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Terence Trent D'Arby (Sananda Maitreya)

Terence Trent D’Arby - Terence Trent D’Arby’s Symphony Or Damn* (*Exploring The Tension Inside The Sweetness)
Columbia CT 53616 (1993) - US LP

Part I - Confrontation

1 - Welcome To My Monasteryo
2 - She Kissed Me*
3 - Do You Love Me Like You Say?
4 - Baby Let Me Share My Love
5 - Delicate
6 - Neon Messiah
7 - Penelope Please
8 - Wet Your Lips
9 - Turn The Page

Part II - Reconciliation

10 - Castilian Blue
11 - “T.I.T.S.”/“F&J”
12 - Are You Happy?
13 - Succumb To Me
14 - I Still Love You
15 - Seasons
16 - Let Her Down Easy

Notes: 1) Above picture and following credits were taken from the UK CD release on Columbia 473561 2. 2) According to web sources, there exists a UK release (Columbia 473561 1) in the form of a vinyl LP plus a 4-track vinyl EP, with tracks 1/7 and 8/12 making up the two LP sides, and the four remaining tracks making up the EP’s. Whether this format was also adopted for the US market is unbeknownst to me.

Terence Trent D’Arby (as TTD) - Vocals, All Voices, Sounds, Rhythm Guitar, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitars, Percussion (2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14), Live Drums, Drum-Loops, Drums, Drum Programming, Snare Drum, Keyboards, Clavinet, All Noises and Stuff, Bass, Backing Vocals
Lee Sklar - Bass (2)*
Kevin Wyatt - Bass
Tim Archibald - Bass
Neil Stubenhaus - Bass (as Neil Stubenhausen)
Will McGregor - Bass
Curt Bisquera - Drums (2)
Harvey Mason - Drums
Tommy Girvin - Lead Guitar
Chester Kamen - Lead Guitar, 12-String Guitar (in chorus)
Tim Pierce - Guitar
Aaron McClain - Guitar
Greg Phillinganes - Keyboards
Randy Kerber - Electric Piano
Ilene Novog (as Novi Novog) - Viola, Fiddle Harmonics
Suzie Katayama - Cello
Joel Derouin - Violin
Robin Lorentz - Violin
Charlie Bisharat - Violin
The Hummingbird String Company - Strings
Des’ree - Very Special Guest Vocalist

Tower of Power Horn Section:
Emilio Castillo - Tenor Sax
Brandon Fields - Lead Tenor Sax
Stephen “Doc” Kupka - Baritone Sax
Lee Thornburg - Trumpet
Greg Adams - Trumpet

The Atlantic Horns:
John Allmark - Section Leader, Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Joe Giorgianni - Trumpet
Andy Gravisch - Trumpet
John Wheller - Trombone
Peter Cirelli - Baritone Horn
Bob Bowl by - Alto Sax
Dino Govoni - Tenor Sax
Donny McCaslin - Tenor Sax
Scott Gilman - Tenor Sax

All Songs Written, Arranged and Produced by TTD.
TTD - All Strings Arrangements, All Horn Arrangements

Craig Porteils - Recording Engineer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16), Mixing Engineer (11)
Tchad Blake - Recording Engineer (9, 15), Mixing Engineer (15)
Mark “Spike” Stent for SSO - Mixing Engineer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 16)
Shelly Yakus - Mixing Engineer (14)
Rob Jacobs - Mixing Engineer (14)
Greg Edward - Album Sequencing Technical Assistant

Recording Studio:
TTD’s Hummingbird Monasteryo

Stephen Marcussen - Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:
Precision Mastering/LA

Management - Michael Lippman for Lippman Entertainment

Julie Blair Carter - Art Direction, Design
Hans Neleman - Photography

“The services of Matthew Vaughan were utilized when things of a programmable nature were needed, my gratitude to him.”.

