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Laurie Kaye Cohen

Laurie Kaye Cohen - Under The Skunk
Playboy PB 111 (1973) - US LP

Side One

1 - Don’t Cry
2 - Whitney
3 - Father
4 - The Big Boy In The Sky
5 - Delilah
6 - The No. 2 Tub

Side Two

7 - Weekend Woman
8 - Would You Like To Make A New Friend Today
9 - The Road To Heaven
10 - Boogie
11 - Ain’t Nobody Ever Satisfied With A Dream
12 - Shall Be Saved

Note: Album does not come with track-by-track musician credits.

Laurie Kaye Cohen - Vocals
Leland Sklar - Bass
Larry Knechtel - Bass, Keyboard
Jim Gordon - Drums
Mike Deasy - Guitar
Dean Parks - Guitar
Art Munson - Guitar
Mike Melvoin - Keyboard
Jim Horn - Flute, Horn Section
Don Menza - Horn Section
Plas Johnson - Horn Section
Dick “Slyde” Hyde - Horn Section (as Slyde Hyde)
Ollie Mitchell - Horn Section
Lew McCreary - Horn Section (as Lou McCreary)
Warren Leuning - Horn Section
Paul Hubinon - Horn Section
Billie Armstrong - Fiddle
John Hartford - Fiddle
Gary Coleman - Percussion
Venetta Fields - Vocals
Clydie King - Vocals
Shirley Matthews - Vocals

Produced by Jay Senter

Mike Melvoin - Arrangements, Conduction

Buck Herring - Engineer (Sunwest Studios)
David Henshaw - Engineer (Trident Studios)

Recording Studios:
Sunwest Studios, Hollywood
Trident Studios, London

Management: Jack Kellman
Agency: Heller-Fischell

Rod Dyer, Inc. - Design
Ave Pildas - Photography

“Special Thanks to: // Jerry Heller // David Schaeffer // David Katz, Orchestral Contractor”.

“Most trees after growing to a certain height divide as if creating a partner to share the beauty of being a tree growing old. The tallest straightest trees in the forest grow alone. I am cultivating a love with a universal high romance in a sky forest where no love is wasted. This non-security of living alone then creates the courting of my real lover…”.

Laurie Kaye Cohen

source/pic: my records

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