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Barbara Keith

Barbara Keith - Barbara Keith
Reprise MS 2087 (1972) - US LP

Side One

1 - All Along The Watchtower*
2 - Rolling Water*
3 - The Bramble And The Rose
4 - Burn The Midnight Oil No More*
5 - Free The People*

Side Two

6 - Detroit Or Buffalo*
7 - The Road I Took To You*
8 - Shining All Along*
9 - Rainy Nights Are All The Same*
10 - A Stone’s Throw Away

Notes: 1) Album was reissued in 2004 as CD on Water Records water 127. 2) Above picture and following credits were taken from the 2004 CD reissue. 3) 2004 CD reissue comes with additional artwork in the form of pictures and memorabilia, but no credits for original artwork, recording locations nor original master engineering are indicated. Whether these credits were included in original LP release is unbeknownst to me. 4) 2004 CD reissue includes both a complete quoting and a picture reprint of the biographical promo wrap/insert that came with original Reprise LP. This inclusion is indicated as “Notes taken from the original 1971 LP promo insert.”. However, after a bit of web research about Reprise catalog numeration, it does appear that original LP was released not in 1971 but in 1972. 5) Although not indicated as such, it does seem that on track 9 Lee plays upright bass. 6) On track 2, the line-up playing with Ms. Keith - who is on vocals and acoustic guitar - is indeed The Section.

Barbara Keith - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Piano
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)*
Emory Gordy, Jr. - Bass
Max Bennett - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums (1, 5, 8)
Russ Kunkel - Drums (2)
Dennis St. John - Drums
Ron Tutt - Drums (6)
Jim Gordon - Drums
John Brennan - Acoustic Guitar, Guitar
David Cohen - Electric Guitar
Tony Peluso - Electric Guitar
Danny Kortchmar - Electric Guitar (as Danny Kootch)
Lowell George - Bottleneck Guitar, Electric Guitars
Richard Bennett - Pedal Steel
“Sneaky” Pete Kleinow - Pedal Steel (as Sneaky Pete Kleinow)
Craig Doerge - Piano
Spooner Oldham - Electric Piano, Piano
Clarence MacDonald - Piano
Mike Utley - Organ (as Michael Utley)
Milt Holland - Percussion (5, 8)

Produced by Larry Marks
An Artisan Lodge Production

Nick DeCaro - String Quartet Arrangement (4)

Ray Gerhardt (as Ray Gernhardt) - Engineer, Remixing Engineer
Tommy Vicari - Engineer, Remixing Engineer
Henry Lewy - Engineer
Rudy Hill - Engineer
Lee Herschberg - Engineer
Gary Hobish - Remastering Engineer

Produced for reissue by Pat Thomas

Patrick Roques - Reissue Design

“Additional photographs and memorabilia courtesy of Barbara Keith”.

Barbara Keith
Bob Dylan
Doug Tibbles

source/pic: my records
US LP catalog #: the web


This and the next two paragraphs are all about unverified data so please take it with the benefit of doubt. According to web sources, the singles released out of Barbara Keith’s second LP were mainly “Free The People” and “All Along The Watchtower”. Following info were sometimes supported by photographic evidence found on online auction sales pages.

“Free The People” was announced as a single release on Billboard magazine on January 13, 1973 (see here). B-side and a ‘valid’ catalog # are undisclosed, but it might be the same release coming with “Rainy Nights Are All The Same” as b-side that surfaced on some online shops and was suddenly no longer available as soon as further inquiries about it were made. I do not know if the latter was for real or just some kind of hoax, nor what type of mixes/edits (if ever) we are talking about.

“All Along The Watchtower” was apparently released for the US market in 1973 on Reprise with “The Bramble And The Rose” as a b-side, and in the same year as a stereo/mono-mixes promo with “Watchtower” on both sides. I found only one catalog # for both releases and no pictorial data, so this also is vaguely suspicious. What seems to be more certain is the existence of a 1973 French release on Reprise with “Watchtower” as a-side and “Free The People” as b-side. There are numerous different pictures of this French release on the web. Still, no indication about whether content might or not be inclusive of edit versions.

Back to ‘things-as-they-are’ now with the following single on A&M. It is the one Barbara Keith single in my possession, and it comes with no credits except for producer and singer-songwriter. Content was not taken from Ms. Keith’s LP on Reprise but it has one composition in common with that release, and the producer is the same (Larry Marks). Please read more about it below.

“Free The People/The Rainmaker” - US 7” vinyl promo single - a-side

“Free The People/The Rainmaker” - US 7” vinyl promo single - b-side

Barbara Keith
Free The People/The Rainmaker
A&M 1191 (1970) - US 7” vinyl promo single


1 - Free The People


2 - The Rainmaker

Notes: 1) This is a promo single by Barbara Keith released in 1970. Alternate catalog #s are 1976 for the a-side and 1977 for the b-side. 2) This version of “Free The People” is not the one included in Ms. Keith’s eponymous Reprise LP (see above). 3) “The Rainmaker” is a composition that was not included in either of Ms. Keith’s two solo albums. 4) Judging from other A&M singles catalog #s, and from the relative ad on Billboard magazine (see point 9), record should be datable to September, 1970. 5) Lacquer #s are 82099 and 82099-X. 6) Single was produced by Larry Marks, apparently (my inference) in between Ms. Keith’s first solo LP on Verve Forecast, produced by Peter Asher in 1969, and her subsequent solo release on Reprise, produced by Mr. Marks himself (see above). While no credits are available for the players on either side, I thought inclusion would be meaningful on account of production continuity with the album Lee plays bass on. 7) Both tracks are mono mixes. 8) No bass player is featured on b-side. 9) The ad repro at the bottom of post was taken from the “Barbara Keith” Reprise album CD reissue on Water Records. From a web research through past issues of Billboard magazine it appears that its caption has been altered so as not to show label and catalog # of release. As you can see from the original ad here, the single it refers to is indeed the one on A&M 1191 (thus, not the album version). The date for this issue of Billboard magazine is 26 September, 1970.

Barbara Keith - Vocals

Produced by Larry Marks

Barbara Keith

“Free The People” - US 7” vinyl single - altered Billboard ad reproduction from CD reissue (see link in above notes for original)

source/pics: my records

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