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Pamela Polland

Pamela Polland (Photo by Janet Becker)

Pamela Polland - Unreleased 2nd Solo Album (aka: The One About The Gas Station Attendant)
Columbia (1973) - US LP

1 - The Refuge*
2 - Willsdon Manor
3 - You Stand By Me
4 - Wild Roses
5 - For Earl
6 - Thank You Operator*
7 - The Ship
8 - Untitled (Dusty Rose)
9 - Interlude
10 - The Clearing

Notes: 1) This entry is about singer-songwriter Pamela Polland’s second solo album, a work that was completed for the Columbia label in 1973 and that remained unreleased. When Columbia Records President Clive Davis got fired from CBS’s music division later that same year, the already completed project got pulled from its scheduled distribution. Davis had personally helped shape this artist’s career and supervised the genesis of that record itself, helmed by Elton John’s producer of that period, Gus Dudgeon, and tentatively titled “The One About The Gas Station Attendant” after the lyrics of one of the numbers in its tracklist (“For Earl”). While the bulk of the sessions had been done in London, three songs were recorded in Los Angeles, two of which with Lee and Russ Kunkel as the rhythm section. After 40 years of shelving, the original and as yet unmastered tapes have now resurfaced from Columbia’s vaults, enabling Ms. Polland to finally make these songs available for listening on her own website. You may enjoy the complete album here: Just select “Unreleased 2nd Solo Album” from the navigation bar at the top of page and click on each song title to activate the player. My thanks go to Ms. Polland for graciously allowing me to link back to this content. You may find more detailed info and notes about this story at the above address. 2) Please note that the following personnel list and tech credits are incomplete. Cheers!

Pamela Polland - Vocals, Piano, Background Vocals
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 6)*
Russ Kunkel - Drums (1, 6)
Davey Johnstone - Guitar (1)
Taj Mahal - National Slide Guitar (6)
Kendell Kardt - Piano (6)
Ray Cooper - Percussion, Water Gong (10)
Joan Armatrading - Backing Vocal (4)

Produced by Gus Dudgeon

Paul Buckmaster - String Arrangements (3, 7, 8)
Tom Campbell - Live String Quartet Arrangement (5)

Recording Locations:
London - full tracks (2, 3, 4, 7, 8), overdubs (1)
Los Angeles, Fall 1972 - full track (5, 6), basic tracks (1)

Pamela Polland



  1. This is better than finding buried treasure! Pamela is a very gifted artist whose beautiful voice is matched by her generous smile and endless expression of love and professionalism in every project she is involved with. With a cast of top musicians, this long awaited album will be a return to the days of classic origins. Thank You for your being Pamela, you are one of a kind! - Greg Dray