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Chi Coltrane

Chi Coltrane - Chi Coltrane
Columbia KC 31275 (1972) - US LP

Side One

1 - Thunder And Lightning
2 - Goodbye John
3 - You Were My Friend
4 - Turn Me Around
5 - Go Like Elijah
6 - The Tree

Side Two

7 - Feelin’ Good
8 - It’s Really Come To This
9 - I Will Not Dance
10 - Time To Come In*
11 - The Wheel Of Life

Notes: 1) At the bottom of entry is the official 1972 promotional biography from Columbia Records. This was not originally included in the album package. 2) Album does not come with track-by-track credits for percussion players.

Chi Coltrane - Vocals, Piano, Organ
Lee Sklar (as Lee Sklaar) - Bass (10)*
Larry Knechtel - Bass
Steve Lefever - Bass
Jim Gordon - Drums
Ron Tutt - Drums (10)
Ben Benay - Guitar
Dean Parks - Guitar
King Errisson - Congas (as King Erison)
Victor Feldman - Percussion
The Billy Barnum Chorus - Choir

Produced by Toxey French for Just Us Productions

Chi Coltrane - Song Arrangements
Toxey French - Song Arrangements
Jim Horn - Horn Arrangements
Paul Buckmaster - String Arrangements, Woodwind Arrangements
Sid Sharp - Concert Master

Eric Prestidge - Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Miguel Morales - Recordist
Willie Greer - Recordist

Mixing Studio:
Armin Steiner’s Sound Labs, Inc.

Mastering Studio:
Artisan Sound Recorders

Baron Wolman - Front Cover Photo
Beverly Parker - Back Cover Photo
Virginia Team - Design

“Chi is pronounced, “shy.””.

Official 1972 Biography from Columbia Records

“Chi Coltrane’s involvement with music goes back much further than would make for interesting biographical material, so let us essentially begin at the beginning of 1971. The only facts you might be interested in from her past are that she was born 23 years ago in Racine, Wisconsin, and is a completely self-taught musician. Also, that Chi (pronounced “shy”) Coltrane is her real name. // At the beginning of the year 1971, Chi had her own rock group called “Chicago Coltrane”. They had been together for a couple of years when she came to the decision that she could best express herself artistically performing as a single. She turned the group over to one of the musicians and set out on her own. The rest of her story happened so fast that when she achieves stardom, as certain she will, it is going to appear like one of those overnight success stories. In reality, it has taken her her entire lifetime. Chi began appearing around Chicago as a solo performer and in a matter of a couple of months, had developed an amazing following. // more… // At that time, she was performing other peoples’ material, (i. e. Elton John, Beatles, John Fogerty, etc.) but re-arranging them so that they sounded as if they were written for her. This led to her trying her hand at writing her own material. The first song she wrote was, “It’s Really Come To This” which was copyrighted on April 29, 1971. In the short space of nine months, she wrote some twenty songs, eleven of which are represented on her first Columbia album. As you will hear when you listen to this album, Chi Coltrane is a special talent. She possesses an enormous writing talent, a completely distinctive vocal style, and is an excellent pianist to boot.”.

Chi Coltrane

Chi Coltrane - 1972 Columbia promotional picture

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