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Danny Peck

Danny Peck - Danny Peck
RCA 07863 66287-2 (1994) - US CD

1 - Lover
2 - Where Can I Go
3 - Anyway I Can
4 - Eight Bodies
5 - Field Of Vision
6 - Strange Weather
7 - Stolen Kisses
8 - Wake Up Call
9 - Don’t Throw Your Life Away
10 - The Beauty Within You
11 - Black And White
12 - You’re So Right Now
13 - Crazy Blues
14 - New Man

Note: album does not come with track-by-track musician credits.

Danny Peck - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Lee Sklar - Bass
Paul Bushnell - Bass
Jimmy Johnson - Bass
Chuck Domanico - Upright Bass
Karl Vincent - Upright Bass
Denny Fongheiser - Drums
Jim Keltner - Drums
Denny Seiwell - Drums
Carlos Vega - Drums
Val McCallum - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Harmonica
Jimmy Haup - Additional Guitar
Brian Adler - Additional Guitar
Michael Sherwood - Piano, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Jeffery Vanston (as C.J. Vanston) - Additional Keyboards
Fred Hersch - Steinway Piano
Don Teshner - Mandolin, Dobro
Jimmy Powers - Harmonica
Martin Tillman - Cello
Lilly Hayden - Violin
Katia Popov - Violin
Roger Myers - Viola
David Zasloff - Trumpet
Rick Baptist - Trumpet
Louis Taylor - Sax
Don Shelton - Sax
William Reichenbach (as Bill Reichenbach) - Trombone, Tuba
Lenny Castro - Percussion
Eddie Drayton - Percussion
Yvonne de la Vega - Background Vocals
Sally Dworsky - Background Vocals
C.C. White - Background Vocals
Patty Holley - Background Vocals
Jean McClain - Background Vocals
Michael Ian Elias - Background Vocals

Produced by Desmond Child and Danny Peck

Michael Sherwood - String Arrangements
Jeffery Vanston (as C.J. Vanston) - Live String Arrangements, Live
Horn Arrangements

Matthew Gruber - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Greg Grill - Assistant Engineer (The Music Grinder Studios)
Howard Willing - Assistant Engineer (Kiva-West Studio)
Tom Banghart - Assistant Mixing Engineer

Recording Studios:
The Music Grinder Studios, Los Angeles
Kiva-West Studio, Los Angeles
Mad Hatter Studio, Los Angeles
Stagg Street Studio, Los Angeles

Mixing Studio:
Brooklyn Recording Studio

Dave Collins - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
A&M Studios, Hollywood

Bennett Kaufman - A&R Direction
Michael Anthony - Production Manager
Management: Desmond Child and C. Weston Simone // for Deston Entertainment // 1780 Broadway Suite #1201 // New York, New York 10019

Desmond Child - Art Direction
Eric Roinestad - Design
Stephen Danelian - Photography
Jeff Katz - Photography
Michael Larsen - Photography

“Special Thanks // to Michael Sherwood, Peter Sacker, Desmond and Winston, Matthew Gruber, Michael Anthony, Ruta Sepetys, and everyone at Deston Entertainment. To Val McCallum. Derek Viverretta The Genghis Girls Gang: Sandy Stewart, Maria Vidal, Yvonne de la Vega, C.C. White, Sally Dworsky, Amy Deegan, Diana Grasselli, Patty Holley, Jean McClain. To Paul Gordon, Steve Vai, Shelly Yackus, Bill Dooley, Gary Belz, Melody Carpenter, Ron Felicia and Mark Frankovich. To Gregory “Flash” Gordon, Joe Galante. Dave Novik. Bennett Kaufman. Randy Goodman, Ria Lewerke, Laurie Marks, and everyone at RCA. (Revolutionary Consciousness of America). To Rob Light, Carol Ware, Ronny Vance, The Brooklyn Dreams, Donna Summer, Neil McGee, Fred Ansis, Marc Weiner, Larry Robbins, Mark “The Spark” Figueroa, Bobby Cowens, Marc Freedenburg, Alan Rindy, Jay Tinsky and everyone at Genghis Cohen, Carolyn and John O’Conner, Jason, Sherri, and Inyo Saleby, Jingles, T.T., all the Yingling’s, Pierre, El Franco and everyone at Spiritus, Sammy and Jane Carr, Arnie Charnick in N.Y., Johnny Starbuck, Jody Cortez, Dean Cortez and everyone in the D.P. Collective, Lotus Weinstock, Will Powers in Taos, Johnny Robins Perkins III, The rambling gambling John “The Hamp” Hampshire, David Soran from Design FX, and John Sepetys. Weedman and the camera, Paul Bushnell, Zazz, everyone on the record and in the audience. // Dedicated to Yvonne, Blaise, Bianca, Sid, Louis, Sylvia, G.O., brand new Wills, to all my friends and family and to the good fight. See ya from the stage. Love, Peace and Justice // Danny Peck”.

Danny Peck

source/pic: my records

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