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Chris Hillman & Steve Earle

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Lee with Chris Hillman
Lee with Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen

Various Artists - Return Of The Grievous Angel: A Tribute To Gram Parsons
Almo Sounds AMSD-80024 (1999) - US CD

1 - She - The Pretenders & Emmylou Harris
2 - Ooh Las Vegas - Cowboy Junkies
3 - Sin City - Beck & Emmylou Harris
4 - $1,000 Wedding - Evan Dando & Julianna Hatfield
5 - Hot Burrito #1 - The Mavericks
6 - High Fashion Queen* - Chris Hillman & Steve Earle
7 - Juanita - Sheryl Crow & Emmylou Harris
8 - Sleepless Nights - Elvis Costello
9 - Return Of The Grievous Angel - Lucinda Williams & David Crosby
10 - 100 Years From Now - Wilco
11 - A Song For You - Whiskeytown
12 - Hickory Wind - Gillian Welch
13 - In My Hour Of Darkness - The Rolling Creekdippers

Notes: 1) “Return Of The Grievous Angel: A Tribute To Gram Parsons” is a CD album tribute to American singer-songwriter and musician Gram Parsons. All of the tracks in this collection are newly recorded versions of songs written or co-written by Parsons himself. 2) Images and following credits were taken from the UK CD release on Almo Sounds ALMCD66. 3) Any missing tech credit in the following notes is due to lack thereof in original CD album credits. 4) CD album comes with biographical liner notes by journalist Bud Scoppa. Please refer to original CD booklet for these. 5) A portion of the proceeds from this CD originally went to benefit the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation’s “Campaign for a Landmine Free World”. Please do read the relative liner notes at the bottom of this post but bear in mind that the website address for the Vietnam Veterans of America Organisation has in the meantime changed to: . In no way it is possible to guarantee that the street address and/or phone numbers associated with the original campaign have not since changed as well. Thus, please refer strictly to the above new website address for any info you might want to collect about charitable donations either connected to this project or presently under way at VVA.

Beck (also as Beck Hansen) - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Elvis Costello - Vocals, Piano, Vibraphone, Celeste
Cowboy Junkies: Margot Timmins, Michael Timmins, Peter Timmins, Alan Anton, David Houghton (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
David Crosby - Vocal
Sheryl Crow - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Violin
Evan Dando - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Steve Earle - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Emmylou Harris - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Julianna Hatfield - Bass
Chris Hillman - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
The Mavericks: Raul Malo, Robert Reynolds, Paul Deakin, Nick Kane, Jerry Dale McFadden, Robby Turner (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
The Pretenders: Chrissie Hynde, Adam Seymour, Martin Chambers, Andy Hobson (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
The Rolling Creekdippers: Buddy Miller, Julie Miller, Victoria Williams, Mark Olson, Jim Lauderdale (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
Gillian Welch - Vocal, National Guitar, Kick Drum
Whiskeytown: Ryan Adams, Caithin Cary, Richard Causon, Brad Rice, Mike Daily, Jennifer Condos, Ethan Jones (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
Wilco: Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett, John Stirratt, Ken Coomer (see individual credits below under ‘Players and Singers’)
Lucinda Williams - Acoustic Guitar, Vocal

Players and Singers:

On the Chris Hillman & Steve Earle track

Lee Sklar - Bass (6)*
Willie Ornelas - Drums (6)
John Jorgenson - Lead Guitar
J.D. Maness - Steel Guitar (as Jay Dee Maness)
Skip Edwards - Piano

On the other tracks

Chrissie Hynde - Vocals
Margot Timmins - Vocals
Raul Malo - Vocal, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Jeff Tweedy - Lead Vocal
Ryan Adams - Vocals, Guitar
Buddy Miller - Vocals, 12 String Guitar, Melodica
June Miller - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Victoria Williams - Vocals, Banjo
Mark Olson - Vocals
Jim Lauderdale - Vocals
Andy Hobson - Bass
Alan Anton - Bass
Justin Meldal-Johnson - Bass
Robert Reynolds - Electric Bass
Tim Smith - Bass, Baritone Guitar
Roy Babington - Bass Guitar
Chris Ethridge - Bass (as Chris Etheridge)
John Stirratt - Bass, Backing Vocal
Jennifer Condos - Bass
Byron House - Bass
Martin Chambers - Drums
Joey Waronker - Drums
Peter Timmins - Drums
Sim Caine - Drums
Paul Deakin - Drums, Cocktail Drum Loop
Greg Williams - Drums
Pete Thomas - Drums
Fran Breen - Drums
Ken Coomer - Drums, Backing Vocal
Ethan Johns - Drums, Mandolin, Ace-Tone, Electric Guitar
Dale Baker - Drums
Adam Seymour - Guitar
Ethan Johns - Baritone Guitar, Percussion
Michael Timmins - Guitar
Smokey Hormel - Guitar
Greg Liesz - Rhythm Guitar, Pedal Steel, Mandolin, Lap Steel
Nick Kane - Electric Guitar
Jeff Trott - Electric Guitar
Steve Donnelly - Acoustic Guitar
Michael Henderson - Electric Guitar
Bernie Leadon - Electric Guitar
Jay Bennett - Guitar, Piano, Wurlitzer Organ, Backing Vocal
Brad Rice - Electric Guitar
J.D. Maness - Pedal Steel (as JayDee Maness)
Robby Turner - Pedal Steel Guitar
B.J. Cole - Pedal Steel Guitar
Mike Daily - Pedal Steel
Gurf Morlix - Lap Steel
Benmont Tench - Organ
Bill Payne - Piano (as Billy Pane)
Jerry Dale McFadden - Keyboards, Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Spooner Oldham - Electric Piano
Richard Causon - Piano, B3, Accordian
David Rawlings - Organ, Vocal
Gabe Witcher - Fiddle
Caithin Cary - Violin, Background Vocal
Ed Foote - Hurdy Gurdy
David Houghton - Percussion
Dave Trumfio - Backing Vocal

