Truth be known, you always knew how to be famous, blood. Suz, You’re a fantastic webmaster. Every person I come in contact with says they think it’s a wonderful website. Be sure to visit to find out about the new DVD that will be released in the near future. Jean Boissonneault, Thank you for your work, and diligence on the Canadian website. You have no idea how much work I would have forgotten, if not for you. Margaret and Maria, I thank you, Jules thanks you, and Fat Jack thanks you. FF = Firefighter/EMT = Emergency Medical Technician/ECA = Emergency Care Attendant/MFRU = Marine Firefighter Rescue Unit (Rescue SCUBA Diver) Special thanks to Pedernales Emergency Services for training me, and letting me work with you these 8 years in the bleak and dangerous world of saving lives, and property. Chief 1 Ken Van Rens Advanced FF (701), Chief 2 Don Lamb Advanced FF (702), Chief 3 Mark Warren FF/EMT-B/MFRU (Training Officer 742), Larry Mobley FF/EMT-B (703), Captain Tracey Mobley FF/EMT-B/MFRU (707), (spooky in there ain’t it dude?), Lt. Bruce Perkins FF/ECA (706), Lt. Steve Rudkin FF/ECA (761), Captain John Roye, Jr. FF (708), Chuck “The Tin Man” McCarthy FF/EMT-B (765), Daniel Lightsey FF/EMT-B (741), Tod Grubbs FF/EMT-B (732), Jim Preslar FF (767), our resident Paramedic Larry Arms EMT-P (704), Juliette Phillips FF/ECA (768), Burris Pigg EMT-B (740). Thanks Burt, for your stoicism and fiduciary attitude when I’m driving us in the ambulance Code 3. I know your feet hurt after pushin’ so hard on the floor board. And to all the other members who have shown me you trust me with ! Your lives by letting me back you up. When it happens, it’s the hardest work in the world, phisically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Thank you all. Last but not least, I want to thank all my fans who have listened, and believed in me all these years. Without your sponsorship, and faith, my creative spirit would have left me a long time ago. God Bless You All!!! May health, Love, and Clarity, always be with you, and your families. Shawn Phillips FF/EMT-B/MFRU (760)”.

“ “No Category” is an apt title for any Shawn Phillips album. This restless iconoclast has long bedeviled his critics and delighted his legion of fans with his unpredictability. From true folk music to cutting edge electronica, Shawn has traversed formidable musical landscapes in pursuit of his very personal muse. Perhaps the only musical form he has not yet committed to disk is Death Metal. Still. If some new political chicanery makes him mad enough…. The Shawn Phillips aesthetic has led him at times far from commercial surety. Fans have heard the famous anecdote about fellow Texan musician Johnny Winter asking him how he got so far away from his roots. “There’s a whole tree above the ground!” Shawn quipped. Concert-goers in the mid-seventies were astounded to find Shawn fronting an incarnation of the ferocious prog-rock trio, Quatermass. He was playing a double-neck electric guitar on that tour, more like Jimmy Page than Ravi Shankar. Fans who expect to find in Shawn a reincarnation of a Tibetan Lama are startled to find a twangy Texan accent and a salty sense of humour. There’s Shawn, singing background on a Tangerine Dream album. If you rent the cult movie, “Futurekick”, you can watch Shawn’s head explode. Seriousness, yes, but also a lilting sense of play. Through all these changes, however, the listeners are still haunted by the monumental works with which Shawn ushered in the 1970’s; “Contribution”, “Second Contribution” and “Collaboration.” If not for record company timidity, the original trilogy of albums Shawn had created for his first work for them, would have been released as a single triple album. Its cumulative power and compositional arc would have been readily evident. While much of that material surfaced on later Lps, other portions remain tragically unreleased. (Fortunately, all the classic Shawn Phillips music that was issued has now been re-released on CD.) If one listens to the three initial seventies classics, “Contribution”, “Second Contribution” and “Collaboration.” in order, the journey through body, into realms of soul and heart, then back to earth, is thrilling and haunting. “No Category” begins with a reworking of “Moonshine,” one of the more intriguing songs from “Collaboration.” This should serve as a subtle clue to listeners. After all these years, Shawn has returned to his epic-this is the album you were waiting for. The muse has been satisfied, fed, romanced. The artist can return to his birth and take us deeper into those first enchanted hours. From tangos to semi-country, to traditional Shawn Phillips vocal workouts to nearly gothic orchestrations, “No Category” carries forward the work of the trilogy, and it reaffirms the endless quest of the artist to find voice in the face of deathly silence. Oh yes, and when he’s not being a rock star, Shawn Phillips is a fireman. Go figure. // Luis Alberto Urrea //”.

““Clouds create the universe of love” // S.P. 2002”.

“Special thanks to the following individuals whose support made “No Category” possible // Bill Pursley - executive producer // Arlo Hennings - management // Amy and Gary Lawless // Barbara Schuler // Bill Hall // Bob Feeney // Bonnie/Donald Niles // Bruce and Nancy Huckaback // Bruce Gerboth // Bruno Carozzi // Bruno Manusso // Cara Barnhardt // Michael & Cathy Murphy // Christian Cron - France // Cindy Don Carlos // Colleen Patterson // Dana J. Armstrong // Dave Brown // Dave Smith // David Marks // David J. Jordan & Deven C. Miller // Deborah K. Wright // Deborah L. Markakis // Deborah McManus // Denise Marie Danielski // Donald Sajda // Donna Zoe Grabow // Donato La Rocca // Douglas & Christina Warren // Edward & Karen A. Jones // Francois Trahan // Gary Swift // Greg and Susan Novak // Helene Soucy // Helmut J. Sommer // James T. Knight III // James W Genevieve K Gorst // Jane Allen // Jean Boissonneault and Diane Francoeur // Jerome and Janice Lepinski // Joe & Annette Jones // Joe & Charlotte Rossi // John Tafolla // John Rouleau // Judi Schneider // Kathleen & Filmore Enger // Ken Lyles // Kent Whitaker // Kirk & Michelle Goodman // Kirtland C. Patterson // Lee Ann Marie // Linda S. Cornwall // Lucie Lalumiere // Luis Alberto Urrea // Margaret & Maria Dolge // Marie Ortiz // Mark Armitage // Mark/Jane Mohr // Martha Jacobs // Michael Dean // Michael J. Gaul // Michael Schwartz // Mike Evangelist // Patrick Sager // Patrick Thielke // Paulo & Celine Medeiros // Peter D. MacArthur // Randy Storer // Riccardo Mei // Richard Worth // Rick Shuyler // Wayne Shuyler // Bill Shuyler // Robert Aerts // Robynn Nielsen // Ronnee Ringquist // Sheryl Meyers // Steve “Jake” Jacob // Steve Wixon // Steve Ross & Vicki Ross-Rhoades // Stuart and Robin Nixon // Stuart Blackwell // Stuart Stevenson // Sue Croutwater // The Wickey’s // Theo Coetzee // Tom Moore // Thomas A. Cichowicz // Thomas and Sheryl Koby // Tina Medvec // Tony van Kessel // Volker Schmidden”.

Shawn Phillips

J. Peter Robinson

source/pic: my records

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