“The phrases “Whoever You Are Come Forth” and “These Are The Days That Must Happen To You” that start off “Succumb To Me,” taken from Walt Whitman’s “Song Of Myself. // The phrase in “Are You Happy?” “…When in doubt just live the questions and some day you will grow into the answer.” inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Letters To A Young Poet.””.

“Special and heartfelt thanks to Bruce Springsteen and Prince for your well-timed words and/or acts of support and encouragement, it was greatly appreciated, particularly as I look up to you both a great deal, name dropping be damned.”.

“Thank yous // Michael Lippman and all at Lippman Entertainment // Nancy Lippman // Alexandra Villa // Paul Russell, Andy Stephens, Ollie Weait and all at Sony, UK. // Don Ienner, Tommy Mottola, Michele Anthony and all at Sony/Columbia, US. // Peter Rycart and Sally Perryman/EMI/Virgin, UK // Gail Colson // Tony Dimitriades, Alex Scott, Eric Barrett and all at East End Management. // Susan Bonitto // Lester Knispel and all at Boulevard Management // Steve Perry // David Wild // Carole Childs // Barry Tyerman // Tony Russell // Mervyn Brady and The Academy // Mary Vango and Seraphina D’Arby!!! // Claire Stansfield!!! // Mark “Spike” Stent // Craig Porteils // Matt Vaughan // Dr. Jeff Roshford // The Reverend Bishop James and Frances Darby and the Darby posse (inhabiting various territorial aspects of the State of Florida) // Grandma Evans // Mrs. Mildred Clark, Mr. David Martin, Mr. Stan Whitted for the early musical encouragement // Rob and Tanya Prinz // Mitch and Rick and all at CAA // Thanks to Marilyn Laverty and all my friends at Shore Fire // Steve Lewis // Lenny, Dennis, Karen and all at Hits // Greg Edward // Ann Marie McKay // Julie Carter // Kitty Brazelton // Greg Phillinganes // Sean Oliver // And finally a special thanks to Des’ree for making ‘Delicate’ more so // If I’ve omitted anyone deserving of a thank you, please forgive me for it was not intentional.”.

“This collection of songs is lovingly dedicated to my uncle Melvin Howard 1945-1990, and Miles Davis”.

“Current Heroes Corner // 4 gentlemen I bet you didn’t know were black (and it’s not like you’d have been taught in school): Socrates, Homer, Pushkin and Aesop. // G.I. Gurdjieff // Walt Whitman // Ralph Waldo Emerson // James Baldwin // Honoré de Balzac // Rainer Maria Rilke // Edna St. Vincent Millay // Maya Angelou”.

“and to anyone who seeks to comport themselves with grace, dignity and a respect for themselves and for the differences of others, and to anyone who respects knowledge and understanding. For in the long run knowledge and self-sufficiency are greater than any weapons known to man. // I am proud to be a black man, I am proud as well of my Indian and Spanish blood. I am proud and knowledgeable about my culture and I am also proud of yours, and I seek to glean from your culture what it can teach me, because what is truly great and beautiful in any culture belongs to us all. I have learned or am learning the truth about the greatness of your culture’s contribution to the world and can only hope that you can one day learn and accept the truth about my culture’s contribution to the history of mankind. // Call me a romantic naïve fool but I believe that the depths of our respective cultures should provide us with the security to be who we are and yet not be intimidated or intolerant concerning others’ practises and persuasions. I still hold hope in the brotherhood of man. // Eat your meal first at home, then bring your apple and I’ll bring my pear and we will feast under the light of a merciful sun. I leave you with two phrases from one of America’s greatest prophets, Walt Whitman - “This is the meal equally set” and “Whoever you are come forth.” // …and never forget JesusAllahKrishnaBuddha loves you and it’s just as important to love yourself. // Love, peace and tolerance TTD ‘93”.

Terence Trent D’Arby

source/pic: my records
US catalog # and side one/two/EP breakdown: the web

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