Produced by Stephen Street (1)
Produced by Michael Timmins (2)
Produced by Glyn Johns (4, 8, 9)
Produced by Don Cook and Raul Malo (5)
Produced by Herb Pedersen (6)
Produced by Sheryl Crow & Emmylou Harris (7)
Produced by Wilco (10)
Produced by Ethan Johns (11)
Produced by Buddy and Julie Miller (13)
Glyn Johns - Additional Production (1)
Emmylou Harris - Executive Producer
Paul Kremen - Executive Producer

Darryl Smith - Engineer (2)
Allen Sides (as Alan Sides) - Recording Engineer (3), Mixing Engineer (3)
Mike Bradley - Recording Engineer (5), Mixing Engineer (5)
Bernard Matthews - Engineer (6), Mixing Engineer (6)
Trina Shoemaker - Recording Engineer (7, 11), Mixing Engineer (7)
Steve Holroyd - Engineer (8), Assistant Engineer (4), Assistant Mix Engineer (9)
Glyn Johns - Engineer (9), Mixing Engineer (4, 8), Additional Mixing Engineer (1)
Dave Trumfio - Recording Engineer (10)
Mike Hagler - Recording Engineer (10)
David Rawlings - Recording Engineer (12)
Buddy Miller - Recording Engineer (13), Mixing Engineer (13)
Meghan Ahern - Recording Engineer (13)
Chris Lord-Alge - Mixing Engineer (2)
Jonathan Pines - Mixing Engineer (10)
Jay Bennett - Mixing Engineer (10)
Ethan Johns - Mixing Engineer (11)
Matthew Ellard - 2nd Engineer (4)
Mark Capps - Assistant Recording Engineer (5), Assistant Mix Engineer (5), Drum Loop Recording Engineer (5)
Sue Kappa - Assistant Engineer (11)
Donnie Bott - Additional Assistance (12)

Recording Studios:
Chemical Sounds, Toronto ONT (2)
Oceanway Studios, Los Angeles, CA (3)
Fort Apache Studios, Boston MA (4)
The Soundshop Studio A, Nashville, TN. (5)
Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA (6)
Globe Studio, NYC, NY (7)
Oceanway Studios, Nashville, TN (9)
King Size Sound Labratories, Chicago, IL (10)
Dreamland Studios (11)
Nevada, Nashville, TN (12)
Dogtown Studio (13)

Mixing Studios:
Image Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA (2)
Oceanway Studios, Los Angeles, CA (3, 4, 9)
Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA (6)
Kingsway Studios, New Orleans, LA (7)
Private Studios, Champagne, IL (10)
Dreamland Studios (11)

Scott Johnson - Production Assistant (5)
Aaron Grosky - Production Coordinator
Karen Dillett - Production Coordinator
Altar Ego Design - Nashville - Art Direction, Design
Ron Keith - Photography
Raeanne Rubenstein - Gram Parsons Photos
Bud Scoppa - Liner Notes (April 1999)

“Special Thanks To: Jerry Moss, Herb Alpert, Monty Hitchcock, Lance Freed, Garth Fundis, Carolyn Javier, Glyn Johns, Gene Salomon, David Conrad, Mary Lee Ryan, Pam Hughes, Robin Zaremski, Arnold Santos, Monique McCullough // Thanks To: Janet Billig, Felice Bryant, Del Bryant, Frank Callari, Gail Colson, John Cutcliff, Steve Fischell, Len Friedman, Andy Gershon, Tracy Gershon, Eliana Giournas, Gail Griffith, Chris Hillman, Connie Hillman, Jeff Jones, Robin Mitchell-Joyce, Phil Kaufman, Peter Leak, Mark Leviton, Tony Margherita, Buddy Miller, Robb Moore, Andy Nelson, Alan Oreman, Linda Ronstadt, Bruce Resnikoff, Gary Smith, Don Welty, Mark Williams, Alicia Winfield”.

“Thanks to Manuel Cuevas for use of the Nudie pants and to Melanie Wells for use of the Nudie jacket.”.

“To one loved and lost, Howard B. Kremen - miss you more everyday.”.

“Proceeds from “Return Of The Grievous Angel” will go to benefit the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation’s “Campaign for a Landmine Free World”.”.

“A portion of the proceeds from “Return Of The Grievous Angel” will go to benefit the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation’s “Campaign for a Landmine Free World”. The Campaign is providing critical leadership to get the mines out of the ground, to provide limbs, wheelchairs and rehabilitation to landmine victims, and to educate the American public about the global landmine crisis. To make a contribution, or for more information, write to Campaign for a Landmine Free World, VVAF, 2001 S. Street NW, Suite 740, Washington, DC 20009; phone (202) 483-9222 or toll free 1-800-BANMINE, or visit the website:”.

Gram Parsons
Thomas Brown
Boudleaux Bryant
Felice Bryant
Bob Buchanan
Chris Ethridge (as Chris Etheridge)
Rick Grech
Emmylou Harris
Chris Hillman

“Return Of The Grievous Angel: A Tribute To Gram Parsons” - US CD - outer cover (from UK release)

source/pic: my records
US catalog #: the web

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