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Klaatu (Terry Draper, Dee Long, John Woloschuk)

Klaatu - Endangered Species
Daffodil SBA-16060 (1980) - Canada LP

Side One

1 - I Can’t Help It*
2 - Knee Deep In Love*
3 - Paranoia*

4 - Howl At The Moon

Side Two

5 - Set The World On Fire*
6 - Hot Box City*
7 - Dog Star*

8 - Sell Out, Sell Out
9 - All Good Things

Notes: 1) This is the fourth album by Canadian group Klaatu. 2) Above image and following credits were taken from the US vinyl release on Capitol ST-12080 (1980). 3) Album does not come with either musician or tech credits. Roles of band members at the time of the sessions and recording location were inferred from the interview database at www.klaatu.org. I want to thank that website's owner, David Bradley, for being so kind as to allowing me to make use of said material for the compilation of this post and for some help with last-minute adjustments. 4) In the above mentioned interviews, Klaatu member John Woloschuk and “Endangered Species” producer Christopher Bond (→ Hall & Oates) explain how album was recorded in Los Angeles, and that a number of L.A. session musicians were chosen to lay down basic tracks prior to group members adding vocals and overdubs. Lee was one of these musicians and the highlighted tracks indicating his contributions in the above track list are the result of both Mr. Woloschuk’s and Mr. Bond’s recollections of the recording session process, expressed in said interviews, along with those of the other two band members Terry Draper and Dee Long. You can read the full text of these interviews at the following links (just click on them to be redirected):

2001 interview with “Endangered Species” producer Christopher Bond by Mark Hershberger
1997 interview with Klaatu member John Woloschuk by David Bradley
2006 fans Q&A with John Woloschuk conducted by David Bradley
1980 interview with Klaatu by former editorial manager of Capitol Records US, Stephen Peeples

The above is true also for the other session musicians mentioned in the following credits. 5) Please note how John Woloschuk’s recalling reaches two different conclusions about Lee’s presence on track 8. On the Q&A article dated May, 2006, he mentions it as one of the two tracks he later overdubbed bass on. 6) Please note how in above interviews no other bass player except Lee is mentioned as having taken part to the recording sessions of “Endangered Species”. Track attributions in this post are therefore the result of Mr. Woloschuk’s recollections, which were found not to be conflicting with Mr. Bond’s notion that Lee played bass on ‘at least a couple of the tracks’. 7) At the same link for the fans Q&As you will find a list of demoed songs that had been taped in preparation for the “Endangered Species” album sessions. Please note that the existence of subsequent versions of these songs recorded with the participation of Lee or of any of the other session players at the time is not a sure thing, and could only be confirmed by Mr. Bond’s master tape copies, as he explains in the above-mentioned interview. 8) Also according to what related on same sources as above, Klaatu’s drummer Terry Draper was not featured on the finished album as such and only appears as a vocalist. 9
) “Endangered Species” was re-released on CD by Bullseye Records of Canada. This edition will have liner notes by Klaatu members Terry Draper and John Woloschuk, and by producer Christopher Bond. Please check back for further addition about this release on this very same post. 10) Please check bottom of post for entry about the “Knee Deep In Love” single original 7” mixes.

Terry Draper - Vocals, Backing Vocals
Dee Long - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
John Woloschuk - Vocals, Bass (4, 8?), Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Hohner Pianet, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Hohner Clavinet, Backing Vocals
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8?)*
Ed Greene - Drums
Jeff Porcaro - Drums
Christopher Bond - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, ARP Avatar Synth-Guitar, Backing Vocals
Thomas Hensley - Keyboards (as Tom Hensley)
Rickard Kerr - Keyboards
Clarence McDonald - Keyboards
Tom Scott - Sax Solos, Horns
Ernie Watts - Horns
Jim Horn - Horns
Chuck Findley - Horns
Gary Coleman - Percussion
Bobbye Hall Porter - Percussion
Sir Rupert Perry - Spoken Lyrics

Produced and Arranged by Christopher Bond

Recording Studios:
Sound Labs, Los Angeles
Capitol Studio A (string overdubs)

Terry Draper
Dee Long
John Woloschuk
Dino Tome

source/pic: my records
interview material: www.klaatu.org
Canada catalog #: the web


“Knee Deep In Love” - US 7” vinyl promo single - mono mix

“Knee Deep In Love” - US 7” vinyl promo single - stereo mix

Knee Deep In Love (mono mix)/Knee Deep In Love (stereo mix)
Capitol P-4866 (1980) - US 7” vinyl single

mono side

1 - Knee Deep In Love*- mono mix

stereo side

2 - Knee Deep In Love* - stereo mix

Notes: 1) This is a promo single by Klaatu released in 1980. Alternate catalog #s are PRO-9377 for the mono mix and S96487 for the stereo mix. 2) Song was taken from the album “Endangered Species” (see entry above). Please refer to that album’s entry for more detailed musician credits (remember however that these were not available in track-by-track format).

Klaatu - Performers
Leland Sklar - Bass (1, 2)*

Produced & Arranged by Chris Bond for Christopher Bond Productions, Inc.

“(from the LP “Endangered Species” ST-12080)”.

John Woloschuk
Dino Tome

source/pics: my records

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