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Kenny Young

Fox - Fox
GTO GTLP 001 (1975) - UK LP

Side One

1 - Love Letters
2 - Imagine Me - Imagine You
3 - The Juggler
4 - Patient Tigers
5 - Only You Can
6 - The More

Side Two

7 - Spirit
8 - He’s Got Magic
9 - Pisces Babies
10 - Love Ship
11 - Red Letter Day

Notes: 1) Original UK album release does not come with track-by-track musician credits. 2) Lee is credited as ‘guest musician’. 3) Above picture and following credits were taken from the original UK album release. 4) According to web sources, album was reissued on CD by Cherry Red Records with the following 4 bonus tracks: “Out Of My Body”, “If I Pointed To The Moon”, “Georgina Bailey” and “Pretty Boy”. Check back for related update.

Noosha Fox (as Noosha - AKA Susan Traynor) - Lead Vocals, Harmonies
Herbie Armstrong - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jim Frank - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Pete Solley - Keyboards, Vocals
Gary Taylor - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Kenny Young - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Guest Musicians:
Lee Sklar - Bass
Jim Horn
Dean Parks
Russell Kunkel (as Russ Kunkel)
B.J. Cole (as BJ Cole)
Jim Gannon
The Chris Gunning Strings

Produced by Kenny Young for SamaGuru Productions Ltd.

Gary Lyons - Engineer, Mix Down Engineer
Robert Appère - Engineer (as Robert Appere)
Vic Smith - Engineer

Recording Studios:
Sarm Studios
Clover (U.S.A.)

Sue Heaven - Album Design
Gered Mankowitz - Cover Photos

“Special Thanks to: Gary Lyons, Robert Appere, Vic Smith, Little Gary, Tall Jeff, Deke Arlon, Dick Leahy, the GTO Crew, Judy, Mary, Susannah, Ev and Lee for sweet inspiration.”.

Kenny Young
Herbie Armstrong
Edward Heyman
Victor Young

source/pic: my records

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