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Wynonna Judd

Wynonna Judd - Wynonna Judd
MCA/Curb MCAD-10529 (1992) - US CD

1 - What It Takes*
2 - She Is His Only Need
3 - I Saw The Light
4 - My Strongest Weakness
5 - When I Reach The Place I’m Goin’
6 - No One Else On Earth
7 - It’s Never Easy To Say Goodbye
8 - A Little Bit Of Love (Goes A Long, Long Way)
9 - All Of That Love From Here*
10 - Live With Jesus

Wynonna Judd - Vocals, Background Vocals
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 9)*
Willie Weeks - Bass
Rick Marotta - Drums (1, 9)
Eddie Bayers - Drums
Steuart Smith - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Don Potter - Acoustic Guitar, Midi-Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
George Marinelli - Electric Guitar
Marty Stuart - Electric Guitar
John Jarvis - Keyboards (as John Barlow Jarvis)
Matt Rollings - Keyboards
Steve Nathan - Keyboards
Barry Beckett - Keyboards
Sam Bush - Mandolin
Paul Kennerley - All Instruments, Background Vocals
Dave Loggins - Background Vocal
Judy Rodman - Background Vocal
Andrew Gold - Background Vocals
Naomi Judd - Background Vocal
Jonell Mosser - Background Vocals
John Cowan - Background Vocal
Gary Chapman - Background Vocal
Donna McElroy - Background Vocal

Produced by Tony Brown
Don Potter - Associate Producer

Chuck Ainlay - Recording Engineer, Overdubs Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Steve Tillisch - Recording Engineer
Paul Kennerley - Recording Engineer
Russ Martin - Overdubs Recording Engineer, Second Engineer
Brad Gilderman - Overdubs Recording Engineer
Craig White - Second Engineer
Mel Jones - Second Engineer
Jason Garner - Second Engineer
Jeff Coppage - Second Engineer
Karen Eckhoff - Second Engineer

Recording Studios:
Emerald Studio
16 Avenue Studio
Backstage Studio
Paul Kennerley’s House (10)

Chuck Ainlay - Mastering Engineer
Denny Purcell - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
Georgetown Masters

Jessie Noble - Project Coordinator
Jim Kemp - Director Of Creative Services

Personal Management: Ken Stilts Company, Inc.

Team Design, Inc. - Art Direction, Design
Andy Engel - Handlettering
Peter Nash - Photography
Mary Beth Felts - Make-up
Vanessa Ware - Styling
Earl Cox/Trumps - Hair

“Thank You: // To the MCA Family: For your smiles and enthusiasm throughout the making of this album. // To “Brother Brown” Producer Of The Decade: For your patience and willingness to see me through. // To Don Potter: For his teaching of the word. // To my “Mover And Shaker” manager, Ken Stilts: For always making time for me. // For sharing your sweet spirit on this album, I Love You Mom. // To the songwriters, musicians and singers for dedicating their talents. // To the fans: For giving me this chance. // To my Lord & Savior for helping me believe that it’s alright to carry on.”.

“Digitally recorded at Emerald Studio using the Mitsubishi X-850 32 track digital.”.

“Wynonna Judd International Fan Club // P.O. Box 17325 /
Nashville, TN 37217 // (615 758-5224)”.

Track 10:
“Recorded and Conceived by - Paul Kennerley”.

Lisa Angelle
Kris Bergsnes
Jill Colucci
Brendan Croker
Andrew Gold
Emory Gordy, Jr.
Stewart Harris
Joe Henry
Sharon Rose Higgins
Naomi Judd
Paul Kennerley
Lynn Langham
Dave Loggins
Sam Lorber
Bernie Nelson
Mike Reid
Allen Shamblin
Marty Stuart

source/pic: my records

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